New Speed Limits, a Caution Light, and Four-Way Stop Coming Soon

Downtown Blue Ridge

BLUE RIDGE, Ga.—Oct. 9 the Blue Ridge City Council reviewed two separate proposals for two four-ways. One, on McKinney St. connecting to West Main St., and the other four-way between Church St. and West First St. The Blue Ridge City Council also discussed putting a caution light up on Mountain Street and lowering the Speed Limits.

The concern for the four-way stop between Church St. and West First St. was tabled until the next meeting.

Sheriff Dane Kirby mentioned that if you look at other towns they sometimes have flashing lights on their stop signs or caution signs.

Mayor Donna Whitener spoke of past efforts, “So, we had to change a lot of our old signs [to get them up to code]. The other thing is when we had the striping done, I went ahead and asked that they put bars down at the stop signs. So, those fade quickly, and we’ve had them repainted before, so we just have to stay on top of those and make sure they painted.”

Council member Rhonda Haight said, “The last one we need to discuss is a flashing light on mountain street.”

Whitener responded, “We used to have a caution light at Mountain Street and I hear all the time from folks that go into Main Street and Mountain Street that we need to think about a four-way stop. We used to have a red light there when I was a kid. We went to a flashing light and I really think we put the flashing light back up. So, people coming down the hill know.”

Council member Nathan Fitz asked, “Where?”

Whitener replied, “At the end of Main Street and Mountain Street and that intersection.”

Council member Haight and Mayor Whitener mentioned the importance of safety in this section of town because of how busy it is and there’s a constant flow of traffic.

Sheriff Kirby mentioned that school buses take that route, too, and that’s something the Council needs to be mindful about.

Council member Fitz stated, “I’m not sure about a red light, but maybe just a caution light so people will pay attention to people who cross the road.”

Council member Haight added, “We were talking, you know, council woman Cornelius and I were talking about possibly looking at speed limits. It’s busier and the streets are crowded. In front of the co-op it’s 30mph and that’s what people are talking about because there’s speeders through there.”

Kirby replied, “The average speed down there goes anywhere from 30mph to 45mph and that’s recorded. Now, there are some cases where one person was going 68 and we don’t know what kind of car it was, whether it was a police car or an ambulance. But not everyone is speeding down that road. Now, I do believe the speed limits need to be lowered because there’s a lot of foot traffic and cars down there.”

Council member Fitz stated, “I think all this needs to be planned together [meaning the road signs and speed limits]. I don’t disagree with some of these but I think we need to look at these…My personal opinion is that I would prefer not to have so many different signs all in downtown Blue Ridge…so I think we need to look at this as part of all of our signage in downtown so it can all be consistent and look good.”

Mayor Whitener responded, “The thing is with those stops signs and things there are height regulations and things like that…I think we can go ahead and divide these out to what we can go ahead and approve and then what we can decide for next time. This way, people can see it in the newspapers and out in town about what’s going to happen in that area and then it can take affect Nov 1 or Nov 10…so do you want to go ahead and start making motions?”

Council Member Fitz made the motion that they put a four-way stop on the corner of McKinney and West Main Street. Council woman Haight seconded the motion, and all were in favor for the new four-way.

Fitz made a motion that the Blue Ridge City Council table the stop sign at Church Street and West First Street and all were in favor.

Haight made the motion that the council put up the flashing light at Mountain Street. Fitz seconded the motion, and all were in favor.

So, therefore, the new changes to downtown will be a flashing light at Mountain Street and a new four-way stop at McKinney and West Main Street.

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