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The annual summary of the 2016 County Audit was the main focus of the Fannin County Board of Commissioners meeting held on August 8, 2017.
It became apparent during the review that the public were not the only ones who have received limited information in the past. As discussion came to a management report within the audit, Post Commissioner Earl Johnson was surprised that he had not been made aware of this document and was even further surprised that he had never received a copy of this annual document since 2012.

Fannin County Board of Commissioners, Stan Helton, Earl Johnson, Larry Joe Sosebee, Zach Ratcliff, Ken Petty, Audit, EMA, Robert Graham

Commissioners review 2016 audit summary.

Commission Chairman Stan Helton made it clear that “anything that is available to me, is available to both of them.” In keeping with his promise of transparency within the county, Helton went on to say, “We are putting up everything and not leaving anything out”, stating that the entire audit is available on the County website for the public to view.

Post Commissioner Larry Joe Sosebee wanted to clear up misinformation that had been put out in the form of editorials. Over the past two weeks, concerns have been expressed about the county being short of emergency vehicles.

While the county was down three ambulances, EMA Director Robert Graham clarified that only one front line vehicle was down, while the other two were back up vehicles. He expressed that this is a rarity and that there is always a backup plan. When questioned about the public’s safety, Graham responded, “At no time were any of our citizens in any danger of not having emergency services.”

Fannin County Board of Commissioners, Stan Helton, Earl Johnson, Larry Joe Sosebee, Zach Ratcliff, Ken Petty, Audit, EMA, Robert Graham

Commissioner Earl Johnson questions why he has never received a Management Report.

Fannin County Maintenance Department Head, Ken Petty, brought three bids to the board regarding renovations at Animal Control. These renovations include the installation of guillotine doors that would allow the dogs to go outside directly from their kennels. The addition of these doors would also allow FCAC staff to safely enter the dog runs for daily cleaning and feeding. The lowest bid was $18,932, coming in approximately $500 under the singular bid placed last meeting. The board, however, chose to still table the vote for another two weeks to give Petty time to gather a start and completion date from the bidders.

Zach Ratcliff, Fannin County Public Works Director, was added to the agenda as his department was in need of new equipment. The county’s two mowers have seen over 6000 hours and are in “limp mode” as Ratcliff stated. These being the most used equipment in the department that provide safety on our roadways, Ratcliff presented the board with a bid for $118,225 to replace one of the existing mowers.

Ratcliff went through an existing government contract and was able to save the county $24,864 by doing so. Commissioners unanimously agreed that this purchase was necessary and would be able to use funds from SPLOST to cover this necessity.


Natalie Kissel

Fannin County Fire Department held its annual Christmas Breakfast & recognized some special people


The Fannin County Fire Department held its annual Christmas Breakfast on Friday morning, December the 16th.  The food and fellowship was wonderful as the fire department and EMS gathered and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast.

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The breakfast was followed by some very special and well deserved accommodation and recognition.

The first ever special delivery pin was bestowed on Carolyn McLinden and Tracy Padgett who delivered a little girl during an ambulance ride.  It was November when the call came and the expectant mother explained it was her 3rd and it was coming soon.  The little baby girl and mother are doing fine.  The little girl was named Story and she will always have a special story on how she came into the world…in a hurry!

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Other special recognition awarded to the well trained men and women in the Fannin County Fire Department and EMS for life saving actions.  One call at the Home Depot and another where a gentleman collapsed while riding a 4 wheeler.  Both times the quick actions keep the patients alive and able to be with their families this Christmas!

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Below is a group picture with local businessman and volunteer Kevin Panter holding an address sign.  These make great gifts and all proceeds go to the Fannin County Fire Department & EMS.  You can place your order at Kevin Panter Insurance in Blue Ridge, GA for only $20.  These signs can be life saving when emergency personnel are answering calls and trying to find you.


These dedicated men and women do a great job and our community is lucky to have them.  One of the patients, Carl H. Riggs, who survived based on the quick rescue actions wasn’t able to stop by but left this statement,


Carl H Riggs I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to attend this morning. These guys are the reason I’m alive today and I say a prayer each day to keep them safe.
Merry Christmas

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