Youth Art Month FCMS

Fannin Middle

From February 28 – March 28, the following Fannin County Middle School students had art work on display at Blue Ridge Arts Association for Youth Art Month 2019.

The theme was Your Art, Your Story!

Vanessa Medrano, Lexie Frabotta, Gracie Patton, Courtney Davis, Robert Washington, Kylee Linderman, Sydney Chancey, Jordyn Villa, Colin Bruce, Anna Beth Minear, Benjamin Bloch, Emma Pittman, Karis Hughes, Katherine Tamberino, Shaylee Jones, Reese Lindstrom, Jasmine Anderson, Emmaline Cochran, Mylee Clement, Daegan Moore, Silas Campbell, Chelsey Frye, Ethan Forbis, Kaitlyn Nelson, Blair Deal, Annabelle Noland, Sadie Thomas, Avery Henson, Caroline Young, Bailee Stiles, Kylie Davenport, Abby Ridings, Natalie Bottongino, Cheyanne Hasker, Reid Norton, Emma Buchanan, Isabel Espinoza, Callie Lewis.


Blue Ridge Elem

BRES students and families had a great time at our annual STEAM Night on March 19, 2019! Students participated in various stations: Creating an upcycled bird feeder, creating watercolor patterns to help Dr. Hodges and Ms. Bell illustrate a book about BRES, robotics and coding, as well as creating mosaics to add to our future 2nd grade mural.

We had so many awesome upcycled bird feeders created at night at STEAM night! The following students feeders were chosen as our award winners.
Bird’s Choice (most functional)- Eva Racque
Most Creative- Elohi Law
Most Unique- Annaleigh Cheatham
Honorable Mentions- Noley Nations and Hunter Pierce


The Chimps are Springing Forward!

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The Chimps are Springing Forward…Slowly

We all know that daylight saving time can have an effect on us, but did you know it can also affect the chimpanzees?

On the second Sunday in March most of America “sprang forward” to accommodate the beginning of daylight saving time. And just as you might have been thrown off, the circadian rhythm of animals that depend on humans were also thrown off. If you live in a country that practices daylight saving, did you notice that your companion animals were less enthused to get up in the pitch black? Perhaps their appetite for breakfast was lower than usual?

Harley tries to sleep in and Amy slowly wakes up during the early dawn hours.
We’re all a little jet lagged

Just like you, your pets lost an hour of sleep and are still adjusting. Daylight saving time has an effect on wild animals and pets, leaving them feeling a bit ‘jet-lagged.’

Similarly, many wild animals set their routine to sunlight. They rise with the sun, and they prepare to sleep when the sun sets. These animals will simply adjust their behavior to mimic the sun.

The chimpanzees here at Project Chimps felt the change.

It’s too early for breakfast!

They know the sounds our team makes as they prepare breakfast; the human voices that float towards their sleeping heads as we approach the villas and the rev of a mule cart that is driving the bins of freshly prepared vegetables their way. Yet, the sun hasn’t peeked through their windows, the robins and wrens have not started their dawn song. Surely something is wrong! Perhaps the chimps think they are dreaming.

Before the time change, the chimps’ bedrooms were already lit with sunlight before breakfast, but this week the caregivers have to turn on the overhead lights to do their morning safety check and begin the breakfast service. Oscar curls up in his nest of donated wood wool and tries to sleep in. Kareem, normally the first to greet the caregivers and accept his veggies, sits in his nest and lazily yawns, not quite ready for the meal.

Oscar tries to sleep in the early dawn hours on his nest of donated wood wool.
Those silly humansOur days take a little longer to get moving while we wait on the sleepy chimps to accept that, yes, it’s really time to wake up even though the sun has not risen. And at the end of these longer days, they are amused that we think it’s time to wind down for dinner and start creating the evening’s nest. Surely, if they could talk, they would say, “the sun is still up, silly human!”

Just as humans eventually adjust to the time change, so will the chimps.

With warmest regards,

Ali Crumpacker
Executive Director

Villa 4 Chimps Now Live in Harmony

Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll to name Villa 4 last month!
More than 2,300 votes were received with the majority (over 700) of participants selecting Harmony Villa as the new name!
We love it too!

Join Us for One or More of our Spring Events!

Child paints rocks at Project Chimps
Our first-ever Chimps Rock! is on April 26th and 27th will feature two days of art and discovery for kids and kids at heart! Inspired by The Kindness Rocks Project, children and adults are invited to paint a rock with messages of inspiration after touring the sanctuary and enriching the lives of the chimps.

Tickets are only $10 for a child plus one adult.  Secure your tickets today!

Cheers for Chimps! Join us as Fannin Brewing Company unveils a new brew to benefit Project Chimps, Saturday, April 13th, from 2 to 8 p.m.

Each ticket holder will receive a limited edition Project Chimps 16oz glass, one pour of the new apple lager and one dish of our award winning Chimp Chili with live music from Gopher Broke. Reserve your ticket here.

Become a Discovery Days Exhibitor

Project Chimps hosts Discovery Days twice a year in May and September. Guests travel from all over the world to attend this event, which sells out months in advance. More than 500 ticket-holding guests receive behind-the-scenes tours our chimpanzee sanctuary.

You can help to fund a new life for former research chimpanzees by becoming a Discovery Days exhibitor or sponsor.

Reserve your space today!  
Booths start at just $50. Non-profits are free!

May Exhibitor Registration
September Exhibitor Registration 

Looking for Discovery Day attendance tickets? May is sold out, but tickets for September are still available here. You can also join us for Chimps Rock! in April.

Plush Chimps “Adopted” by Former Research Chimps

For Amy and Noel, the plush toy was a temporary “baby.” For Collin it was a projectile to be thrown against the wall. Former research chimpanzees react very differently to plush toys donated for their enrichment.

Their reactions are informed by the chimpanzee’s personality, age, sex and past experiences in captivity.

Project Chimps recently received a donation of 12 plush chimpanzee toys from The plushes were distributed to various groups of male and female chimpanzees now living in permanent retirement at the Project Chimps sanctuary.

Harley, a 10-year-old female chimpanzee, surprised her caregivers when she “adopted” one of the plush chimps as if it was her baby.

Harley in a moment of tender embrace with her donated Melissa and Doug plush chimp.
“Since her arrival from the lab in late 2017, Harley had never really played with toys or plushes,” said chimpanzee caregiver Crystal Alba. “At first she tested it by hitting and kicking it and then she adopted it as though it was a real baby chimp.”

What happened next was even more interesting. Read more on our Chimp Chatter blog.

To support enrichment activities like this and chimp care directly, make a one-time or recurring donation today.

Project Chimps Youth Tee for $25!

Actors Mallory James Mahoney and Bryce Gheisar wearing Project Chimps Tshirts
Do you have a young Project Chimps fan in the family? Get them a shirt to show their chimp love!

They’ll love wearing it at school and at home – or to one of our upcoming family-friendly events! All proceeds help to provide care, food and enrichment for the former research chimpanzees at Project Chimps.

Actors Mallory James Mahoney and Bryce Gheisar wore them on their recent visit to Project Chimps. Get yours today!

Get our youth tee in eggplant!
Also available in ocean blue!

A Head for Figures, A Heart for Animals

Sandi, Jill, and Mimi volunteering at Chimp or Treat last October where guests were invited to attend in costume to entertain the chimps and learn about the sanctuary.
Project Chimps volunteer Sandi Boone has always been an animal lover; and while she has a background in accounting, she may have never calculated that her love for chimps would multiply exponentially.

It’s difficult to not fall in love with all 59 residents of Project Chimps, but one former research chimp in particular is extra special to Sandi.

But who is Sandi’s favorite chimp? Find the answer and learn more about Sandi’s volunteer adventures on our Chimp Chatter blog.

Donate to Project Chimps Today

Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Activities

Rebel's Corner

Blue Ridge Elementary students and staff enjoyed Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Activities during the week of February 25- March 1.  Attached are pictures of some of our events.

A High School student reading to a kindergarten classroom

Kindergarten Student Gabriel Lance

1st grade student in Donna Gray’s class Ethan Tutterow

Fannin County Elected Officials Appreciation Breakfast

Rebel's Corner

The Fannin County Young Farmers Association and The Fannin County Farm Bureau hosted a Fannin County Elected Officials Appreciation Breakfast on Jan. 7 from 7:00am-8:30am at the new Agriculture Center. The breakfast was a drop by and the meal was prepared by Mr. Jim Parmer a retired educator. Fannin County Young farmer and Fannin County Farm Bureau members were on hand to thank the officials for their service to the community and to promote the industry of agriculture in our community. Each elected official was given a basket of agricultural items. Items were donated from the following sponsors: Mercier Orchards, Appalachian Trail Rides, Pilgrim’s Pride, Georgia Forestry Commission, Georgia Peanut Growers Association and Georgia Farm Bureau. Both organizations hope to make this an annual event.

Terry and Ruth Bramlett
Dana Chastain, Amanda Mercier, Donna Whitener
Dane Kirby , FCYFA member and Fannin County Farm Bureau President Tom Hamby
Stan Helton and FCYFA President Kenny Queen

Weather Summary for 2018

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Weather Summary for 2018

By: Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

Back in December and already this year there’s been a lot of talk about how wet it’s been in the last year and while I agree with the comments I’ve been getting, I thought I’d do a little investigating and use facts to report on the weather of 2018. My data is coming from the UGA AEMN area weather stations.

The Automated Environmental Monitoring Network (AEMN) in Georgia was established in 1991 by the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The objective of the AEMN is to collect reliable weather information for agricultural and environmental applications. Each station monitors air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature at 2, 4, and 8 inch depths, atmospheric pressure, and soil moisture every 1 second. Data are summarized at 15 minute intervals and at midnight a daily summary is calculated. A microcomputer at the Georgia Experiment Station initiates telephone calls to each station periodically and downloads the recorded data. The data are processed immediately and disseminated via the internet at

We are fortunate to have three reporting stations in our area. They are Hillcrest Orchards in Ellijay, Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge and the Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center in Blairsville. For the purpose of this article, data has been averaged, but you can visit the web site and get more details and up to the minute weather.

Since rain has been the topic of conversation lately, let’s look at that first. In Blairsville, the total rainfall for 2018 was 76.01 inches and there were 164 rainy days. In Blue Ridge, the rainfall was 74.89 inches and 185 rainy days. In Ellijay there was 79.12 inches of rain and 168 rainy days. The average for our area is around 62 inches, but the statistic that stands out is the number of rainy days. During rainy days the plants did not receive good sunlight and that affects plant growth.

In looking at the month of December in 2018 Blairsville received 10.96 inches of rain and 17 rainy days. Blue Ridge received 11.21 inches of rain and 17 rainy days. Ellijay received 10.92 inches of rain and 17 rainy days. This may seem like a lot of rain, but back in 2015 Blairsville got 13.35 inches of rain with 13 rainy days. Blue Ridge got 16.57 inches of rain with 16 rainy days. Ellijay got 16.04 inches of rain with 17 rainy days. 2015 was not that long ago, but it seems we have gotten more rain lately. It might be the number of rainy days that is making us think we are getting more rain that we actually are getting.

As for temperatures the average maximum temperature in Blairsville was 68.53 and the minimum was 47.26. The overall average was 57.23 which is about normal, but the number of days below 32 was 761 which is up from before, but below 2015. In Blue Ridge the average maximum temperature was 68.12 and the minimum was 48.46 and the overall average was 57.59, which is also about normal. The number of days below 32 was 699 which is up from before, but also below 2015. In Ellijay the average maximum temperature was 69.17 and the minimum was 48.81 with an overall average of 58.48 which is about normal. The number of days below 32 was 625 which is above earlier years except for 2015.

In conclusion the UGA weather stations are a great resource for information that provide facts about our weather conditions and now when people ask if it’s ever been this wet, you have the facts to say yes. If you need more information or different facts, visit the website and explore, or contact me in the Gilmer County UGA Extension office.

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Organization

Fannin County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Report 12/03 to 12/09

Arrest Reports

Arrest report provided by the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office.  The Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. 35-01-18) allows for to obtain and post the arrest records of any and all individuals arrested in Fannin County. Those arrests are posted on for viewing pleasure. Please remember that all individuals listed have been arrested and charged, however, they are presumed innocent until guilt has been proven in a court of law.

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07, Nov 2018 – And Nothing Really Has Changed


5:00 am, 07 Nov 2018 – By now, most people are acquainted with national voting outcomes and realize
there was no wave, Red or Blue and American politics will remain a mishmash. Democrats regained the
House by 34, meaning two more years of stalemate. Republicans kept the Senate by increasing their hold
there by three. Missed by the media is that the candidates that Trump campaigned for all won. Trump
now will turn to the use of his veto pen. Military spending will slow, for two years at least, and spending for
illegals will be vetoed to death. It will be a wasted two years for Democrats, but the Judiciary will turn to its
original roots of strict constitutionalism. Watch Trump negotiate the art of the deal with Democrats.

Sorting out voting results for local and other state candidates and issues will take a while. That the US
House of Representatives slipped back into Democrat hands, while consistent with mid-presidential term
voting patterns, is still an issue that will ensure continued political conflict and an even wider divide
between Conservative and Socialist supporters of the direction America will take. Will this signal another
step toward a Venezuela and Cuba style life or a misstep of retaining Americans position as the worlds
economic and military steadying super power? Imagine, Nancy Pelosi once again as Speaker of the
House and that demented screeching mad Max(ine) Waters chairing the House Financial Committee. The
inmates are truly taking control of one wing of the asylum.

I lay the loss of the House of Representatives at the feet of Speaker Paul Ryan, a hopeless never
Trumper extrodinaire, whose lack-luster performance for supporting conservative trending Republican
candidates betrayed his desire for retaining a big government, ’business as usual,’ anybody but Trump
attitude. But, he’ll be gone soon and a rearrangement of the chairs on the Houses deck will commence
while the screaming Democrats start their inquisition trials against Trump and Kavanaugh. Wait for it.

Sadly, Scott Walker, three time winning Governor of Wisconsin, (don’t forget the recall) was outed by a
percentage point to Tony Evers, so watch as that state once again slips under the corrupt influence of
union thuggery. Kansas, whose Republican Attorney General, Kris Kobach, took a shot at the
Governorship lost to Democrat Laura Kelly, while Florida remained all “Red.” It is now safe for the DoJ to
indite losing Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum for his fraud crimes. California, under Gavin Newsom,
will continue to function as a pitiful example of Americas potential Venezuela outcome. Blackburn won the
Republican seat vacated by a RINO and McSally kept Arizona in GOP hands.

The good news is that most of the House Republicans whose seats were challenged and won by
Democrats, were Republicans who quit or retired leaving a vacant seat to be refilled. So be it! Most of the
emotional news worthy Senate contests fell favorably to Republicans, including Arizona, Texas. Democrat
Senators in battleground states who voted against Justice Kavanaugh, all lost and that includes
Missouri’s Macaskill. Michigan's splendid Republican candidate for Senate, West Point graduate and
combat veteran John James slipped below the waves, while a dead whorehouse owner in Nevada won
his House seat.

I’ll not continue with more election results because they’ll be all the news today. What I will say is that
America clearly stands at the edge of meaningless. The next several years will be a head butting contest
between a Constitutional, law abiding citizenry and Sanctuary City, open border loving Socialists.

What was revealed is that democrats gains came despite their having absolutely no program to run on
except “Impeach Trump.” The campaigns of Democrat candidates were all propaganda and fake news,
designed to move their candidate to the center politically, and avoid what they realize is a non-starter for
most Americans, the aura of being a true communist candidate.

Conservatives have two years to reconstruct their Congressional candidates to rid congress of the
remaining RINO’s. Pelosi, if she survives her own caucus, should be a boon to regaining the house in two

For Republicans, cleansing the institutions charged with the education of America’s children in our nearly
totally corrupted colleges and universities, must become a priority. Challenging them directly won’t work but making them redundant can. Conservatives must also keep up their pursuit of the Black and Latino
voters and convince them to leave the Democrat plantation for conservatism where they can have the
opportunity to prosper. The next time I use the term “Republican” and don’t have to hold my breath doing
so, will be when conservatives predominate in the Congress, the Senate remains Republican and Trump
starts his second term.

Watch for the Left to reengage their shock-troops to hit the streets in support of any issue they think
necessary to boost their limited power and, their power is limited. The swelling sanctuary city rolls will
economically collapse those leftist governments that have abandoned the rule of law while anarchy will
sweep their streets when they run out of tax payer funds. Expect Paul Ryan to challenge Trump for
President in 2020 but first, he’ll have to nudge former Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, out of the way.

For the next few years, bipartisanship will be a nonstarter. We’re in for an interesting two years and
Conservatives have a lot of work to do so, we cannot lose faith, but get out there and get busy; continue
the attack on the idiots and idiocy of the Left.

Finally, the good news is that I can now have my e-mail back. Daily, and I suspect most of you also,
delete hundreds of pleas for donations, double donations, split donations and etc. especially from
democrats PAC’s whining about being stabbed in the back and etc.

Today is the first day of Trump’s campaign for re-election. He’s a winner so let’s find politicians who will
work with him.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, now, go get ‘em! (07Nov18)

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