End of the GOP?


Opinion by George McClellan:The establishment Republican Party will soon, I fear, quickly disappear into the mists of forgotten dreams and lost causes, like the Bull Moose Party and the Mugwamps of old once did all because of a warped leaderships entrenched belief that they are really part of the gang. At least, that will be the fate of the Republican party I grew up in. Their brand of politics is now geared to simply keep their hands on the reigns of power, not to look out for the best interests of our country. The GOP brand has morphed into Democrat lite and the heartland base knows it. The National GOP has alienated this base driving many, including this writer, from their ranks in complete disgust.

I am now more concerned about the fate of my America then I care about the fate of the national GOP. I am no longer sanguine about the GOP’s ability or their desire, even if they win the Senate and keep the House, to move America back to its constitutional roots, work to repeal Obamacare and the odious Socialism that comes with it, return America to a capitalist economy and get Americans working again.

I firmly believe that all politics are local and therefore I donate only to the candidate(s) of my choice and I choose carefully. I retain my local Republican identity and will donate to, and participate in local political campaigns as is within my ability to do so. As a retiree, funds are finite and I do not want to see them squandered on staged campaigns to defeat conservative candidates over decrepit, redundant politicians like we saw in Mississippi recently. What the National GOP did there was sneaky, fraudulent, dishonest and most certainly perverse.

Republican shills like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Karl Rove, & et. al., speak in coruscating terms about the importance of the GOP gaining the Senate and keeping the House and they probably will but no amount of treachery, propaganda or conventional wisdom, as they say, can over ride the perfidy that was on display, first in Virginias governors race and later in Mississippi. Conservatives know that and they don’t like it. Give them the opening and they will replace you if our alleged president hasn’t enslaved us already!

it will be a short lived occupancy for the elites because the aroused base, those who now look to the Tea Party’s for guidance and leadership, will move to replace the entrenched GOP politicians who have come to believe, like our alleged president, in their own absolute importance and divinity. They believe big government is all important and that American can’t live without them. Truth to tell, America cannot live with them. Change is good in politicians and more change is even better. For Georgia, I support David Perdue implicitly as our next Senator.

This coming election and the one in 2016, will be pushed by the base despite the GOP. There is an intellectual tide rising that will push back against government and happily, the elites, especially the leadership, who don’t see it coming. We see an inkling now of entrepreneurs and small business’s coming on-line despite the heavy regulatory foot of Obama’s Socialism’s. They show they can succeed without government. The markets will soon begin to fail, political leadership will spin out of control and we will be surprised, as will they, about how well we can get along without them. We don’t need politicians. We need to be left alone.

Politicians created this mess, then they campaign against their own creations, then they tell us there’s noting to be done for it and lo!, nothing gets done. Its time to throw the bums out. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, sharpen your knives and go get ‘em! (7 October 2014)

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