Boy Scouts Chicken BBQ Dinner at Epworth Community Club This Sunday


Boy Scouts Chicken BBQ Dinner at Epworth Community Club (221 Old Schoolhouse Road, Epworth, Ga 30541) this SUNDAY from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM.  $7.  Dine-In or Take-Out.

CLICK for a short video of the Boy Scouts Chicken BBQ Dinner from the recent past (Scouts Tell What They Like About Scouting).

Epworth Community Club Meetings

Be a part of our community service organization.

First Thursday of each Month

  1.  Potluck Meal – 6:00 pm.
  2.  Speaker/Program – 6:30 pm.
  3.  Business meeting – 7:00 pm.
  4.  Adjourn – 7:45 – 8:00 pm.

Barbecue Chicken Dinner by Troop 32 at Epworth Community Club


Copperhill, McCaysville continue Christmas parade tradition


COPPERHILL, Tenn. – History is synonymous with life here in southern Appalachia, and perhaps nowhere is history more apparent in our area than in the Copper Basin region of north Georgia and east Tennessee.

A large part of that deep-rooted history continued Saturday afternoon, Dec. 2, on the streets of McCaysville, Georgia, and Copperhill, Tennessee, as the 59th annual Christmas Parade delighted hundreds of festive onlookers lining the streets and bridges of the twin cities.

Each year, the Kiwanis Club of Copperhill sponsors the parade, and as Howard Jabaley, the local Kiwanis chapter president, explained, this is a tradition that goes back a very long time. Though there has been a break or two through the years, one being during the early 1940s while WWII was taking place, the parade, and the Kiwanis Club’s participation, traces its roots all the way back to 1923, according to Jabaley.

“We look forward to it every year,” Jabaley said of the Kiwanis Club’s involvement in the Holiday tradition. As for this year’s turnout, Jabaley stated, “We were really surprised at the number of people.”

Copperhill, Ducktown and McCaysville mayors Kathy Stewart, Doug Collins and Thomas Seabolt, respectively, greeted parade goers.

This year, McCaysville Police Chief Michael Earley kicked the event off by leading the way down West Tennessee Avenue, Blue Ridge Drive and eventually making the turn down Ocoee Street and into the Volunteer State. Close behind in a shiny silver convertible were McCaysville Mayor Thomas Seabolt, Copperhill Mayor Kathy Stewart and Ducktown Mayor Doug Collins tossing handfuls of candy to excited young parade goers.

According to Collins, years ago, the parade would make its rounds in the twin cities and then pack up and head north three miles on Hwy. 68 to downtown Ducktown to give the residents there an annual Holiday display.

“All in all everyone seemed to enjoy it (this year),” Collins said of the parade. Speaking of the importance of continuing the parade’s tradition, Collins stressed, “It’s good to instill it to the kids, so that they’ll  keep it going one day.”

For those kids, the usual display of fire engines and emergency vehicles from the Copperhill Volunteer Fire Department, East Polk Fire and Rescue and the Fannin County Fire department passed the masses on sidewalks with glowing red lights and blaring sirens.

Of course, no parade would be complete without a pack of thunderous motorcycles rumbling through the streets and shaking storefront windows, their riders all donning Santa hats.

A large group of motorcycle riders revved their engines loudly to the delight of onlookers.

Boy Scouts Troop 32, of Epworth, and 14, of Ducktown, marched down the route proudly carrying flags and banners. Two high schools, Fannin County High and Copper Basin High, participated again in this year’s festivities, offering up Holiday tunes played by their respective bands and escorting their 2017 homecoming queens in snazzy-looking  convertibles.

Several elaborate floats from churches and various organizations and businesses glided down the twin cities’ streets with joyful youngsters atop singing traditional Holiday carols. Vintage cars, trucks, tractors and even dune buggies added to the down-home display.

Following at a safe distance away from the hustle and bustle of the parade lead were the Back Country Horsemen of North Georgia with an impressive display of thoroughbreds.

All the way from the North Pole, Santa and Mrs. Claus made a special appearance Saturday at the 59th annual Kiwanis Copperhill/McCaysville Christmas Parade.

Finally, honored guests from the North Pole visited the Copper Basin Saturday as Santa and Mrs. Claus lifted the spirits of anxious children with the familiar yule-time cheer of “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

As the friendly faces of so many familiar folks passed, both in the parade and on the sidewalks, through downtown McCaysville and Copperhill on a sunny December afternoon, it was easy to see why this wonderful tradition has stood the test of time for so long. And it is safe to say that the sense of community of these two mountain towns will keep this great tradition of history alive for generations to come.

Featured image: Nicholson Tire provided an interesting-looking snowman on their float that the Michelin Man would be proud of.

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Jason Beck

Born in Merrillville, Indiana, raised in Cleveland, Tennessee, and currently resides in Copperhill, Tennessee. Graduated from Bradley Central High School in 1996 and attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, eventually earning a B.A. and M.A. in English. Hobbies include hiking, camping and fly-fishing. Interests include baseball, hockey and cliff jumping.

All-Star Political Panel with Bruce, Rick, BKP, and Jane


Today the All-Star Panel covered a wide range of topics: failed Obama-care, John McCain, Jeff Sessions, and the President’s speech to the boy scouts just to name a few. The panel was divided on a couple of the topics today which doesn’t happen often. Listen in to hear what topics they were not all in agreement on. To join the All-Star Political Panel come up to Sycamore Crossing every Friday morning at 8:45 am.

Trump, the Boy Scouts and Obamacare


Trump, the Boy Scouts and Obamacare.

Because the Boy Scouts wear brown uniforms and listened in their thousands to President Trump address their West Virginia Jamboree, as all Presidents have been invited to do, the mean street media has chosen to compare Trump to Adolf Hitler addressing the Hitler Jungend in support of National Socialism. That’s a mean smear of the Boy Scout movement.

Nothing could more asinine then that clumsy media attempt at political comparison. It’s all visual of course, boys in brown uniforms and a strong leader addressing them. The media’s intent had no other purpose, expressed or implied, then to make Trump look like a fascist dictator and denigrate the Boy Scouts as mere Hitler Youths. That the boys cheered wildly is because they realize Trump was returning to them the very reasons of their oath taking pledges.

The last thing in the world Donald Trump could possibly be is a National Socialist. At the Scout’s Jamboree, we saw no torch light marching, no goose stepping around a massive bonfire, no adoration of happy youths singing the Horst Wessel song, Die Fahne Hoch. As usual Trump delivered his prepared speech with a few personal asides thrown in and the press went ballistic.

Obama was closer to being a National Socialist than Trump ever could be, but Obama lacked that killer instinct to make the final important decisions needed to implement and make stick his National Socialists policies. Remember the videos right after Obama’s first inauguration, of a cadre of young negro boys marching into a room, arms swinging like storm troopers, snapping to attention on command and reciting their oaths declaring their total commitment to Obama? Those boys are now eight years older and are still out there. Doesn’t ISIS do the same with their children, brainwashing them into such a hatred of the West that they’re willing to cut throats, wear explosive vests into crowded streets and kill their enemies as directed? Yes!

Obama offered Americans a plate of socialism, like his Obamacare scheme. He supported it by promises that were all lies then left his political minions (the DNC) to carry the ball in his attempt to fundamentally change America. Obama had two full terms to make it happen and he still couldn’t get it done and now his plans are quickly unraveling at the hands of a potent businessman who recognized socialist crap when he saw it and tells the boy scouts why. Too bad three Republican Senators, Collins, Murkowski and McCain, refused to come along.

National Socialism, aka: fascism, is simply one side of the same Socialist coin. Communism, with slight social variations, occupy’s the reverse side. National Socialism (fascism) permits its citizens to own their homes, farms and factories so long as they grow or produce what the state demands. It is better that the citizens concur because outwardly, all seems serene and in agreement. Failure to do so earns a late-night visit by the States Secret Police.

Communism on the other hand, owns everything, homes, farms, apartments and means of production and doles it out to their citizens, like single payer heart care, according to their needs. The Communist State, in return, demands from its citizens their labor according to their ability. Not a good formula for economic development so State bureaucrats set production goals that must be met. Not a happy place to be, “from you according to your ability, to you according to your need.”  Both systems promise its citizens a happy Socialist utopia. “Comarads, just do what you are told and be happy about it.” They have a secret police too. Trump makes no such claims. He’s a pure pro American capitalist and told the Boy Scouts that. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em! (28Jul17)

4th of July Observance at Epworth


8:00 AM to 10:30 AM Pancake Breakfast at upper parking lot/cafeteria. $6!

Over 400 for breakfast!  A hardy North Dakota Winter Wheat is part of the 4th of July

special recipe.


10:30 AM to 2:00 PM Field Activities.  ALL Activities are at Upper Level.

FREE ADMISSION!  Then purchase tickets good for any/all events.

Field Activities are fun things for all ages.  These usually include:

B-I- N-G- O – (Nice Prizes from local merchants)   Balloon Animals, Face Painting, Boy Scouts Exhibit & Display Area, Children’s Patriotic Crafts & Activities.

Color Guard Raising the Flag at 10:30 AM, Corn Toss- The younger kids love it!

Concessions / Hamburgers / Hot Dogs / Ice Cream, Epworth’s Best Homemade Cakes – (Git one), Hay Ride – (Pulled by Tractor – Yee- Haw),

Even more for the Kids:

BIG SLIDE & BOUNCE HOUSE Cub Scout Pack 432, Classic Cars / Classic Tractors / Ole Hit & Miss Engines, FFA Farm Animals, Silent Auction, Dunkin’ Booth and More.   New Events each year!



The Epworth Community Club is a 501(c)(3) service organization that supports local scouting, the 4th of July Observance at Epworth and a few local charities/organizations.  Epworth Community Club is located at 125 Schoolhouse Road, Epworth, Ga 30541.

For more information look for Epworth Community Club OR 4th of July at Epworth on Facebook or YouTube.

Blue Ridge Veteran’s Day Parade

Community, Featured Stories

Fire trucks, police cars and other vehicles lined up as they traveled from the First Baptist Church of Blue Ridge, down Main Street, to East First Street to the Veteran’s Memorial Park to honor those who have served this great nation. (more…)



FCHS Honors Vets

Featured Stories, Rebel's Corner

With Veteran’s Day here upon us, Fannin County High School held an assembly to honor the many Veterans, in the area, that have served in the United States Armed Forces. (more…)


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