Graduation plans finalized for Fannin County Seniors

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Blue Ridge, Ga. – Uncertainty best describes the school year so far, and among this uncertainty has been how to handle graduation for the Senior Class of 2020.

“It is my hope that the following communication helps alleviate the stress of our 2020 Graduates and their
families,” Fannin County High School (FCHS) Principal Erik Cioffi stated in an email, adding, “I would love nothing more than to have our full traditional graduation ceremony at FCHS on May 22nd.”

Cioffi goes on to say,  “After consulting with our local leaders and following guidelines, as of today, May 6, 2020, it is our hope that we can create and celebrate graduation through various formats that our senior class of 2020 will cherish for a lifetime.”

Fannin County High School has opted to hold a traditional (modified) Graduation Ceremony on May 22, 2020 at the FCHS Stadium. This ceremony will begin at 8:00 p.m. with the following practices in place for public safety:

Under the following conditions, FCHS will offer a 2 Guest Invitational Ceremony on campus for our
graduating seniors:

  • Tickets will be issued to the graduates and they will choose who receives them.
  • All guests will be required to wear a mask (graduates may remove during their walk or giving speeches).
  • All guests will follow social distancing guidelines (6 feet apart); local law enforcement will be present to monitor and ensure full cooperation for the safety of all guests
  • All visitors will have their temperature taken (forehead thermometer) upon entering the stadium by local EMS. Anyone who has a temperature reading of over 100 degrees will not be permitted to enter.
  • We will use both the visitor stands and the home stands for the ceremony (we can seat safely 440 guests).
  • The graduates will be assigned seating on the field (from the 50 yard line to end zone,all graduates will face the scoreboard)
  • At the conclusion of the event: students will be dismissed to the visiting parking lot and then we will dismiss guest from the stands. Guests will park on main campus and students will park behind visitor stadium.

In order for this event to be successful – All students and guests must adhere to the above guidelines
The May 22nd Graduation Ceremony will be live streamed at for all extended
family and community members to watch our Graduates be celebrated in these unprecedented times.

**Inclement weather – Graduation will be re-scheduled for May 23rd @ 10 am **


Graduation Rehearsal on May 20th @ FCHS Stadium
Required by all Graduates:
9:00 am – Honor Graduates
10:30 am – Remaining Graduate Candidates

  • All Graduates will park behind the visitor stadium and report to the stadium field upon arrival
  • All Graduates will be required to wear a mask
  • All Graduates will follow social distancing guidelines (6 feet apart)
  • All Graduates will have their temperature taken (forehead thermometer) upon entering the stadium. Any Graduate who has a temperature reading of over 100 degrees will not be permitted to enter.)

Seniors must also complete Graduation Procedures May 11 – 13:

  • Arrive on campus in the football stadium visitor parking lot at your designated time.
  • Seniors are scheduled in five minute intervals over a period of three days. It is imperative you arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time and leave campus immediately after you receive your diploma jacket and take pictures.
  • Remain in your vehicle until instructed to exit.
  • Enter the field house paying attention to the floor markers for social distancing.
  • Your temperature will be taken.
  • Only the student or designee may Only the student or designee may enter the field house to return items (one person).
  • Following directional arrows, go to each station returning or picking up items.
  • Following directional arrows, proceed to the field.


Items to Return

 Chromebook Case
 Chromebook Charger
 Textbooks, Classroom Library Books
 Library Book(s), Calculators
 Fines, Dues, Lunch Charges
 Hotspots
 Uniforms, Instruments, Scripts, Calculators, Etc.

Items to Collect

 Yearbooks
 Honor Chords
 Honor Sashes

  • Up to (3 vehicles) 15 guests may enter the visitor entrance and view from the track as student walks.
  • Each student will have his/her name called and be able to walk the field for a private graduation
    ceremony with his/her family. A photographer will be present to capture the moment.
  • Student and guests will exit the stadium on the opposite side of the parking lot.
  • The walk will be videotaped, to be used at a later date, in the event a virtual ceremony would
    be used.
  • Allotted time is approximately 10 minutes.



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