Polk County TN Sheriff’s Office Arrest Report 04/22 to 04/29

Arrest Reports

Arrest report provided by the Polk County TN Sheriff’s Office, pursuant to the state open records law, Tennessee Code Ann. section 10-7-503 to 10-7-512; 10-7-701 to 10-7-702; 10-8-101 to 10-8-103 Open Records Act allows for www.fetchyournews.com to obtain and post the arrest records of any and all individuals arrested in Polk County, Tennessee. Those arrests are posted on www.fetchyournews.com for your viewing pleasure. Please remember that all individuals listed have been arrested and charged, however, they are presumed innocent until guilt has been proven in a court of law.

Tri-State Awakening April 7 and 8


Press release prepared by Shelly Bishop

We feel that this is the time for revival and awakening in the area where Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee meet to rejuvenate the history of revival in this area.  We decided on this time to coincide with the Azuza Now meetings that are happening on the West Coast in April.  Also, this time commemorates a widespread revival that has its roots outside of Turtletown.

One of the main wells of awakening in this area is the Shearer Schoolhouse Outpouring, which happened 120 years ago this year, (1896) and is the first recorded outpouring of the Holy Spirit (on a group of people) that happened in this country. This happened 10 years prior to the Azusa Street Revival on the West Coast. (1906)

As this weekend’s event began to come together, we realized that the Lord was also wanting us to call on the heritage of the First Nations people, to help re-dig these ancient wells of spirituality in their land. Representatives from First Nations people will be teaching on Friday night.
We will be meeting at the McCaysville Church of God in McCaysville, GA. The address is 1477 Blue Ridge Dr, Blue Ridge, GA 30513.

The Awakeing will be hosted by Kingdom Authority Ministries, Inc., and will be joined by several other ministries throughout the region. Register at www.Tri-stateAwakening.com or for more information call Shelly Bishop 706-455-7913




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