Lady Bobcats Paw Their Way to Victory Over Lady Warriors


This past Saturday at the Mountaintop Holiday Classic, the Lady Bobcats and the Lady Warriors came ready to play their last game of the tournament. Both teams were coming from a loss the day before and ready to win the matchup for third place.

It was a “foul” game full of twists and turns. There were fouls left and right and the lead went from team to team. Lady Bobcat, Marylee Callihan, led Gilmer in scoring with nineteen points thanks to her hustle. Lady Warrior, Dasha Cannon, led White County in scoring with nineteen points due to aggressive playing. The Lady Bobcats had good cuts and passes inside which was how they did most of their damage. Lady Bobcat post, Michaela Staley, contributed ten points for her team from down low. The Lady Warriors scored the majority of their points from driving the lane. Lady Warrior, Naumi Crumbley, added fourteen points to White County’s score due to her ability to make layups. The Lady Warriors had the lead at the end of the first quarter with a score of 23-14.

Both teams were putting heavy defensive pressure on the other and drawing fouls. Out of Lady Bobcat Taylor Boling’s nine points, five of them were from foul shots. With Maddie Futch’s overall three points for the Lady Warriors, two of them were scored from the free throw line. Makenna Maysic also contributed two points from foul shots out of her six overall for White County. The Lady Warriors ran into some foul trouble towards the end of the second quarter when two technicals were called on them. The first foul being on player Kyleigh Johnson who scored an overall fifteen points for her team. The second being on the Lady Warriors head coach, Buster Brown. Even after many fouls, the Lady Warriors still had a lead over the Lady Bobcats with a score of 39-32.

The Lady Bobcats picked up their hustle at the beginning of the third quarter. Lady Bobcat, Hope Colwell, proved to be an asset to Gilmer’s defense by going hard and getting steals. Lady Warrior, Bentley Cronic, had a good game above the key by contributing three points for her team. Another Warrior, Annabeth Vandiver, added two points onto the Lady Warriors score. Lady Bobcat, Emma Callihan, put eleven points on the board with her scrappy playing. Gilmer started looking up the court to find Katie Kiker who added ten points to the Lady Bobcats score. Madi Phillips for the Lady Warriors added six points to White County’s score to extend their lead. At the end of the third quarter, the game was tied 53-53. It was Gilmer’s ball when they looked inside and found Mallory Kiser who contributed fourteen points overall, two being scored as the buzzer sounded to end the quarter which put the Lady Bobcats in the lead 55-53.

The intensity came alive at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Both teams started to foul more in attempts to stop the other one from scoring. The score was tied 70-70 with seven seconds left on the clock. Everyone was expecting the game to go into overtime when the Warriors fouled number ten for Gilmer, Marylee Callihan, with only one second left. With the pressure being high, Callihan stepped up to the free throw line. Callihan was given three shots and she made them all, putting Gilmer in third place of the tournament with a 73-70 victory over the Lady Warriors.

After the game, it was time for the awards and trophy to be given. The three Lady Warriors to be selected for All Tournament Players were Naumi Crumbley, Madi Phillips, and Dasha Cannon. Before the Lady Bobcats claimed their third place trophy, Marylee Callihan, Mallory Kiser, and Taylor Boiling were selected as Gilmer’s All Tournament Players.

The Gilmer County Lady Bobcats win puts their overall record at 8-6 while the Lady Warriors stand at 9-6. Catch the Lady Bobcats next game on January 5 at 7:00 as they travel to take on Northwest Whitfield!  Catch the Lady Warriors next game on January 3 at 2:00 as they travel to take on North Forsyth!


Lady Warriors Endure Heat of the Lady Dragons


The White County Lady Warriors and the Pickens County Lady Dragons traveled to Fannin County this past Friday to take on day two of the Mountaintop Holiday Classic. Both teams came ready to carry on their winning streaks after their wins on day one of the tournament.

The Lady Warriors started off the game strong. Warrior, Madi Phillips, led her team in scoring down low with thirteen points. Lady Dragon, Mykenzie Weaver, led Pickens County in scoring with twenty-three points. The Warriors started looking up the court and found Naoumi Crumley who scored eight points overall. As the first quarter came to an end, the Lady Dragons had a 19-12 lead over the Lady Warriors.

With the Lady Warriors only seven points away from the Lady Dragons, they picked up the intensity. Lady Warrior, Dasha Cannon, contributed eighteen points for White County with her powerful ball handling skills. Kyleigh Johnson put four points on the board for the Lady Warriors with her scrappy playing. The Warriors started to double team the Lady Dragons on defense which resulted in steals and more points. At the end of the second quarter, the Lady Warriors were only down by one point with a score of 34-33.

As soon as the Lady Dragons were in the Lady Warriors reach, they fought for the lead. With Pickens County driving the lane, White County started taking outside shots. Lady Warrior, Annabeth Vandiver, contributed two points for her team. Sakina Wilmont and Erin Dorsey followed the trend by each putting two more points on the board for White County. Lady Warrior, Maddie Futch, added five points to the score due to her grit. With the third quarter ending, the Lady Dragons still had the lead with a score of 48-45.

With the score being so close, the Lady Warriors started fouling. As White County kept fouling, Pickens score increased. Even though the Lady Warriors started the game off strong, they could not walk away with a win. The Lady Dragons defeated the Lady Warriors 62-54, putting them in the championship game to be played the next day.

The White County Lady Warriors loss puts their overall record at 9-5 while the Pickens County Lady Dragons stand at 10-2. Catch the Lady Warriors next game on January 3 at 2:00 as they travel to take on North Forsyth!



Bobcats Deliver a Technical Knockout to The Rebels

Team FYN Sports

This past Friday on day two of the Mountaintop Holiday Classic, the Gilmer Bobcats traveled to take on the Fannin Rebels. Gilmer was warmed up from their win on day one against Coahulla Creek while the Rebels were ready to play their first game of the tournament. Both teams were determined to wrap up day two of the tournament with a win.

You could see the determination on all of the players faces as soon as they took the court. The rival teams were neck and neck from the beginning to the end of the game. Rebel, Chandler Kendall, led Fannin in scoring with thirteen points due to his ability to make outside shots. Bobcat, Kell Weaver, was an asset inside and led his team in scoring with twenty points.

Post for the Rebels, Joel Kinser, got back in the game after recovering from a concussion a few games prior. Kinser had grit down low and contributed three points for his team. As the end of the nail biting first quarter approached, Gilmer led Fannin with a score of 8-5.

The lead went from team to team. Tyler Sims of the Bobcats drove the lane and contributed twelve points overall for Gilmer. Another Bobcat, David Smith, followed the trend and scored two points for his team.

Fannin guard Joe Satchell, had snatches on defense and put eight more points on the board for Fannin. Another Rebel sharp-shooter, Jack Gobble, added onto Fannin’s score by making a three point shot. As the second quarter came to an end, the Bobcats doubled their lead over Fannin from the first quarter with a score of 21-15.

As Gilmer’s lead grew, Fannin fought harder to catch up. Rebel, Payton Holt, contributed eight points overall for Fannin with his hustle. Rebel, Ryan Beavers, was the go to guy on the block who put eleven points on the board for his team. With the Rebels score increasing, so did their number of fouls. Bobcat, Carter Hice, scored two points for Gilmer off of foul shots. Out of Bobcat Tripp Pierce’s ten points, seven of them were from foul shots. The Rebels were catching up to the Bobcats at the end of the third quarter with a score of 34-31, cutting Gilmer’s lead from the second quarter in half.

At the start of the fourth quarter, it appeared to be anyone’s game. Gilmer kept passing inside while Fannin drove the lane and took outside shots. Although the teams had different methods, they both proved to be effective. That is, until the Rebels ran into foul trouble.

With the tension being very high, Fannin had two technical fouls called on them. One being on player, Chandler Kendall. The second being on head coach, Scott Eggleston. Gilmer chose Bobcat, Coady Cobb, to shoot the technical free throws.

With Gilmer’s score behind Fannin’s, Cobb made his first shot to tie up the game. Even with the high pressure, Cobb made his second shot, putting Gilmer in the lead. Cobb contributed six points overall for the Bobcats.

With Gilmer in the lead, Fannin fouled even more. Rebel, Chandler Kendall, fouled out towards the end of the quarter. As Fannin kept fouling, Gilmer’s score increased. As the clock started to wind down, Gilmer took a 52-46 win over Fannin which put them in the championship game to be played the next day.

The Bobcat’s win puts their overall record at 5-8 while the Rebels stand at 3-11. Catch the Gilmer Bobcats next game on January 5 at 8:30 as they travel to take on Northwest Whitfield! Or catch the Fannin Rebels next game on the same day and at the same time at home as they take on GAC!




Rec Super Bowl Saturday Schedules Set

Parks and Recreation

The Mountain Football League playoffs have finally reached their final destination for 2017:  Super Bowl Saturday.  This weekend, several of North Georgia’s finest young athletes will meet on the gridiron at Fannin County High School, battling to take home the league’s top honor of Super Bowl Champions.

Here are the results from last weekend’s final round of the playoffs:

6U: Fannin defeated Gilmer 22-0. Will play East Hall in the Super Bowl. East Hall defeated Chestatee 34-0.

7U: Fannin defeated Dawson 32-0. Will play Gilmer in Super Bowl. Gilmer defeated Pickens 46-0.

8U: Union defeated Fannin 20-0. Will play Chestatee in Super Bowl. Chestatee defeated Gilmer 25-19.

9U: Chestatee defeated West Hall 34-8. Will play Pickens in Super Bowl. Pickens defeated Dawson 26-0.

10U: Fannin defeated Gilmer 29-0. Will play Dawson in Super Bowl. Dawson defeated Union 12-0.

11U: Chestatee defeated Fannin 20-7. Will play Gilmer in Super Bowl. Gilmer defeated Dawson 7-6.

Follow us on Twitter @teamfynsports next weekend (or on Facebook) as we will have complete Super Bowl coverage from the sidelines on Saturday.

Updated Game Times:

6u Super Bowl
East Hall vs Fannin 10Am

7U Super Bowl
Fannin vs Gilmer 1145Am

8U Super Bowl
Union vs Chestatee 1:30pm

9U Super Bowl
Chestatee vs Pickens 3:15Pm

10U Super Bowl
Dawson vs Fannin 5pm

11U Super Bowl
Gilmer vs Chestatee 6:45 Pm




Rec Football Postseason Brackets Set

Parks and Recreation

Saturday (Oct 15) marked the final week of regular season football for the Mountain Football League.  The MFL consists of Chestatee, Dawson, East Hall, Fannin, Gilmer, Pickens, Union and West Hall; and age divisions begin with 6u (under 6-years-old) and go up to 7th-grade.  Parents and coaches of youth athletes are encouraged to please send your photos, stats and game stories to so that we can highlight the youth players throughout the post-season!

6u Playoff Bracket

7u Playoff Bracket

8u Playoff Bracket

9u Playoff Bracket

10u Playoff Bracket

7th Grade Playoff Bracket



Trojans defeat Rebels 13-0

FCHS Football

The North Hall Trojans finally finished a game with a win, but the Fannin Rebels didn’t make it easy for them. Friday night’s game in Gainesville was anything but a walk in the park for either team, as both defenses fought to the final whistle. A relatively low-scoring affair, the scoreboard read 13-0 as the Rebels met the Trojans midfield to shake hands before hustling to the end zone for their post-game meeting with Fannin County High School head coach Jim Pavao.

Fannin senior defensive end Clay Holloway blocks while quarterback Chandler Smith scans the field.

“I’m proud of the effort,” Pavao told the team, who were clearly discouraged with the final score. “We have some things to work on, and that’s what we’re going to do. We’ve gotta move on. We win as a team and we lose as a team; but what matters most is we stick together.”
North Hall entered the contest with a winless record of 0-4, but everyone familiar with their schedule knew they were much better than their record showed. They had arguably the toughest non-region schedule in the state. With losses to 4A Chestatee and 5A Flowery Branch – not to mention very close games against 4A schools Pickens and White – the Trojans were due a victory.

The Rebels were coming off a shutout win over Andrews, and hoped to win their region-opener on the road; but the Rebels have struggled to reach the end zone outside of Fannin County.

Despite the loss, Fannin came away with some much needed answers to some questions they may have had going into the game.

  • They can run with just about anyone defensively. North Hall has a dual-threat backfield with a very skilled quarterback and a tough-as-nails tailback, but for the most part the Rebels defense kept them contained for 60 minutes of play.
  • Chandler Smith at quarterback is a good decision. We still don’t have offensive stats for him and it’s Wednesday morning, but he played a great game under center. He managed the offense, protected the football, and completed some accurate passes throughout the game. He just wasn’t able to get the ball into the end zone so the scoreboard could reflect his effort.
  • Miles Johnson is a beast. Fannin County’s special teams came up with a big blocked field goal in the first half when the game was still scoreless, thanks to big Miles Johnson getting a paw on the football and slapping it to the turf. Keenan Putnam also had a blocked kick in the game.
    The defense is wrapping up and building confidence as they become more aggressive. Ethan Smith (21 tackles), Mason Rhodes (18 tackles, 2 sacks), Will Mosely (19 tackles), Bailey White (10 tackles), and Brett Galloway (9 tackles) all played a huge part in holding the Trojans to only 13 points offensively.
  • The Rebels have depth when they need it. Keenan Putnam suffered a very painful collarbone injury (sources say it may be broken – unconfirmed), so fans got to see center Bradley Flowers fill in on the defensive line. With 22 starters on the team, few Rebels have had to play both sides of the ball this year; but Friday night’s game showed that if the linemen are conditioned enough to play both sides of the ball, Fannin may have other weapons available (should they need or choose to use them in the future).

North Hall travels to Dawson County this week to play the Tigers, who are 2-2 for the season. Both of Dawson’s losses were heartbreakers as they fell to AAAA-Region 7 schools West Hall (13-10) and White County (45-42).

Fannin County hosts Greater Atlanta Christian, whose only loss this year came at the hands of Valor Christian, the top-ranked football program in the state of Colorado. Last week the Spartans absolutely man-handled the Union County Panters in a 47-7 shellacking that left many of their starters on crutches.

Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30pm.


Take a Gander: Rebels Serve 2nd Goose Egg of Season

FCHS Football

What’s better than winning a shutout victory in high school football? Winning TWO shutout victories on your home turf.

The Fannin County High School varsity Rebels’ wins this season have something in common: both games were the result of lights-out performances by the defense. Grab a flashlight and an extra set of batteries as we take a moment to shed a little light on the subject.

The Fannin County Rebels’ team captains talk hand-in-hand to the center of the field for the coin toss at Friday night’s shutout of Andrews, NC.

It all started when the Rebels hosted the Gilmer Bobcats for their home opener on Friday, August 18 at Fannin County High School. The Rebels stunned the Cats as they rolled to a 42-0 blowout victory over their longtime rivals. After an extra week of preparation, Fannin took the show on the road only to find the price for minimal margin of error in a 31-0 loss to the Tigers, a score that certainly didn’t reflect the effort of the Rebels offense.

Another week on the road brought the Rebels to Chestatee High School to take on the War Eagles, a team well-known for their speed on the edges and a healthy ground attack at the hands (or legs) of their senior tailback (#4) Nick Lyles, who racked up 133 yards on 20 carries against the Rebels. Fannin moved the ball effectively, but was unable to score until running back Cody Jacobs (#15) covered the ball with two hands and barreled into the endzone behind his senior center Bradley Flowers. The defense gave up 31 in this game, but only a touchdown in each quarter and a fieldgoal in the fourth. As for the Rebels running attack, Jacobs actually out-performed Lyles in total yardage, amassing 160 yards on 28 carries (5.7 yards-per-carry), 34 yards receiving and a touchdown.

With two tough losses on the road, the Rebels finally came home to Blue Ridge, eagerly awaiting kickoff for their second home game of the season. You could literally feel the energy on the sidelines as the Fannin Blue Crew joined the student section, all decked out in black, following their planned “Black Out” theme for the game.

As the FCHS band entered the stadium, marching to the beat of the Rebel drumline and percussion; the Fannin team captains stepped out of the fieldhouse and met at the end of the building for a moment of silence – and prayer – before meeting the Andrews captains and GHSA officials at midfield. The head referee explained the coin toss to the teams, allowed Andrews to call it in the air, and after winning the toss they elected to defer possession until the second half. The Rebels chose to receive the ball first and as quickly as the team burst through the Fannin Rebels banner to take the field; this game was underway.

FCHS quarterback Chandler Smith looks for an open receiver.

The Rebels offensive game plan worked pretty well. “We want to establish the run game and then pass the ball when we want to pass it – not when we need to, but when we want to,” FCHS Offensive Coordinator Travis Earls told TeamFYNSports during the Rebel Wrap-Up show on (Wednesday @ 7:00pm).

The offensive line for the Rebels handled the dirty work up front, creating lanes for Jacobs (#15), Trenton Pickering (#4) and Smith (#6) to follow on each carry. When Earls and Pavao saw an opportunity in the secondary, Smith was able to sit in the pocket and toss strikes out to his receivers at will. Fannin struggled a bit in the red zone early on, but Dawson King (#30) was able to kick field goals to put points on the board. As the Rebels began to reach paydirt, it was the crowd favorite Sarah Sosebee (#86) who split the uprights for the PATs.

Defensively, everyone but the mascot got involved. Mason Rhodes had another busy night, recording 17 tackles and a sack. Brett Galloway also had a sack, along with seven tackles in the game. Cole Earls was yet another Rebel to sack the Andrews quarterback, and he also had seven tackles. Will Mosley, the ever-impressive freshman, tallied 13 tackles. He recorded one qb hurry, and his caused a fumble. Mosley was also selected this week as the TeamFYNSports Sportswriter Player of the Week for Fannin County. Bailey White, Jonah Henry, Ethan Smith and the big defensive lineman Clay Holloway each recorded five tackles, and Holloway also had two big sacks in the game. Jackson Weeks had six tackles, one for a loss. Austin Brown had four tackles and he ripped the ball out of the air for the only interception in the game. Jakob Tuggle rounded out the stat sheet for the Rebels with one tackle in the game.

The Rebels return to the road this week, opening region play at North Hall on Friday, September 22. Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30pm. North Hall (0-4) hasn’t won a game yet this season, but they’ve played well against some tough opponenets. They lost to Chestatee (42-12), who also defeated the Rebels (31-7). They were also shut out by Flowery Branch (38-0) before narrowly falling to Pickens (42-35) in one of the most exciting games of the year. Last week they came up short against White County (28-18). Fannin will look to hand the Trojans their fifth loss of the year, first in AAA Region 7.


More photos and sideline action may be found at


War Eagles defeat Rebels 31-7

FCHS Football

The Fannin County Rebels have had a rough couple of weeks. The season kicked off better than anyone could’ve hoped, as they completely dominated the rival Bobcats of Gilmer County in a complete shutout at Fannin County High School. After a week off, the Rebels returned to action on the road, facing the formidable Ringgold Tigers, where a few small mistakes resulted in their first loss of the season. Looking to rebound from the loss, the Fannin County coaches knew they’d need to address the speed of Chestatee’s runningback, as well as their ability to attack the edges of the field. Though the Rebels showed great heart throughout the game, and displayed moments of great athleticism and possibiity; the Chestatee War Eagles relied upon the speed of their tailback, and the ability of the quarterback to swing the ball sideline-to-sideline, as they handed Fannin County their second loss of the season.

As the team stepped onto the field to begin warming up, the fans filed into the massive concrete bleachers lining the northeast side of the football field. Unique to most gameplay environments, Chestatee’s stadium has only one set of bleachers, as the other side of the field slopes downhill and gives way to the school’s baseball park. The Fannin County Band filled the bleachers on the far end, along with the notorious “Blue Crew” student section. Fannin traveled well, filling another section with parents and FCHS alumni, nearly matching the turnout of the Chestatee fan and student sections.

Nearing sunset, the Fannin team captains met their opponents’ captains midfield for the coin toss. Chestatee won the toss and elected to kick to the Rebels. Fannin chose to defend the south-western end zone, as wind was not a factor but the sun would be at their backs for the first quarter. Moments later, the ball was sailing through the air toward Chestatee’s kickoff return team and the game was officially underway.

The War Eagles set out to spread the field and their quarterback worked to swing the ball out toward the sidelines, attacking the edges of the defense through the air. The Rebels defensive backs swarmed to the ball carrier with each pass, forcing the receivers out of bounds for minimal gains. When the Rebels seemingly anticipated the plays to the outside, the quarterback then spun and handed the ball to their star runningback, who darted between the guard and center, penetrating the heart of the defense. With each play, the Rebels fought to hold their ground, and they played with great poise.

Rebels defensive back Austin Brown chases Chestatee’s tailback before pushing him out of bounds in Friday night’s game.

As the ball was tossed to the outside, Fannin’s Austin Brown, Brett Galloway and Will Mosely punished the offense, racing to the ball and dragging the War Eagle player to the turf. When the backs tried to punch the ball up the middle, the defensive line closed the gaps that the War Eagles worked to create. The first seven minutes were truly a war of attrition, with the War Eagles eventually finding their way into the endzone with 7:15 remaining in the quarter. The tenacity shown by the Rebels left spectators feeling as though this game was far from over.

Following the PAT, the Rebels received the kickoff and struggled to get going offensively. After three downs and less than a minute of time run off the clock, the Rebels were forced to punt the ball from their own 23 yard line. The defense stood tall and held Chestatee to a 3-and-out and regained possession with just under four minutes remaining in the quarter. Determined to get something going, they kept the ball ont he ground with runs by Cody Jacobs (#15) and quarterback Tyler Norton (#1). The Chestatee defense keyed on the backfield and limited the Rebels ability to move the ball downfield.

With 1:48 remaining in the first quarter, the Rebels were forced to punt the ball once again, this time on a 4th-and-5 from their 34-yard line, taken by the War Eagles at their own 16. On the ensuing drive, sophomore linebacker Will Mosely (#35) attacked the gap the tailback was attempting to run through and with a thunderous hit the ball came loose and was

Jonah Henry drags a Chestatee War Eagle after picking up what looked like a fumble.

scooped up by senior defensive back Jonah Henry (#36), who took off sprinting toward paydirt. As he was tackled 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage, officials whistled the play dead and ruled the runner’s knee was down before the ball came out, eliminating the take-away by the defense.

The aggressiveness of the defense prompted Chestatee to attempt a screen pass across the middle to the tight end, who slipped in behind the Rebels as they blitzed and showed pressure at the line of scrimmage. The TE sprinted 60-yards upfield toward the end zone, but Austin Brown (#82) refused to quit on the play; tackling the receiver inside then 10-yard line and forcing a fumble on the play. The Rebels recovered and set out to move the other direction, but a slippery defensive back spied Norton’s pass and pulled in a costly interception.

The War Eagles pitched the ball to their tailback on a sweep to the right and with a stiff-arm and a spin-move he trotted into the endzone for six; 13-0. The PAT was good and with 2:38 remaining in the half the Rebels were down by two touchdowns and began showing frustration.
“It’s okay, keep your heads up,” FCHS head coach James Pavao shouted at his team as they came off the field.
Content on going to the locker room to regroup, the Rebels kept the ball on the ground and ran the clock.

Chestatee’s tailback shakes off a tackle and sprints into the end zone from beyond the 20-yard line.

The second half saw a change at the quarterback position, with similar struggles both offensively and defensively. Chestatee once again found the endzone in the third quarter, but only led 21-0 going into the fourth. Fannin finally caught a couple of breaks offensively, with a couple of huge runs by Cody Jacobs and a beautiful catch in the open field by Luke Cowart (#85). The Rebels offensive line, led by center Bradley Flowers (#66), pushed the War Eagles back into their end zone and from one yard out senior quarterback Chandler Smith (#6) barelled across the goalline for the first touchdown of the game for Fannin. It would prove to be their only score of the game, but it was well-deserved as they had come so close and moved the ball so well throughout the night.

From there, the War Eagles controlled the clock and put 10 more points on the board through a touchdown, PAT and field goal; defeating the Rebels by a final score of 31-7.

This week Fannin hosts Andrews, NC and looks to improve their record to 2-2 before opening Region 7-AAA play at North Hall next week. The Trojans narrowly lost to Pickens County last week.


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