The United States has only seen the face of war one time. That time was during the Civil
War and was mostly in the Southern states from 1861 to 1865. It was an ugly time of brother
against brother and the first time total war was practiced on the civilian population by General
William T. Sherman.

In this the US has been blessed, but Europe, of course cannot say the same.

I watched the movie The Monument Men at last. I had resisted watching it in the past as I abhor
George Clooney and Matt Damon for their high handed, self righteous politics. However, since it
was in the $3.74 bin at the local big box store, I relented.

I came away with two points of concern.

Number one was how the face of war came very close to destroying all that was beautiful in the
arts and historical artifacts. If it had not been for a small, dedicated team that searched for,
recovered, protected and returned the precious works that had been stolen by the Hitler regime,
imagine how intellectually poor the world would be.

Hitler was planning on being the victor of the Second World War. He was so sure that he sent his
minions out to collect and store all of the arts he enjoyed as inventory for his plan for the great
Hitler Museum.

As he fancied himself a great artist, he knew exactly the pieces he desired. Many were in the
Louvre, many were in private collections, such as the Rothschild’s. None of that mattered as he
had them stolen from wherever they resided.

Those artists whose work he didn’t care for were pulled from any and all sources and burned.
Contemporary artists like Picasso were beneath his high opinion, therefore no one else was
allowed to like or enjoy them either.

How very coincidental.

Hitler was a censor and an oppressor, and those were the least of his bad qualities.

No one dared to stand up to him allowing him to cause untold destruction and misery.
Number two is that the US is facing the same kind of potential travesty of freedom of expression,
and it cannot happen.

By allowing social media outlets like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to
censor who is free to put out information and who is not, the US and the world are at the
beginning of a real issue of freedom and the American way of life. If the media giants don’t like
or approve of opinions and facts, they are no different than the burner of books and arts of the
Third Reich. It isn’t necessary to agree with ideas and concepts, neither must they be true and
proven. Whoever posts them has the RIGHT to say what they please and those who see or hear
have the right to believe or ignore them.

This censorship is likened to Hitler’s defiance of the Treaty of Versailles. It was step one and the
new social media censorship is at step one.

This cannot be permitted. The First Amendment is protection against censorship.

Another disturbing movie The Book Thief, brought to life what happens if step one is breached
and permitted to thrive. This true story of an adopted German girl named Liesel whose family
were caught in the terrible time of Hitler and the Third Reich is heart wrenching in its tragedy.
Her family was hiding a Jew in their basement, and had been for quite a while. He was the son of
the man who had saved her father’s life during the First World War.

They were frightened to death when German soldiers came into town and were inspecting
basements in people’s homes. The people under Hitler had no personal rights, they could not
disallow the soldier from entering. They managed to hide the young man and escape detection,
but it was a nerve wracking affair.

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution guards against unlawful search and seizures, while
setting guidelines for search warrants and other ways to legally enter a home.
That wasn’t the only time absolute law ran into Liesel’s family.

A man who had lived in the village his whole life was drug from his business one day, beaten
and taken away by the Gestapo.

He was charged with being a Jew because of his surname. His name was spelled with one letter
less than a typical Jewish name that sounded the same. He kept yelling that he was a German and
he was not a Jew. The whole village stood around to watch.

No one protested at all because of their fear.

The only one to come forward was Liesel’s father. He vouched for the man and earned a head
injury from the Gestapo. They took his name as they left the area. As his wife tended his wound,
he cried because he was terrified that his actions would cause them all to be taken away to the
death camps.

Seems history is doomed to repeat itself. We are seeing a small example of guilty by accusation
in the news today concerning the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court, but this example
is not the only one. Someone casts out an accusation sans proof, of course, and the media circus
and the Soros paid protesters are running to the gallows, screaming for blood.

It is no better than the time of Hitler. Someone is accused without any concrete evidence, and
they are guilty. Maybe they are aren’t (yet) sent to a death camp, but even if cleared from the
charges, the residual taint is a long time fading.

The time to stand up is now. The time to put a stop to this is today. Mob rule is testing us. They
are hoping we will be soft and complacent. Good Americans MUST NOT let this pass as

Free thinking people such as Susan Collins are now persecuted and receiving death threats for
DARING to study the facts and draw her own conclusions. Those such as Joe Manchin who
stood up to the Democratic Party’s mandate that NO ONE was to vote for any Supreme Court
pick by President Trump are also in the line of fire by the Soros financed mob of spastic crazies
whose shame has NO bounds.

The first line of defense can be formed on November 6th, 2018. Everyone must vote for the
protection of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those who want “socialism” or worse, sharia
law must be stopped in November!

Remember, Socialism is just the training bra of Communism.

It gets the populace used to the tight restriction building up to the total loss of personal freedoms
and wealth in favor of the “State.”

Everyone has a stake in this game. If one allows for a faction to be persecuted and say nothing,
who will be there to protest when it turns on the same one who said nothing?

Make a mark today, be sure to vote and do not be silent!

What’s Coming, Ballots or Bullets?


What’s Coming, Ballots or Bullets?

Wasn’t it Barak Obama who said ”if they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun!” That was an open invitation for any leftist marginal-nut cases, anarchists and safe space snowflakes, to swarm out onto our streets and violently protest the results of a fair national election simply because their socialist candidate, Hillary, failed to grasp the reins of Federal power. The same machine is used to stifle dissension and drive from the field any proponent of ideas opposed to their Marxist-Fascism.

The course they are taking us is dangerous, unAmerican and doomed to fail. It is right and proper that our democracy should cling to ballots over bullets and jealously protect our coveted election process. Unfortunately, America no longer has two ‘democratic’ political party’s contending for leadership because one of them, the Democrat Party, have long been suborned by Marxists and are now, as the rising tempo of violence on our streets portends, becoming images of the Soviet Bolsheviks apparatus of old, Lenin’s shock troops as it were, that went about terrorizing and murdering Russian citizens until they complied.

Violence definitely  works…but not indefinitely, and it has been brought to America by Communists posing as Democrats. The Democrat Party, embracing Marxism and so near achieving their goal of bringing America to its knees, absolutely lost the ball in last Novembers election. Marxists hate to lose and do not intend to throw away the decades of political advances they have made to fundamentally change America, hence, the rising violent political confrontations we now see unfolding on our streets today. They have only one target, remove Trump before he drains the swamp.

Their progressive minions come to us now embedded as government workers like traitor Reality Leigh Winner, a stealth leaker of classified reports, and the 66 year old Alexandria shooter as a derange Progressive madman. Both took action as they saw fit, or as the voices deep in their twisted little brains directed them, and acted unilaterally.

They will bring guns to the fight. So, we must too. Many of these Marxist/Progressive Bolsheviks are our own children who have been nurtured like microbes of vile germs in the petri dishes of Marxism and allowed to fester and grow in our colleges and universities. Others are simply deranged madmen who can be easily tripped into action by the words of ‘resistance’ from the likes of Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuckie Schumer that issue from the congressional floor.

Consider, no Oath Keepers,Tea Party members, Hindu’s, Jews, Baptists, Methodists or Hottentots, have had any hand in the past years of civil unrest, violent attacks, murder of cops and blood drenched streets that now visit us daily. The entire wretched mess of Americas division, its economic malise, and its military impotence can be laid directly at the feet of Socialistic/Fascism that is the Democrat Party, including the radical media.

The products of their unilateral goals of multiculturalism, the fawning acceptance of violent Islam, rejection of Christianity and the moral virtues that are the glue of every great society are their bulwarks to the coming conflict between the forces of good and evil.

The unseen danger here is the openness of the lefts derangement. Their willingness to be publicly hateful, openly attack institutions, oppose Constitutional norms and reject open discourse with the truth, is pretty much how its going to turn out. They didn’t plan on Trumps victory. That pushed them into it and they’re now willing to be the traitors they have become.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

President Donald J. and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Visit The Western Wailing Wall In Jerusalem


President Donald J. Trump is on a foreign trip meeting with Muslims, Jews and Christians in an effort to bring peace to the Middle East. The biggest hurdle he has to cross is, who does the territory of Old Jerusalem belong to? Donald J. Trump is the first sitting President to ever visit and pray at the Western Wall. Past sitting presidents have not visited the wall in fear of it signaling that The United States believes that the territory belongs to Israel. The Western Wall is a Jewish holy site due to its connection to the Temple Mount. This wall is also referred to as the Wailing Wall, where Jews weep at the sight of the destruction of the temples. Jews do not use the term Wailing Wall and considering derogatory. It is thought of as one of the holiest sites to Muslims because it is the location of the mosque, The Dome of the Rock.

Did President Donald Trump’s visit to The Wall show that he believes that the site belongs to Israel? If so, how would he explain that to the 50 Muslim countries he met with earlier in the week? Maybe President Trump will attempt something like King Solomon did, by offering to cut the baby in half. No matter what he does the mainstream media will not report the significance of this trip and his attempt to bring peace to the Middle East. They are more interested in the Washington Post’s and New York Times’ unnamed sources and unconfirmed rumors to spend any time on a real story. - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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