“The Hobbit:” Tale of Half-ling’s “Unexpected Adventure” Not Half Bad

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“The Hobbit: an Unexpected Adventure: is the prequel to “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, if you did not know that please stop reading now because your nerdom has to be at “least this tall to ride this ride” and yours would be coming up shorter than a hobbit toddler.Peter Jackson directed the first trilogy and the prequel trilogy; for those that don’t know Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” will be broken up into three movies: An Unexpected Adventure; The Desolation of Smaug; and There and Back again. The prequels, unlike the original Rings trilogy are/will be in 3-D. As those who’ve read my reviews know, I am a huge fan of 3-D, especially with “recycled” glasses.

Bilbo begins the movie writing his memoirs for Frodo about an adventure he had “a long time ago,” approximately 60 years. His adventure races off to a start thanks to Gandalf inviting 13 dwarves to his home, without his consent of course, to discuss the dwarves’ mission to take back their home kingdom, which just happens to be guarded by a dragon.

SPOILER ALERT: They of course believe the dragon to be dead, but of course that is not the case. I of course look to avoid giving away too much; however, if you’ve read the book you already know that, and OF COURSE THE DRAGON’S NOT DEAD!!!!

SPOILER ALERT: They don’t face the dragon in the first movie, although there are some, as they say, “fire” flashback dragon sequences, pun intended.

Bilbo, after a great deal of thought, accompanies the dwarves, led by their king, Thorin Oakenshield, no relation to Thor Thorodinson, (that’s Marvel, this is Middle Earth) on their quest, as their burglar. Someone has to break into the dragon’s lair, and hobbits have a habit of being unusually sneaky when necessary.

Now no need to bore/spoil the movie for, you with the details of their adventure. They encounter orcs, goblins, other wizards, elves, etc. etc. The crux of the story is Bilbo’s instinct to be a homebody clashing with Thorin’s need to fulfill his destiny. Thorin, being a war decorated king, has little patience for Bilbo and his bumbling.

SPOILER ALERT: Bilbo has a big moment gets accepted wholly, and the quest continues.

Now that I have given a brief synopsis of the plot, time to give my review. I thought it was awesome: the free 3-D was amazing; the action was throughout; and most importantly THERE ARE SONGS!!!

Yes as many true Tolkien fans know, outside of the true ending of “The Return of King,” which would have made the movie an extra four days if filmed, the only thing missing from the original trilogy was the songs. I hate musicals, but how the characters in the book would break out in song, on any occasion was a whimsical twist that I appreciated. Well, Jackson’s journey, this time around has the songs added.

SPOILER ALERT: When the dwarves sing after dinner at Bilbo’s is one of the funniest scenes in the movie.

I’m LT Melton, nerd for life, and I approve this review.


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