NFL Flexes Schedule Muscles in Miniscule Fashion


Starting with week 11, and continuing until the conclusion of the regular season, NFL uses flexible scheduling to guarantee that quality games are seen by fans in the later 4:15 and prime time Sunday night slots. While there will be no games moved for this Sunday, nor the next. The November 28 games: Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears; and Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Baltimore Ravens have both been moved back from their original time slot of 1pm ET to 4:15. Both games will be aired on FOX.

Malfunction Junction from on Vimeo.

When moving scheduled games the NFL announces the intended schedule changes on Sundays no less than 12 days before the games, the exception being week 17, the last week of the regular season. Only six days notice are needed for games moved in week 17 in order to ensure that doubleheader and Sunday night games have playoff implications.

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