Rebels Take Down Bears

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Last night, the Fannin County Football Team traveled to Cherokee Bluff to take on the Bears for their first region game. The Rebels had just come from a 34-30 victory and hoped to carry the trend into their region.

Fannin received the ball from kickoff where Cohutta Hyde caught it at the 10 yard line. The Rebels seemed to be off to a rocky start on offense where they fumbled the ball for Cherokee Bluff to earn possession, but Fannin’s defense was able to recover. Not only was Will Mosley an asset on defense, but he also gained a lot of yards for Fannin from handoffs. It was a back and forth game as both teams held the other. Cherokee Bluff put more defensive pressure on Fannin where they had another fumble for the Bear’s to recover as the first quarter came to an end. 

The Rebels defense started to give it back to the Bears as Jakob Tuggle recovered a Cherokee Bluff fumble for Fannin to take over at the 18 yard line. Hyde dove for a pass from Luke Holloway to put Fannin in perfect scoring position at the 1 yard line for Treylyn Owensby to run it in on the next play for a Rebel touchdown! Sara Sosebee’s kick for the extra point was good, putting Fannin ahead 7-0. Jalen Ingram kicked off for the Rebels where the Bears gained eight yards on the return. Jackson Weeks hustled on defense as he deflected a pass meant for Cherokee Bluff. After more back and forth of the defenses holding the other, Fannin had another fumble for the Bear’s to recover at their 40 yard line. After Fannin’s defense kept Cherokee Bluff from scoring, The Rebel’s offense redeemed themselves. Thanks to heavy defensive pressure that Tuggle provided, the Bear’s threw an interception to Jalen Ingram who ran the ball all the way to Fannin’s end zone for a 75 yard touchdown! Soesbee had another good kick, putting Fannin ahead 14-0 to end the first half.

Ingram started off the third quarter with the kick off. As the Bears ran up the field to gain yards, Jackson Weeks intercepted the ball for Fannin at the 40 yard line. After deflecting passes and holding the Rebels, the Bears made their mark on offense. A penalty on Fannin results in a Cherokee Bluff first down for the Bears to run it all the way for a 79 yard touchdown. Their attempt at an extra point was good, putting the score at 14-7. As the clock wound down, Fannin kept fighting to push towards their end zone. 

Will Mosley made a big play as he ran the ball in for another Rebel touchdown, followed by another made kick by Sosebee to put Fannin ahead 21-7. Tuggle had another great play on defense as he sacked the quarterback. Hyde caught the Bears punt to earn 1st and 10 at the 48 yard line. Owensby was the go to guy for handoffs as he pushed through the defense to gain yards for Fannin. Mosley almost saved the day by recovering a Fannin fumble, just for one to happen again on the next play for Cherokee Bluff to recover. Cason Owensby made his presence known on defense as he got a hand on the ball and deflected a pass. Both teams played a solid defense to close out the fourth quarter as they refused to let the other score. As time ran out, Fannin found themselves with a 21-7 victory over the Cherokee Bluff Bears.

Fannin’s victory puts their overall record at 4-1 and their region record at 1-0! Catch Fannin’s next game, next Friday as they travel to take on East Hall @ 7:30pm!


Fannin Fights Chestatee

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Last night the Fannin County Rebel Football team traveled to Chestatee High School to take on the War Eagles for their homecoming game. Fannin had come from a tough loss to Union County the Friday before and looked to redeem themselves.

Alex White kicked off for the Rebels as the War Eagles received the ball. Dalton Ross made a big play as he took down the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage.

Fannin fought to hold the War Eagles on defense as they kept them from scoring. Treylyn Owensby and Will Mosely were the go-to guys on offense as they were given handoffs and gained yards for Fannin.

After Chestatee also played solid defense and earned their fourth down, it was the Rebels’ turn. Micah O’Neal broke the line as he sacked the quarterback and pushed Chestatee back a couple yards. When the War Eagles punted, it went to mid field and put Fannin at 1st & 10. 

Luke Holloway was at the position of quarterback for Fannin where he ran the ball well for the night. As Fannin made their way down the field, Holloway threw an interception at the 26 yard line. Fannin’s defense was able to recover as they kept any touchdowns from being scored.

Caleb Postell was handed the ball for the Rebels where he pushed through the defense to gain yards. Treylyn Owensby got things started for the Rebels as he ran the ball for Fannin’s first touchdown of the night. Sara Sosebee took the field to kick for the extra point, but it was blocked by a War Eagle, putting Fannin ahead 6-0.

After White’s kick off, Chestatee received the ball at the 14 and ran it all the way to the 49 yard line. Chestatee quickly answered Fannin’s call as they had a long run up the sideline to to score. Their kick for an extra point was good, putting them ahead 7-6. After both teams scored, it was a back and forth game.

Holloway gained yards for Fannin and put them in good scoring position for him to throw a long pass to Cohutta Hyde for another Fannin touchdown. Instead of kicking for an extra point, Fannin went for a two point conversion where it was successful with a pass to Seth Reece.

The Rebels got their lead back with a score of 14-7 just for Chestatee to move up the field and make a pass to the corner of the end zone to tie up the game with a field goal. It took no time for Fannin to respond as Owensby had a long run for another Fannin touchdown. Sosebee’s kick for an extra point was good, giving Fannin a 21-14 lead.

White had a squib kick for the kickoff in hopes of a Fannin recovery. Jakob Tuggle had a big play on defense where he sacked the quarterback for a fourth down. As the clock ran out, Fannin was able to keep their 21-14 lead over the War Eagles to end the second quarter.

Chestatee seemed to tighten up their defense to start the second half. After several hand offs to Mosley to gain yards, there was a bad snap that pushed Fannin back to the 23 yard line and resulted in a Chestatee first down. The War Eagles were determined to catch back up to Fannin as they threw the ball in the end zone and kicked for an extra point to tie up the game 21-21.

Although the Rebels had great carries, the War Eagles were able to keep them away from their end zone. To end the third quarter, Chestatee threw the ball for another touchdown. However when they attempted for an extra point, it was no good, putting the War Eagles ahead 27-21. 

Fannin found their fire to start off the fourth quarter. Holloway had QB sneaks to gain yards for the Rebels where he also handed off to Tuggle. As they got closer to the end zone, Holloway ran the ball in for a Fannin touchdown. Fannin failed at an attempt of an extra point due to a bad snap, tying up the game 27-27.

With 2:50 left in the last quarter, Holloway threw an interception. Fannin’s defense worked hard as Tuggle was able to earn another quarterback sack. Instead of trying to make it to their end zone, Chestatee kicked a field goal for an extra three points, giving them a 30-27 lead.

With 2:00 left in the game, Luke Holloway threw a long pass to Cohutta Hyde for him to outrun the defense and score a huge touchdown for Fannin, giving them a 34-30 lead. Fannin’s defense refused to give up while Chestatee’s offense worked hard to get in good scoring position. With one minute left, Chestatee threw a long pass to a War Eagle in the end zone for Andre Bivens to intercept it. As the fourth quarter came to a close, Fannin had possession of the ball and took a knee for the clock to wind down on their 34-30 victory.

Fannin’s big win puts their overall record at 3-1. Catch the Rebel’s next game on October 4th as they travel to take on Cherokee Bluff @ 7:30 p.m.!


Team FYN Sports Sports Writer Player of the Week: Micah O’neal

Player Of The Week

The Team FYN Sports Sports Writer Player of the Week is Micah O’Neal.  Micah played very well with 9 tackles and 3 assist in the loss to the Spartans of GAC last Friday night.

With the first round of GHSA State Playoffs starting this week the Rebels will go to the home of the Yellow Jackets of Calhoun High School.  O’Neal is ready to hit the field and hopefully better the numbers that he put up last week.

Congratulations to Micah and Keep Wrapping Up!! GO REBELS!!


Rebels Take the W Homecoming Night


The Fannin County High School Rebels take on the Cherokee Bluff Bears for their first regional home game. Rebels brought high energy into the first half and executed their plays during the 4th quarter, beating the Bears 45-7.

After the coin toss, the Rebels’ #32 Treylyn Owensby with the kickoff return to their own 34-yard line. From there, the Rebels set the tone of the game as they scored three touchdowns. Luke Holloway handed off to Owensby for a 30-yard touchdown, Holloway connected with Chandler Kendall for a 37-yard touchdown, and Holloway passed to Jalen Ingram for a 32-yard touchdown. Sarah Sosebee with the extra 3 points gave the Rebels the lead of 21-0.

Rebels defense dominated the first quarter as they kept the Bears off the scoreboard. Every time it looked as though the Bears would gain a few yards, they would get flagged for ‘false start’ and ‘off sides’ which pushed them back. It was apparent that the Rebels had established an early lead that would put too much pressure on the Bears to come back later in the game.

Second quarter began much like the first, with the Rebels adding to their lead. Rebels moved the pigskin downfield with Kendall 24-yards, Holloway 6-yards, and Owensby 26-yards and the touchdown. Sosebee with the extra point brings up the score 28-0 with 8:05 left in the 1st half.

With less than five minutes left in the 1st half, the Bears execute a trick play (triple reverse) and find themselves at the Rebels 6-yard line. From there, the Bears took on Rebels defense before lighting up the scoreboard the only time that night, 28-7.

After their touchdown, the Bears seemed to have caught a second-wind, or maybe the Rebels backed off a little, allowing the Bears to get into the red zone on Rebels 19-yard line. The momentum of the game may have been turning the Bears way, but that same moment was short lived when the Bears had a turnover.

The Rebels take over at their own 19-yard line with 38 seconds left in the 1st half. The Bears intercepted Holloways attempt to connect with Ingram before the buzzer sound ended the 1st half with the Rebels on top, 28-7.

It was obvious after the Rebels first half, Head Coach Chad Cheatham needed to go into the locker room and maybe remind the Rebels that they had not yet won the game and they needed to finish the game.

In the 3rd quarter, the Bears received the kickoff but weren’t successful in moving downfield. The Bears made it to their own 35-yard line before being pushed back 5-yards for a flag on the play. This caused the Bears to have to punt.

With Kendall’s 20-yard punt return, the Rebels start on their own 44-yard line. The Rebels were unable to get anything going in that drive and were forced to punt that would give the Bears the ball on their own 34-yard line.

In the 3rd quarter, the Rebels defense stopped any hope the Bears had of getting into the end zone. The Bears were forced to punt and 44-yard punt, the Rebels were put on their own 1-yard line. Basically, having to run 1st down out of their own end zone, Holloway handed off to Owensby and gained 26-yards giving the Rebels some breathing room as the sound of the buzzer ended the quarter.

Rebels start the 4th quarter on their own 27-yard line and only 12 minutes away from winning the first region game of the season. The Rebels left it all on the field as they made quick work of crossing the 50-yard line into Bears territory. Holloway handed off to 35 Will Mosley for a 52-yard touchdown. Sosebee was on fire as she went 5 for 5 lighting up the scoreboard 35-7.

The Rebels defense did not allow the Bears to get any positive yards. Mason Rhodes and Jackson Weeks kept the Bears at the 31-yard line for the 2nd and 3rd down. Rhodes tackled a Bear at their own 21-yard line for a loss of yards bringing up a 4th down. Bears backed the punt, 31 Campbell Constentino blocked the punt and 50 Matthew Lewis made the recovery at the Bears 11-yard line.

A Rebels drive to their own 9-yard line, and on the 4th down and elected to go for a 21-yard field goal attempt. 38 Alex White with a 21-yard field goal giving the Rebels 38-7 with 7:39 left in the game.

The Bears received the kickoff and attempted to make their way into Rebel territory but at this point there was no moving the ball past Rebels defense. With 3:51 left in the game, the Bears found themselves 4th and 8 at their own 43-yard line. 83 Dalton Ross tackled a Bear for a loss at their own 36-yard line for the turnover on downs.

With a little less than 3:30 left in the game, Rebels took over at their own 36-yard line. Owensby gained 25-yards, Matthew Postell gained another 7-yards, and Norton rushed the last 7-yards for the touchdown. Sosebee went for a successful 6 for 6 and the Rebels broke the scoreboard 45-7.

The Bears received the kickoff with 2:57 left in the game. The Rebels kept them in their own territory for the last two minutes and the buzzard sounded ending the game leaving the Bears at the 40-yard line.

The Rebels played a great game as many players put their hands on the ball and defense made some great plays—like Constentino’s block on the punt and Lewis’s recovery. The Rebels win their first regional game against the Bears.

Let’s see who comes out on top during tonight’s game. The Rebels will be playing East Hall High School at home at 7:30! It’s alumni night, along with Fannin Park and Rec, so come out and support all the Rebels dating back to the 80s! - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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