4 Arrested in Drug Bust near Downtown Blue Ridge

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drug bust

Blue Ridge, Ga – Suspended license stop turned into a drug bust at a local Blue Ridge residence late Wednesday evening.

Four individuals charged with possession of amphetamines after the driver stops at passenger’s residence, and passenger enters the home.

Corporal Dustin Carder on patrol around 1:15 p.m. on Wednesday, July 31, noticed Nicholas Hill driving along Windy Ridge. Carder knew Hill to have suspended license from previous encounters and began a pursuit of the vehicle a Chevrolet pick-up. It contained two other passengers with prior offenses, Rex Harris and Christel Champion.

After attempting to head off the car on East Second Street at Hill Street, Hill noticed the car coming toward him and then turned onto a driveway on Hill Street. Once stopped, passenger Harris exited the pick-up and went inside.

drug bust

Hill’s suspended license led to the larger drug bust.

Carder instructed Hill to step behind the back of the truck and began empty his pockets, then a bag of pills fell onto the ground. As of now, GBI Lab has the pills for testing.

Hill was arrested for driving with a suspended license and schedule IV possession which carries a bond of $6,000.

Harris returned from inside the building and asked, “What’s going on?” Deputy Ethan Martin and Captain Rob Stuart arrived on scene to assist Carder with suspects, witnesses, and eventually search of the residence.

The property owner also arrived and told Stuart that he rents out several rooms in the house to different tenants. He gave Stuart verbal permission to enter the common area of the residence.

Once inside, Stuart met Margie Owens and followed her to Owen’s and Harris’ room. He found a glass pipe in plain view on the bed and something under the sheet. Stuart called for Carder to come inside and asked Owens to move the sheet. While moving the sheet, she attempted to grab the items but missed. She tried again, but deputies instructed her to leave it. They found a baggy full of crystal meth, another pipe, and on the dresser, a set of digital scale. Carder and Stuart secured the paraphernalia and stored it in the back of the patrol car.

Drug bust

Owens shares a room with Harris and claimed ownership of one glass pipe.

Owens arrested on charges of possession of amphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. She claimed ownership of the first pipe but denied knowing about the other drugs or paraphernalia.

At the time, Carder asked Harris for permission to search Harris’s truck, which he denied. Carder returned with a warrant for the Chevy truck and the residence. Harris told Hill to drive because he wanted to sit in the backseat and drink his beer without anyone seeing him.

The drug bust uncovered a number of methamphetamines and paraphernalia in Harris’ possession.

After a further search of the bedroom, deputies uncovered multiple medical syringes. Harris’ truck contained two plastic baggies: one torn and one with an estimated three grams of methamphetamines. It also had another set of digital scales and an open case of Corona.

Investigator Scott Galloway searched Champion’s side of the truck, including her purse. In Champion’s purse, Galloway found another plastic baggy with crystal residence and medical syringes.

Harris arrested for charges of possession of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and open container violation.

Champion had syringes and meth residue in her purse.

Carder also detained Champion at this time for her outstanding warrants, possession of amphetamine, and drug paraphernalia.

A witness also in the vehicle said Champion knew nothing about the pills or drugs in the house. They hitched a ride from Bill Jones Wrecker. The witness also stated that Hill and Harris became scared and “extremely nervous” after seeing Carder at the red light.

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