The Lady Bobcats Nip the Lady Colts


The Lady Bobcats traveled to Fannin County High School this past Thursday where they were matched up to take on the Lady Colts for day one of the Mountaintop Holiday Classic. The Colts were striving to continue their winning streak of two games prior to the matchup at Fannin County while the Bobcats were determined to knock them off their high horse and redeem themselves from a seven point loss to Union just a few nights before.

The Lady Colts did not waste any time. The first chance they got on defense, they went into a full court press. Despite the Lady Colts high pressure defense, the Lady Bobcats broke the press with no trouble. Gilmer had amazing looks up the court and found many opportunities for wide open shots. Bobcat, Emma Callihan, broke through the full court press and led her team in scoring by putting twenty-three points on the board. Lady Colt, Lily Snyder, led Coahulla Creek in scoring with twenty points overall. Number ten for the Bobcats, Marylee Callihan, was right behind her teammate in scoring with nineteen points thanks to her ankle-breaking moves under the basket. The Lady Bobcats had a three point lead over the Lady Colts at the end of the first quarter with a score of 16-13.

With the Lady Colts behind, they decided to try what was working for the Lady Bobcats. Coahulla Creek started looking up the court for open passes where they added onto their score. Bobcat, Faith Ralston, starting driving the lane and contributed two points for Gilmer. The Bobcats defense came alive towards the end of the quarter which resulted in Mallory Kiser getting steals and putting seventeen points on the board. Lady Colt, Mallory Poe, makes a three point buzzer beater shot at the end of the second quarter. Poe’s shot made the score 35-29 with Gilmer still in the lead.

Since the Lady Bobcats tried to keep their lead just as hard as the Lady Colts tried to take it away from them, both teams started fouling. Bobcat, MichaMichaela Staley, drew fouls and made one of her shots which contributed one point for Gilmer. Another Lady Bobcat, Hope Colweu, contributed two points for her team from foul shots due to her grit down low. As the third quarter came to an end, the Lady Bobcats kept their lead over the Lady Colts with a score of 54-42.

As the fourth quarter began, the Lady Colts found what was missing in their defense. Coahulla Creek’s intensity came alive by making steals left and right. With the Colts making adjustments, the Bobcats had to do the same if they wanted to keep their lead. Gilmer started to have good looks and passes on the inside where they extended their lead. The ball would be on the Lady Colts side of the court one second, then on the Lady Bobcats the other. Despite the Colts burst of energy at the end, they could not gallop to victory. The Gilmer Lady Bobcats won the game with a score of 77-67 over the Coahulla Creek Lady Colts.

The Lady Bobcats win puts their overall record at 7-5 with the Lady Colts standing at 5-6. Catch the Gilmer Lady Bobcats next region game on January 5 at 7:00 as they travel to take on Northwest Whitfield!








Mountaintop Tourney: Bobcats Claw the Colts


This past Thursday at the Mountaintop Holiday Classic, the Gilmer Bobcats took on the Coahulla Creek Colts at Fannin County High School. Both teams were battling to redeem themselves from their lost games prior to the matchup at Fannin County. The Colts did not come to “horse around”, they put their all into the game and the Bobcats did the same.

During the first quarter of the game, Gilmer relied heavily on inside passes for shots under the basket which was how they scored the majority of their points. This allowed Bobcat, Kell Weaver, to be the main man inside throughout the game and lead Gilmer in scoring with twenty-five points. The Colts did most of their scoring from the outside thanks to their point guard, Maddox Adams. Adams led his team in scoring with twenty-eight points overall. Although the teams had different methods of scoring, it didn’t mean that one was better than the other. As the buzzer sounds for the first quarter to end, the Gilmer Bobcats and Coahulla Creek Colts were tied with a score of 14-14.

Both teams were fighting for the lead as soon as the second quarter began. The Bobcats gained more confidence in their shooting and started making outside shots. Bobcat, Tyler Sims, contributed twenty points for Gilmer with his outside shots. Another Bobcat, David Smith, followed the trend by scoring a three point shot for his team. Bobcat number two, Carter Hice, started driving the lane and put eight more points on the board. Gilmer took the lead over the Colts after the second quarter with a score of 30-24.

With the Colts making fakes left and right, Gilmer also found an opportunity for more points. The Bobcats had the determination to look up the court and see the open lane as a perfect chance for layups. Bobcat, Coady Cobb, had the speed to make the layups and contribute six points for Gilmer. Another Bobcat, Austin Daman, contributed four more points to put on the board for his team. Gilmer doubled their lead over the Colts at the end of the third quarter with a score of 46-34.

Although the Colts lead strayed farther from the Bobcats, they were not giving up. Both teams started getting after it on defense and drawing fouls. Towards the end of the game, Gilmer started driving the defense inside, leaving teammates on the outside open where they would score more points. The Colts proved to have outstanding determination and hustle by going after loose balls and getting steals on defense. However, it was not enough for them to trot away with a win. Being the last game of the night, the Gilmer Bobcats closed out the first day of the tournament with a 66-54 win over the Coahulla Creek Colts.

The Bobcats win puts their overall record at 4-8 while the Colts stand at 3-7. Catch the Gilmer Bobcats next region game on January 5 at 8:30 as they travel to take on Northwest Whitfield!


Lady Rebels travel to North Hall despite snow days, fall 27-53

Team FYN Sports

The Fannin County Lady Rebels (4-3, 0-2) varsity has put up some great numbers this season, but Mother Nature and the North Hall Lady Trojans had other plans Tuesday night in Gainesville, Ga. Despite school being closed due to dangerous road conditions, the teams decided to load up and give it their best.

Suzianne Pass, head coach for the varsity girls, shared her frustration with TeamFYNSports after the loss.
“We did not play up to our potential,” Pass explained. “We struggled and did not play well. Missing days of school did not help anything at the game. Hopefully we will get back on track today and tomorrow and play better at Dawson.”

Pass was sure to share the good with the bad, however, and gave credit to her players who stepped up in the loss, as well as others who have been going above and beyond so far this year.

“Maleah Stepp hit 3 threes for us [at North Hall],” Pass told TeamFYNSports, “and Makenzie McClure played very well.”

The head coach went on to share some more positives that have come out of her team’s hard work this season.

“Over the last few games we have had different players step up and be big for us. Savada Collins, Maddie Johnson have played well in the guard position. Maddie is a true leader for our team and she gets better each day. Hope Franklin has been our go-to kid inside. She is a huge asset to our team.  Bailey Whitener, Kyla Seabolt and Mackenzie Johnson have come off the bench and played well also. Morgan Patton and Morgan Holt will hopefully return by the end of December.”

Patton is out with ankle injury and Holt is still recovering from an ACL (knee) injury.

Last but surely not least, Pass shared that one of her players returned to the action and will certainly be one worth keeping an eye on as the season progresses. “We were lucky to have Reagan Henderson back for last night’s game,” Pass shared. “She came off the bench and played hard. She makes herself known when she is on the floor. We have missed her.”

Catch Henderson and company this Friday night when the Lady Rebels commute to Dawson County High School and look to put up their fifth winning performance of the season, their first in region play (AAA-7).


Fannin Powerlifters Win National Titles


On June 23, 2017, a Fannin County weightlifting club traveled to Gainsville, Georgia for the 15th annual American Powerlifting Committee (APC) National Powerlifting Championships. The Banks Barbell powerlifting team, comprised of a few local student-athletes and adults, spent nearly four months preparing for the competition, with hopes of bringing trophies and national titles back to Blue Ridge. The team not only represented Fannin County with good sportsmanship and a competitive attitude; but they also succeeded in winning 1st-place in Full Powerlifting competition as well as Push-Pull competition.

Fannin County High School senior Bradley Flowers benches while coach Jason Banks looks on at the 2017 APC National Powerlifting Championships

The full powerlifting competition consists of three compound lifts: squat, bench and deadlift. Fannin County Rebel football players Bradley Flowers (Sr) and Keenan Putnam (Sr) chose to compete in the full meet and gave credit to their training in the recently updated FCHS weight room. “The school replaced all of the old gym equipment with some real nice Dynabody racks, bars and chains,” Flowers told TeamFYNSports. “It’s nice – like real nice – probably one of the nicest gyms I’ve ever seen.” On top of their training at the high school, Flowers and Putnam joined Banks Barbell Club in Blue Ridge to supplement their athletic training. “Basically we just wanted to get stronger,” Flowers said. “My older brothers started training there and both of them got a lot stronger real fast. They took me to a deadlift and squat workout and I was hooked.”  The athletes asked Fannin County head football coach Jim Pavao if he would allow them to put in some extra training outside of the regular football scheduled workouts, and he encouraged it.  “Coach [Pavao] said he’s all for it,” Flowers told FYN.  “He told us anything we can do to get better in our spare time is fine as long as it’s positive and it doesn’t affect our training at the high school.”

The hard work put in both at the fieldhouse and their new gym paid off.  Both Putnam and Flowers won their classes, earning national champion honors, and they managed to break some national and world records in the process.

Putnam finished the day with a 192.5kg (423.5-lbs) squat, 115kg (253-lb) bench and a 170kg (374-lb) deadlift for a 445kg (979-lb) total (his squat was a 4th attempt for record-breaking purposes only) and four Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) World Records. The performance also set the APC national records for the 110kg (220-lb) teen (16-17) class.

Fannin County sophomore Kayleigh Russell sets up for a sumo deadlift attempt at the 2017 APC National Powerlifting Championships.

Flowers finished the day with a 205kg (451-lb) squat, 147.5kg (324.5) bench and a 235kg (517-lb) deadlift for a 587.5kg (1,292.5-lb) total. He also now holds the GPA World Powerlifting records for squat, bench, deadlift and total in the teen (16-17) class, but in the 125kg (275-lb) weight division. In a nutshell, these kids are strong.

Fannin sophomore Kayleigh Russell, one of two females on the team, also had a huge day at the competition. Russell won the 75kg (165-lb) weight class in the open (all age groups) AND teen (15-16) division. She set new GPA world records with her 65kg (143-lb) squat, 35kg (77-lb) bench and 82.5kg (181.5-lb) deadlift for a 182.5kg (401.5-lb) total. She also competed on the Push-Pull team and her bench and squat were good enough to set new GPA world records in Push-Pull teen competition for bench, deadlift and total. Basically, Russell came home with top honors in four different classes and seven world records.

“I started powerlifting because I wanted to get stronger for softball,” Russell told FYN. Russell plays softball year-round, whether it be travel ball or with the Rebels varsity team at FCHS.  She and her father, Justin Russell of Epworth, joined the club and began training together early in the year.  Like Putnam and Flowers, Russell scheduled her supplemental training around the existing workouts she received on the softball field and in the high school weight-training class.  “She wants to play college ball,” her father explained.  “She’s willing to do what it takes to do that and we support her one hundred percent.”

Fannin senior Keenan Putnam pulls a successful deadlift at the 2017 APC National Powerlifting Championships.

Other lifters for the Banks Barbell team include Paige Collins-Rideout of Epworth, who won the women’s 45-49 age group in the 67.5kg (148.5-lb) weight class with an 80kg (176-lb) squat, 50kg (110-lb) bench and 100kg (220-lb) deadlift for a 230kg (506-lb) total. Rideout also won “Best Female Lifter” in the push-pull competition.

Matthew Rideout of Epworth won the men’s open 90kg (198-lb) weight class with a 152.5kg (335.5-lb) squat, 102.5kg (226-lb) bench and 192.5kg (423-lb) deadlift for a 447.5kg (984.5-lb) total.

Terry Brandon Flowers of Morganton narrowly took second place in his class (110kg/242-lb open) with a 212.5kg (467.5-lb) squat, 145kg (319-lb) bench and 227.5kg (500.5-lb) deadlift for a 585kg (1,287.5-lb) total. Flowers’ wife was 9-months pregnant at the time of the meet and he was uncertain if was going to compete. “Holli was about to have our baby at any day so I really didn’t plan to go,” Flowers told FYN. “I even lifted heavy all week before the meet. But the day of weigh-ins she told me we should go, so I went out and gave the best I could. I really just wanted to compete for my team.”

Jeremy Flowers of Morganton finished with a strong 2nd-place showing in the 110kg (242-lb) open class for push-pull. Flowers benched 160kg (352-lbs) and then barely failed on a third attempt of 180kg (396-lbs). All push-pull lifters later learned that the bar had been mis-loaded for their flight and they were actually lifting (or attempting) 5kg/11-lbs MORE than for what they received credit. Of those lifters was Jason Banks of Morganton.

Banks won “Best Overall Male” in push-pull competition and won the 125kg (275-lb) sub-master (35-39) class with a 215kg (474-lb) bench and a 290kg (640-lb) deadlift for a 505kg (1,114-lb) push-pull total. He broke the APC national records for bench, deadlift and total and he missed the GPA world record for raw bench press by 5kg (11lbs).

The team plans to compete later this year at the APC Salute the Troops meet November 4 in Commerce, Georgia; and several of the lifters will compete at the Body By George Monster Mania Push-Pull on December 2 in Loganville, Georgia.


Could Major Changes in 7-AAA Football be Coming?


Now that the regular season has come and gone, post-season GHSA changes start. The 2016-17 football scene could change for several teams. The realignment comes after a vote to make a new region “Super 44” which puts the top schools with 2,000+ kids in one super region. Now this changes everything from 6A to 1A. For every team that moves up or down another team has to do the same. Schools like Buford who have more than 3% of its kids outside the county are forced to move up with the new rules. Fannin and Banks Counties are looking like they will move down to AA, while East Hall, Lumpkin, Franklin and West Hall are moving to AAAA. Dawson County will remain the only 7-AAA team if all this plays out like suggested. It is unclear just yet as to what region Fannin will move to, but when we find out after the GHSA makes the changes later this year TeamFYNSports will keep you updated.

Here is a look at what things could look like next football season. Click Here


Lady Rebels Ride to Allatoona Tournament: Fannin Finishes 2-2

Featured Stories

The Fannin County High School Lady Rebels Softball team traveled to the Allatoona Tournament, finishing 2-2, with wins over Southeast Whitfield and Woodland, and losses to Lassiter and North Cobb. (more…)

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