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Fannin County Schools will open for the 2014-15 School Year on Wednesday, August 6. In an effort to inform students and parents of expectations at Fannin County High School (FCHS), this is the second article in a series released to the public by the administration of FCHS. In order for teaching and learning to occur at the highest possible level, the school environment must be safe and orderly. While technology is part of everyone’s life, there must be expectations for technology usage at the high school in order for the school environment to be conducive for learning for everyone.
Cell phone usage—Students are allowed to utilize cell phones prior to the instructional day beginning at 8:10, between classes, and after the instructional day ends at 3:10. Students have seven (7) minutes between classes during which time they can utilize their phones. This allows students to communicate with parents as needed throughout the day. However, students are not allowed to use their phones during their lunch time as there are three lunch shifts and while any one group of students is having lunch there are two groups of students in class. The best guideline for students to follow is — if ANYONE is in class keep phones put away as they are not allowed during any instructional time.

After utilizing their phones between classes (but not during lunch) students must remember to turn off their phones as the school board policy is to be “off and out of sight” during instructional time. If a parent texts or calls a student during class, or if a student chooses to utilize their phone during class, the phone will be collected from the student and turned into the office for disciplinary action. According to the Fannin County School Board Policy, the first offense for violating the cell phone is: the phone is taken by a staff member and given to an administrator and locked up overnight, a parent must come to the school and sign for the phone and then the phone is returned to the parent and/or student the next school day. On the second cell phone offense the disciplinary action is same as the first with the addition of the student receiving three (3) days of In-School Suspension. On the third offense all is the same with the exception of the student receiving five (5) days of In-School Suspension.

Fannin County High School will be implementing a “Bring Your Own Device” policy for instructional purposes during the upcoming school year. This policy will allow students to utilize their technology devices in an instructional manner while being monitored by teachers and staff. Details of this policy will be distributed to students when school starts in August.

For complete details of the School Board Policy regarding cell phone usage please visit the school website or contact the school.


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