West Fannin Educators and Students Present at the STEM/STEAM Forum

Press Release, Rebel's Corner


To News Media Members,

Front: Ben Sexton
Back (left to right): Lucas Roof, Miranda Roof, Marcie McDonald, Amber Mitchell, Kim Patterson, Milly Rice

The following West Fannin Elementary educators presented at the 2019 STEM/STEAM Forum in Athens, GA on Monday, October 21. Marcie McDonald, Amber Mitchell, Kim Patterson, Milly Rice, Lucas Roof, Miranda Roof (representing Blue Ridge Elementary, East Fannin Elementary, and West Fannin Elementary), and Ben Sexton. These educators presented to teachers and administrators across the state of Georgia about best practices in STEM/STEAM education and STEM/STEAM project-based learning.

Also, the following students presenting at the 2019 STEM/STEAM Conference in Athens, GA on Tuesday, October 22. Ava Acker, Albany Cole, Avery Collis, Lillie Dean, Madison Earley, Izzie Jabaley, Reese Lewis, Logan Long, Danica Padrutt, and Lauryn Sherbert. These current and previous West Fannin students were chosen to present their yearlong scientific investigative research projects from last school year.

It is an honor for these students to present at the STEM/STEAM Forum because people from all over the state submit presentation proposals. However, not all proposals are accepted. Presenting at a conference of this size and magnitude will help provide these students with the confidence and public speaking ability that they need to propel them forward. This is the type of experience that these students can put on a resume, college application, or job application.

Front (left to right): Logan Long, Madison Earley, Albany Cole, Izzie Jabaley, Avery Collis, Lillie Dean
Back (left to right): Kim Patterson, Ava Acker, Lauryn Sherbert, Danica Padrutt, Reese Lewis, Amber Mitchell

We are proud of these educators and students for representing the Fannin County School System and for having a positive impact on STEM/STEAM education throughout the state of Georgia.

We are also extremely proud of and grateful for our West Fannin educators, students, parents, and community partners for working diligently and allowing exciting opportunities like this to exist.

— By Lucas Roof – WFES Principal

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STEM Night at FCMS

Fannin Middle

Last evening, April 2nd, the students of Fannin County Middle School participated in the Invent It Challenge. Winners were chosen for 1st and 2nd places, Most Original, and Best Seller. Below is a description of the Invent It Challenge for 2019.

The Invent It Challenge is an annual competition that inspires students around the world to unleash their inner inventor! The competition was created 8 years ago by Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center and Cricket Media, with the goal of educating, engaging and empowering kids across the globe to learn and use the invention process to make change in our world. Since then, thousands of kids around the globe have tried their hands at inventing through the Challenge, and many have gone on to patent their ideas!

Every year, students document their use of Smithsonian’s 7 step Spark! Lab Invention Process, to brainstorm new inventions to solve global problems. For the 2019 Dr. InBae Yoon Challenge, participants will focus their minds and talent on generating inventions that enhance and improve the daily lives and activities of older adults.

Often entire classroom of students enter either individually or as teams. Teachers and home school parents love it as their students get to apply their STEM skills in an engaging real-world challenge. The high-quality, free curriculum provided by the Smithsonian and Cricket Media make participating a smooth learning experience for students, educators, and parents alike.

About the Challenge



Fannin Middle

(L-R) Gracey Greene, Gracie Stewart, Judd Watson

Students in Mrs. Pack’s STEM class at FCMS were asked to design a house that minimized heat loss. Once the framework of their houses is completed, the students will add different types of insulation to maintain the condition of the air inside. At the end of the project, the designs will be checked with a thermal energy device and the students will hear from an expert about saving energy.

(L-R) Drake Cantrell, Michael Treon, Carson Collis, Halle Dilbeck

Fannin Band Students Achieve Top Honor

Fannin Middle, Rebel's Corner

Two members of the Fannin County Band program earned positions in the 2019 Georgia All-State Band.  This elite group was selected from the top musicians from across the entire state of Georgia.  Potential members must pass two rigorous auditions which include scales, two prepared selections, and playing a short example on first sight.  Emma Barnstead (junior – french horn) and Brenna Harper (eighth grade – euphonium) were both selected based on the final auditions help in January.

The students who passed the final audition were placed by grade level into fully instrumented bands of 120 members each. These bands meet in Athens, Georgia for two and a half days the first weekend in March to rehearse and prepare an exciting program of innovative and challenging music under the direction of world class conductors from all over the country.  The event concluded with stunning performances by each of the groups in the Classic Center.

Congratulations again to the outstanding young musicians on their tremendous accomplishment!

West Fannin – Mae Tidman speaks to ALPHA students

Rebel's Corner, West Fannin Elem

Mae Tidman spoke to our ALPHA students at West Fannin Elementary on Tuesday, March 5th. Mae is a makeup artist for the filming industry in Atlanta. This will tie in nicely with ALPHA’s field trip to The Atlanta Movie Tour on March 21st. The students thoroughly enjoyed hearing her share her story. She has worked on the set of Goosebumps, Creed 2, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and many more. Mae is a product of the Fannin County School System. She attended West Fannin Elementary and Fannin County Middle, graduated from Fannin County High School, and attended Georgia Tech. She also worked at Turner Broadcasting with the Cartoon Network.

Mae Tidman


Fox Sharp


Kate Hasson


Lilli Potzauf

Fannin Middle Students of the Month – February

Fannin Middle, Rebel's Corner

Fannin County Middle School 8th grade teams have announced Students of the Month for February. Students are chosen by their academic teachers for this distinction. Qualifications for this honor include outstanding citizenship, good attendance, respectfulness toward faculty and peers, and a good academic standing.

Students chosen for February are: Simone O’Neal, daughter of Gregory & Kimberly O’Neal of Blue Ridge; Lucus Hanson, son of Kevin & Kandi Hanson of Mineral Bluff; Lexus Brannon, daughter of Tim & Kimberly Brannon of Blue Ridge; and Lucas Whitaker, son of Tabetha Whitaker and Corey Whitaker of Blue Ridge.

Pictured Left to Right:
Lucas Whitaker, Simone O’Neal, Lexus Brannon, and Lucas Hanson

Fannin Middle Students of the Month – January

Fannin Middle, Rebel's Corner

Fannin County Middle School 8th grade teams have announced Students of the Month for January. Students are chosen by their academic teachers for this distinction. Qualifications for this honor include outstanding citizenship, good attendance, respectfulness toward faculty and peers, and a good academic standing.

Students chosen for January are: Gracie Patton, daughter of Randy & Bethina Patton of Morganton; Daniel Gibson, son of Crystal Greer of McCaysville; Brianna Hulsey, daughter of Willie & Tina Hulsey of Blue Ridge; and Cadan Williams, son of Eric & Holli Williams of Mineral Bluff.

Pictured Left to Right:
Gracie Patton, Cadan Williams, and Brianna Hulsey – Not pictured Daniel Gibson

DA Sosebee begins information campaign in schools

News, Videos
District Attorney Alison Sosebee speaking to GHS students about Vaping and drug use.

ELLIJAY, Ga – The Appalachian Judicial Circuit’s District Attorney, Alison Sosebee, began her campaign today in Fannin Middle School and Gilmer High School with presentations for students about the rising trend of vaping in all forms.

Speaking to the students she shared some of the responses that authorities have begun included harsher penalties for vape devices in general, not to mention the felonies possible with controlled substances. Using drugs in the vape devices like the popular Juul brand devices is only a part of growing concerns as authorities and administrations fear for students who expect non-nicotine flavored water vapor in devices they may find friends with when in reality these devices could contain anything from Heroin to Synthetic Marijuana.

Sosebee also invited Georgia Bureau of Investigations Special Agent Dustin Hamby to speak about the Bureau’s involvement. Hamby noted that almost 90% of his cases tied to drug usage in some way. He goes on to note that he’s had three murders in his career directly related to drug usage.

Sosebee recalled the story of a case she and Hamby shared about a guy who had taken drugs with a close friend. Under the influence, he grew greatly agitated at his friend and violently murdered him without full realization. He spoke further about how little it takes to blow up into major consequences in situations like vaping unknown substances.

Sosebee also noted that they are finding that many students and users of vape devices believe them safer than regular cigarettes. She noted that not only is there zero research to support his claim, but there is also no research or regulations on vaping devices right now. No one can tell you everything that is in Vape Juice, nor if people at smoke shops are adding extra ingredients. She called the students this generations guinea pigs for testing if vaping as they would be the cases that doctors study thirty years from now to determine the actual effects that Vaping can have in both short-term and long-term effects.

Only the first day, Sosebee is expected to travel to Fannin High, Pickens High, and Pickens Middle schools in the next two weeks along with possibly adding Gilmer Middle as well.

“Vaping” incident part of a larger problem


Ellijay, Ga. – An incident report from the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office confirmed reports of a student “blacking out” and suffering seizures after inhaling a substance from a SMOK Vape device.

Photo provided by Office of District Attorney, Appalachian Judicial Circuit

Photo provided by Office of District Attorney, Appalachian Judicial Circuit

The male student was hospitalized from the incident and later released. The incident, however, did prompt officials to call in K-9 units to search for other drugs. Authorities found two additional SMOK Vapes with one testing positive for containing marijuana. While the

original vape has been tested, no official response is available identifying the substance in the original device.

However, according to the incident report, it was reported that the student was told by a fellow classmate that “there was a vape in the boy’s restroom and he should go smoke some of it.”

With the investigation in Gilmer CID’s (Criminal Investigations Division) hands, no names of the students nor additional information is available.

However, FYN spoke with Gilmer County Charter School Superintendent Dr. Shanna Downs who confirmed the incident is part of a larger problem facing the schools today. She told FYN that last year, the school system confiscated eight vape devices over the course of the entire year. This year, they have already collected 25 devices since the beginning of school a few weeks ago.

Each instance results in disciplinary action for the student as it is a violation of the code of conduct, according to Downs, but as the rise in using other substances in the devices continues, the charges against students get far more serious as they deal with controlled substances.

Photo provided by Office of District Attorney, Appalachian Judicial Circuit

Photo provided by Office of District Attorney, Appalachian Judicial Circuit

Downs went on to say that she has spoken with other Superintendents to see if Gilmer is alone in the rise of vape usage. Though she declined to name which counties she had spoken with, she did confirm that Gilmer was not alone.

Confirming the rise in popularity of these devices in several counties, the Appalachian Judicial Circuit District Attorney B. Alison Sosebee made a press release stating, “Within the last week, several teens in Pickens, Gilmer and Fannin counties have experienced medical emergencies as a result of “vaping,” by use of electronic cigarettes. These medical emergencies necessitated treatment by both EMS and treatment at hospitals.”

Many of the vape devices found being used are very small handheld devices easily concealed within one’s palm or bag, like a purse or book bag, or even in one’s pocket as several designs become thinner and shorter. Downs confirmed they have found Juul brand vapes and last weeks incident report confirmed the males vape was a SMOK brand. Sosebee notes, “Some e-cigarettes look like regular cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Some look like USB flash drives, pens, and other everyday items.”

As the use of vapes themselves are intended to be used with nicotine for adult smokers, the rising concern is the ability to swap out the common “juice” for homemade cocktails or drugs. Downs confirmed that reports have been made of students crushing Adderall and other things to make the “juice.”

According to Juul’s website, “These alternatives contain nicotine, which has not been shown to cause cancer but can create dependency. We believe that these alternatives are not appropriate for people who do not already smoke.”

Photo provided by Office of District Attorney, Appalachian Judicial Circuit

Photo provided by Office of District Attorney, Appalachian Judicial Circuit

Sosebee also commented on other substances that have been found in the devices saying, “The liquid that is inhaled, known commonly as “vape juice,” can contain any number of substances: it can contain flavoring; it can contain nicotine; it can also contain drugs and illegal substances such as THC oil, fentanyl and LSD. Of great concern, the user may or may not know what they are inhaling, what their reaction will be to the substances, what they are exposing others to and may erroneously believe that they are simply inhaling “harmless water vapor.” There is nothing harmless about what is occurring.”

Downs went on to say that some parents may have purchased vapes for their kids not knowing that they are swapping out the contents. The feeling was echoed by Sosebee as she called for parents to “be aware of the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes.”

With concerns rising from parents, administration, and law enforcement alike, investigations are continuing as programs and events are attempting to educate the community about the devices and their popularity.

Downs said the Gilmer Administration is stepping up efforts in educating and building awareness in their staff about what to look for and also to educate our parents in the community saying, “I feel like there is a real lack of knowledge and lack of understanding among our community in relation to this… This has blown up overnight to the point that I feel like its almost epidemic.”



Gainesville Students to Attend Air Force and Naval Academies

State & National

Gainesville Students to Attend Air Force and Naval Academies

GAINESVILLE, Ga.—Two students from northeast Georgia have been offered admission to a U.S. military academy. Cameron Sturdivant will join the class of 2022 at the U.S. Air Force Academy, and Chase Nufer will attend the U.S. Naval Academy.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) nominated these students to the military academies because of their integrity and track record of accomplishment in the community.

“I couldn’t be prouder of Cameron and Chase, who have dedicated themselves to servant leadership roles early in life. I look forward to their success in Colorado Springs and Annapolis as they reflect the strong character of northeast Georgia,” said Collins.

Sturdivant is the son of Ms. Chere Rucker. He attends Gainesville High School and is following in the footsteps of his brother, Mr. Donovan Moss, who is currently a senior at the Air Force Academy.

Nufer, son of Mr. Peter & Ms. Heidi Nufer, is the captain of the baseball team at Forsyth Central High School and a member of the National Honor Society.

Shooting at Dalton High School


DALTON, Ga. – The Dalton Police Department is on scene at Dalton High School where shots have been fired.

Dalton Police report that no student was injured by the shooting and all students are out of harm’s way. They also report the subject, a teacher, has been taken into custody.

The subject had barricaded themselves into a classroom earlier today before firing a weapon. Local police and Georgia State Patrol responded to the initial call. Concerning those reports that have come about a student injured during the evacuation, the Dalton Police were adamant that no student was injured by the shooting.

Police are also asking parents to NOT go to Dalton High School as they say, “The area inside the school has been evacuated and there are no students believed to be in the school at this time.”

The evacuated students have been taken to the Northwest Georgia Trade Center where police report parents should go for their children.

Fannin Board of Education Announcements


Due to hazardous road conditions that remain present in Fannin County this morning:

  • All Fannin County Schools will be closed for students on Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017.
  • District directors and principals report at normal time this morning.
  • The Board of Education work session is still on for this morning at 8 a.m. at the central office.
  • All 12-month employees should report by 10 a.m.  (work hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).
  • The day will be an optional workday for 190-day personnel (work hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).
  • Paraprofessionals and other personnel who work less than 190 days should receive direction from their administrator as to whether to work.

Fannin Middle Students of the Month for January

Rebel's Corner

BLUE RIDGE, Ga. – Fannin County Middle School eighth grade teams have announced Students of the Month for January. Students are chosen by their academic teachers for this distinction. Qualifications for this honor include outstanding citizenship, good attendance, respectfulness toward faculty and peers, and a good academic standing.

The students chosen for January are: Aubree Beavers, daughter of Julie Stanley, of Blue Ridge; Corbin Head, son of Marcus and Ashley Head, of Blue Ridge; Carly Cox, daughter of Jamie and Mary Jane Cox, of Blue Ridge; and Giovanni Leal, son of Jose and Maria Leal, of McCaysville.​

Pictured left to right:

Giovanni Leal, Aubree Beavers, Carly Cox, and Corbin Head


Fannin County High

COVINGTON, Ga – This summer 10 students from the Fannin County Middle and High School FFA chapters attended Summer Leadership Camp (SLC) at the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center in Covington, on the banks of Lake Jackson.

Each summer, the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center hosts six weeks of Summer Leadership Camp for high school and middle school students involved in chapters of Georgia’s FFA and FCCLA youth leadership programs. Teachers bring their students to the week-long camp, where they participate in leadership programming designed to build relationships, develop teamwork and leadership attributes, and most importantly, have a great time! Activities include team and individual competitions, dances, the mega slide, the blob, swimming, ropes course, shooting sports, crafts, horseback riding, a muddy obstacle course, and more!

This year’s theme for Summer Leadership Camp was “SLC Unlimited”. Led by the idea that “you don’t get to decide how your story begins, but you do get to decide how it ends”, students were challenged to discover their unlimited future. This theme guided the programming for the week, including skits,  challenges, and nightly reflections.

Over the course of the six weeks of Summer Leadership Camp, the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center hosted more than 3,300 students, advisors, and guests. Driven by the purpose of investing in the lives of every camper that comes through the gate, the summer was full of fun, new experiences, and life-changing growth.

The students from Fannin County Middle and High School FFA chapters attending camp included: (back) Rose Ballew, Montana pearson, Cainan Patterson, Peyton O’Neal, Salde Epperson, (front) Hannah Payne, Adriana Smith, Alexis Ware, Lillyanna Ballew, Austin Smith Cainan Patterson and Montana Pearson were selected as team captains, Adriana Smith was selected as outstanding team member from her cabin, Caninan Patterson, Lillyanna Ballew, Adriana Smith, and Alexis Ware won individual championship awards, both the girls and the boys teams won the sought after Team Of The Week honors.

“Summer Leadership Camp is a unique experience for students that is full of fun and memorable activities, but the ultimate goal is to provide the atmosphere for teachers and students to connect in such a way that teachers can better invest in their students year-round,” says Russel Towns,
Camp Manager.


The National FFA Organization, formerly known as the Future Farmers of America, changed its name in 1988 to reflect the growth and diversity of agriculture. The Georgia Association has more than 41,000 members in 310 chapters, making it the third largest Association in the nation. The FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success, through agricultural education.

FCCLA – Family, Career, Community Leaders of America, founded in 1945, is a dynamic and effective national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through family and consumer science education. In the 2016-2017 school year, Georgia FCCLA boasted over 22,420 members in 397 chapters. The mission of FCCLA is to promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education.

Fannin County High School Parking Permits on Sale

Fannin County High

Fannin County High School Parking Permits on Sale

Students driving to Fannin County High School will be able to purchase Parking Permits for the 2017-18 School Year starting Monday, July 24, 2017, at 8:00 a.m. at the school.   The cost of the annual permit this year is $30 with checks being made payable to FCHS.

Students are reminded to bring their driver’s license, tag number and proof of insurance information when they come to purchase their parking permits.   If a student ever needs to drive a different vehicle to school other than the one registered, administration will work with the student.

Any student driving to school who has not had an initial drug screening test will need one prior to purchasing their permit.  Drug Screens will be conducted starting on July 26 and continue throughout the week and the beginning of school.

Students are also reminded that driving and parking on campus is a privilege and the privilege can be revoked for various reasons including but not limited to:  driving recklessly, having excessive tardies to school and or leaving campus without permission.

For additional information, please contact the school.

2016-17 Principal’s List & Honor Roll

Fannin Middle

Fannin County Middle School

2016-17 Principal’s List & Honor Roll

4 TH Nine Weeks

Keith Nucholls, principal at Fannin County Middle School, is proud to announce students that are on the
Principal’s List and Honor Roll for the 4 TH nine weeks. STUDENTS ON THE PRINCIPAL’S LIST MUST HAVE
ALL GRADES OF 93 OR ABOVE. Students on the Honor Roll must have an overall average of 90 or


2016-17 4 TH Nine Weeks Honor Roll-6 th Grade:

Dawson Michael Acuff, Gretchen Marie Alewel, Sar Jessica Allen, Angela Alvarez, Riley Douglas Angel, Joseph Dylan Annis, Abigail Nicole Baliles, Lucas Scott Barnstead, Aaron Walker Belyeu, Nickalus Glenn Boles, Lexus Hope Brannon, Konner Nathaniel Brown, Madison Grace Buchanan, Drake Kolton Cantrell, Isabella Grace Carr, Jon Lucas Carroll, Ivie Briana Chapman, Matthew Levi Cochran, Kaelin Jaime Cornelius, Monica Dianne Cosentino, Katelyn Leanne  Cracknell, Wyatt Joshua Riley Crawford, Christian Grady Crews, Ryan Matthew Crowder, Lacy Nichole Darby, Jacob Daniel Davenport, Halle Brooke Dilbeck, Sabrina Marie Dilbeck, Ella Victoria Dockery,
Randell Slade Epperson, Dadrian Leeann Flowers, Alexandra Rose Frabotta, Chelsey Breanne Frye,
Brianna Leigh Fults, Ashlyn Ingrid Galloway, Rainin Antoinette Gibbs, Harlee Cheyanne Gilliam, Lena
Jillene Gilreath, Thomas Landais Golden, Gracey Angel Greene, Robert Connor Harden, Brenna Jillian
Harper, Khia Gwen Hatcher, Jamie Lynne Henson, Alexander Benjamin Higgins, Adam Troy Hollis, Bryson
Edward Holloway, Carly Brooke Holloway, Cabella Marie Hughes, Brianna Kaylee Hulsey, Kylee Marie
Hunnicutt, Denise Marie Hunter, Michael Phillip Hurn, Corbin Reed Kendall, Jackson Cole Keown, Tiona
Breanna Kimbrough, Aaron Catherine Kimsey, James Dawson Kyle, Morgan Isabelle Lariscy, Amber Rose
Locke, Felicia Marie Long, Nathaniel Lee Maloof, Brock Connor Mitchell Martin, Logan Alexander Martin,
Owen William Mathis, Arwen Lynnae McFarland, Matthew Loaiza Mills, Roger Allen Moore, Cooper
Chandler Moreland, Lydia Josilynn Sue Newton, Joseph Blake Nicholson, Andrew Reagan Nuckolls,
Peyton McKinnley O’Neal, Reigan Marie O’Neal, Lily Anne Oliver, Christopher Charles Padrutt, Dylan
Wayne Parks, Dev J Patel, Clara Hope Payne, Aislinn Grace Peel, Luke Ryan Pelfrey, Ella Nicole Pittman,
Bohn Eric Postell, Rachel Beth Prater, Ansley Faye Price, Zoe’ Jade Putnam, Ava Lynn Queen, Emma Leigh
Queen, Calli Elizabeth Reas, Riley Kaylin Reeves, Anna Grace Rhodes, Corey Nathaniel Riendeau, Emily
Arellano Salas, Joseph Caden Sands, Emily Jade Searcy, Tristan James Siler, Gracie Faith Slay, Nathan
Michael Smith, Kallie Brook Stacy, Clifton Bryan Douglas Stiles, Raygan Nichole Tatum, Emilee Dawn
Thomas, Kristina Nicole Tilson, Hannah Marie Tucker, Ainsley Elizabeth Turner, Abigail Grace Vest,
Nicholas Daniel Vinson, Andrew Parker Waldrep, Conner Bryce Ware, Lucas Gavin Whitaker, Matthew
Kelly Wilbanks, Craig Austin Wilcher, Cadan Otis Williams, Hailey Elaina Williams, Hayleigh Dream
Willingham, Trenton Micheal Yohn.

2016-17 4 TH Nine Weeks Principal’s List-6 th Grade:

Bella Mea Fawlen Bondie, McKenzie Kathryn Chastain, Hayden Lane Danner, Kennedy Grace Davis, Madison Emilie Denton, Tyler Charles Ensley, Lucus Matthew Hanson, Ivy Marcina Hyde, Samuel Christopher Jabaley, Erin Elise Jones, Ryan Mackenzie  Larson, Ava Marie Locke, Zoe Grace Mathis, Kaitlyn Elisabeth Nelson, Joni Simone O’Neal, Cutter Jude  Oyster, Savannah Grace Patton, Hannah Elizabeth Perry, Cole Ryan Pittman, Madison Elizabeth Ponton, Patelyn Elizabeth Sanders, Caroline Grace Stewart, Courtney Jade Wyant.

2016-17 4 TH Nine Weeks Honor Roll-7 th Grade:

Lizbeth Giselle Acevedo Montoya, Ervin Mit Altman, Luke

Alexander Baggett, April Renee Bearden, Payton Lane Bearden, Lonnie Alexander Beaver, Aubree Jade Beavers, Jordan Douglas Bennett, Jolie Danielle Breeden, Cooper Pharis Brooks, Toby Glen Brooks, Tiana Marie Campbell, Breanna Sue Carroll, Easton Alan Chancey, Alyson Renea Chastain, Emaleigh Grace Coleman, Carson Michael Collis, Taylor Alan Collis, Kaleb Anthony Couch, Carly Jane Cox, Dakota River Cross, Cassidy Faith Culpepper, Breana Nicole Davis, Brooke Alexandria Davis, Connor Blake Davis,  Jackson Windell Davis, Toby Layne Davis, Hunter Scott DeMar, Katilyn Winnieford DeYoung, Jack Christian Dlugokinski, Zackery Paul Eavenson, Haley Michelle Ensley, Christopher Ignatios Gaitanoglou, Angel Vincente Garcia, Austin Kyle Garland, Erin Julianna Gonzales, Aaliyah Mariam Green, Jaylen Alexis Green, David Tanner Hamby, Halie Lavonne Hamby, Corbin Dallas Head, Noah Avery Hess, Austin Troy Hollis, Rachael Brice Jessen, Ashton Blake Jones, Devon Marcus Jones, Ethan Richard Jones, Makayla Ralynn Jones, Kaylie Raye Kendall, Giovanni Leal Garcia, Blake Garrison Ledford, Annabel Lee Lillard, Riley Cameron Lindstrom, Ryan Andrew Loetscher, Alexis Grace Long, Hayden Thomas Lynch, Carter Michael Mann, Hannah Grace Mashburn, Megan Elizabeth McDaniel, Cameron Thatcher McDaris, Aerial  Cheyanne McKinney, Emily Savannah Mealer, Graycee Diane Mintz, Ty Andrew Nazerian, Ryanne Jay Newman, Jules Nadine Nicholson, Daisy Elizabeth Oliver, Derrick Robert Peacock, Gracey Ann Pierce, Levi Dalton Pierce, Taylor Nicole Poland, Leah McKenzie Pope, Katy Alison Prince, Scott Edward Pulliam, Kiersten Zoe Queen, Amber Elizabeth Quinton, Aiden Lee Ralston, Caitlin Adaline Raper, Heidi Rose Ray, Hannah Victoria Redfern, Seth   Thomas Reece, Mary Alexa Rice, Christalee Rios-Espinoza, Max Dylan Roberson, Hayden Dale Rose, Bralynn Nicole Ross, Robert Douglas Russell, Anthony Robert Sabia, Samantha Morgan Sadler, Hallie Elizabeth Shuler, Hannah Nicole Sisson, Austin Bryce Smith, Chance Malin Stacy, Kalliee Denise Stanley, Tadin Jane Strickland, Hailee Jo Turner, Jackson Rives Vaughn, Erin Kennedi Walker, William Charles Watkins, Kaitlyn Dawn White, Kathryn Grace Young.

2016-17 4 th Nine Weeks Principal’s List-7 th Grade:

Ricardo Arellanes Alvarado, Rachel Reagan Bruce, Ashlyn Skye Burger, Chloe Alayna-Erin Carter, Anthony James Covey, Haylee Jade Dye, Kirsten Summer  Holloway, Cater Andrew Johnson, Sydney Grace McGill, Sawyer Aaron Moreland, Raven Lynn Porter,  Jacob Avery Raines, Kinsley Ellington Sullivan, Emily Noel Turner, Drake Benton Usry, Reagan McKenzie York, Jenna Rae Young.

2016-17- 4 th Nine Weeks Honor Roll-8 th Grade:

Alyssa Kay Anderson, Ana Beth Arvidson, Catherine Aleah Rose Ballew, Hannah Mae Barton, Prisila Aida Bautista, Shelby Marie Belt, Austin Thomas Belyeu, Andre Levier Bivens, Marli Elyse Bond, Evan Scott Bradburn, Elijah James Brisbay-Cochran, Jackie Elizabeth Brown, Daniel Mason Bundy, Micheal William Carter, Coy Jay Chambers, Teagan Saige Cioffi, Cora Abigail Clemmons, Taylor Grace Cobb, Brooklyn Shae Cole, Chloe Kierston Collis, Patrick Daniel  Conner, Kylee Jaden Cornelius, Dakota Allen Crawford, Brittany Noel Damiano, Isobella Soleil Dilbeck,  John Samuel Dillard, Michael John Dillard, Jordan Max Ensley, Matthew Joseph Ferrado, Catherine Dianne Finley, Brayden Wesley Foster, Tyler Newton Fox, Ashley Claire Frye, Audrey Nicole Gillis, Tucker Stanley Hanson,  Kennedy Leigh Harper, Lily Mae Rose Harper, Clayton James Huff, Larissa Tray-Ann Hughes, Cohutta Hendrix Hyde, Mackenzie Faith Johnson, Mathew Scott Johnson, Mikayla Nicole Kendall, Kennedy Cinclare Lawrence, Abigail Elizabeth Ledford, Kyla Nicole Locklear, Hernan Emmanuel Mares, Rachel Selene Mashburn, Emily Gracie Neal McClure, Thomas Edward Mercer, Emmalyn Daisy Mitchell, John Warner Moler, Lauren Taylor Murphy, Allison Elizabeth Nuckolls, Micah Garner O’Neal, Kenzlie Elizabeth Padgett, Lainey Amelia Panter, Brianna Marie Parker, Carly Madison Payne, Emma Marie Payne, Parker Asel Peugh, Caleb McKinley Postell, Sierra Grace Reynolds, Gracie Brooks Rice, Summer Brooklynn Rogers, Wyatt Zeke Rogers, Kayleigh Paige Ross, Lesley Arellano Salas, Thalia Sky Saldana, Kaylee Marie Scarbary, Olivia Nicole Sisson, Wyatt Jackson Standridge, Courtney Lanor Tamberino, Sydney Alexandra Tarpley, Natalie Kaye Thomas, Isabella Naomi Tocci, Hailey Kathaleen Tucker, Lyndsay Grace Turner, McCay Walker Turner, Liam Alexsey Walker, Chanley Jill Watson, Evie Leann Webb, Emma Liying White, Aidan Carl Williams, Makenzie Belle Miracle Wilson, Kimberly Sarah Wyant.

2016-17 4th Nine Weeks Principal’s List-8 th Grade:

Cooper Jeffrey Boyle, Andrew Ryan Harris, Luke Patrick Holloway, Gavin Micah Myers, Erin Elisabeth Scully.

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