Fannin County EMA plans ahead for disaster relief

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Blue Ridge, Ga. – The Fannin County Emergency Management (EMA) team continues to move forward with preparedness for the future.

Throughout 2017 and 2018 Fannin County’s EMA made steps to secure the safety and readiness of the department due to projected growth in our area. Grants were applied for and received to better equipment our emergency personnel, and purchases were made by the county to handle residential expansion.

While disasters are rare in our area, they can happen and our EMA is preparing for an all case scenario.

Fannin County EMA Director Robert Graham approached the Fannin County Board of Commissioners (BOC) earlier this year to seek approval for obtaining bid contracts that would take effect if a situation arose that required more than the county is equipped to handle.

At the Nov. 27 BOC meeting Graham was present to open sealed bids that had been received.

The number of bids was surprising as Fannin County Attorney Lynn Doss opened a total of nine packages received from disaster relief businesses across the nation.

“Did you tell these people that we have golden roof tops up here or something?” Post 1 Commissioner Earl Johnson joked as the bids were opened.

“I wish we could have gotten this many bids on anything else we do,” Johnson added on a serious note. “In six years, I have never seen this many bids.”

Graham explained the purpose of the contracts: “This is bids for pre-contracts that would be in place in case we have a disaster. We do not pay anything at this time and unless we activate the contract we don’t ever pay anything. It’s there in case we need additional resources to help remove a lot trees, a lot more than we can handle with our own resources.”

According to Graham the debris removal goes beyond just downed trees, it could include garbage, housing material, or hazardous waste to name a few.

Fannin County Chairman Stan Helton added about having a contract in place, “This is really just to put us in a position for additional federal funds.”

“It’s nice to have this in place,” Graham stated verifying Helton’s comment, “It makes us eligible for an additional 2 percent of disaster match money, should there be a disaster.”

The following companies responded to Fannin County’s request for this pre-contract bid:

Cres Environmental Services (Sarasota, Fl.)
Custom Tree Care Disaster Response (Topeka, Ks.)
Disaster Debris Removal (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.)
DRC Emergency Services (Galveston, Tx.)
Graham County Land Company (Robbinsville, Nc.)
KDF Enterprises (Alpharetta, Ga.)
Southern Disaster Recovery (Washington, Ga.)
Phillips and Jordan (Knoxville, Tn.)
TRF Enterprises (Lanier, Tx.)

No action was taken in awarding a winning bidder for this contract. Graham requested time for his team to thoroughly review each bid, stating that credentials and references would need to be confirmed: “We’re going to have to vet the companies and make sure they are qualified to provide these services and that they have resources to provide the services as they say they do.”

Graham hopes to have a decision made to present to the BOC during one of the January 2019 meetings.


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Natalie Kissel

America Reeling


America is reeling under the continued onslaught and seemingly endless attacks on our culture, our
traditions, our elections and our laws by the Marxists Democrat party. How is it one wonders, that each
election where Democrat candidates fail to win, is deemed to be the fault of some Republican official or
laid at the feet of stupid white people who don’t know what’s best for them and voted the wrong way?

Their plan is a cunningly designed assault on the once considered fair election process to wear down
conservatives and cause Americans to lose so much trust in the process that they’ll just say, “to hell with
it!” and stay home on election days. That’s the aim of the Democrat Party, to achieve ultimate victory
without offering any plan that fits within the framework of the US Constitution. To constantly attack Trump,
Republicans and conservatives as the country’s main problem and its true failures is their constant goal.

‘How can American’s possibly be happy if some are more wealthy than others and the others are so poor
and destitute that they require government assistance?’ Let’s extrapolate that to: “why aren’t all
Americans provided living wage?” It’s the government’s responsibility to see that all its citizens are housed
and happy, free of health issues and fed, except veterans. Education is limited to what the government
thinks you need, not what you want. If the government can’t fund the benefits promised then the wealthy
can, so it becomes the government’s mission to redistribute their wealth by jacking up their “fair share.”

Like cancer in a living organism, the presence of Democrat polling and election officials almost surely
guarantees a predictable outcome. Voter count manipulation is rampant especially in Democrat controlled
urban centers. In some Philadelphia precincts for example, Democrat candidates swept 100% of the vote
count when in fact Conservatives complained they voted Republican and their votes were never reflected
in the count. A recount machine in Fl. overheated. That’s like saying the “dog ate my homework!”

Texas recently arrested a four or five member democrat voter fraud ring of election officials who face trial
and imprisonment. That’s only in Texas so far. In Broward Co., Fl., for some inexplicable reason, Brenda
Snipes, the supervisor of elections, previously cited for election irregularities has still retained her post
and is, once again charged with destroying ballots, stuffing rejected ballots into the uncounted pool and
other nefarious crimes that should have seen her jailed years ago. But, she’s black, she’s elderly and she
has a Ed.D as an educator and so therefore any attempt to remove her would be racist.

The Democrat party does not want a free and independent America and so it becomes imperative for
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Our freedom is endangered and, if Obama’s plan to “fundamentally change America,” with or without him
at the helm continues, then we can expect Marxism to try to take sufficient hold of the reigns of
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Revenue Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the State Department, were corrupted by the
Clintons and the levers of the tyrannical state were loosed on our populous by Obama. The reason they
did not succeed is because of Donald Trump. How do they answer? Ensure this doesn’t happen again by
taking over control of the election process. That’s what we are witnessing today in places like Florida,
Georgia and, I suspect, in Arizona as well. It’s why Scott Walker lost the governorship of Wisconsin and
many local elections fell into Democrat’s hands. It’s no longer politics as usual!

Democrats are not all omnipotent. They have their weaknesses like the aging leadership of Nancy Pelosi
and Chuckie Schumer so, there is some room for hope. Democrats face an uprising from the young super
Marxists gaining congressional seats and that will certainly stymie their aspirations for going after the
President. Too, many will face their own trial by fire when criminal grand jury inditement’s start rolling out
against them. We will wait and report while America reels in confusion.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (13Nov18)





Murphy Man Collecting Donations for Texas

Hurricane Harvey Texas
Domnic Profenno Chop Shop Inc

Chop Shop Inc Owner Domnic Profenno

Chop Shop Inc LogoMURPHY, N.C.- Monday evening Chop Shop Inc Owner Domnic Profenno announced a plan to collect up to 10,000 pounds of nonperishable items for the hurricane Harvey victims in Texas, and to haul it to Texas himself!

He is hoping to have all items collected and ready to go by this Friday, September 1, 2017.


Nonperishables needed: Water, blankets, toiletries, peanut butter, napkins, plastic utensils, and all other nonperishable items you can spare.

The address for drop off is:

Chop Shop Inc

220 Reservoir Rd

Murphy, NC 28906

Domnic Profenno 828.361.2815

Domnic Profenno

Domnic Profenno taking a corner at high speed,, &  LIVE Broadcasting on Mon.- Fri. 8-10 a.m.

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Graves: Solution to Scandals, Dismantle IRS

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