TSA State Conference in Athens March 14 – 16, 2019

Fannin Middle, Rebel's Corner

Fannin Middle School Technology Student Association attended the TSA State Conference at Athens this weekend.  We had 10 students go and compete in different areas.  The areas of competition are Mass Production, Dragster, Tech Bowl, Structural Engineering, Chapter Team, Lego Robotics, CAD Foundations, Problem Solving, Flight, and Forensic Science.  We were able to finish in the top 10 in the state in 9 out of 10 areas.  In placing, we had two first place finishes in Tech Bowl and Problem Solving.  The Tech Bowl team consisted of Lucas Barnstead, Luke Pelfrey, and Bryce Ware.  The other first place was in Problem Solving with the team being Bryce Ware and James Kyle.  Tristen Siler and Wyatt Payne place second in Structural Engineering.

Below are pictures of the young men and their awards.


Our Revolution Georgia Endorses Joshua McCall in Bid to Unseat Congressman Doug Collins

State & National

(Martin, Georgia) – Monday, January 22nd, the statewide Georgia affiliate of Our Revolution, the organization created to continue pushing the policy goals of the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign, endorsed Joshua McCall in his bid to unseat Congressman Doug Collins in the Georgia 9th Congressional District. His candidacy will now be passed up to the national organization for consideration.


“I’m running for congress for two reasons. First, Bernie Sanders’ grassroots organization inspired me to examine what forces were limiting political possibilities in our country. I realized, unfortunately, that many of those forces were in the party that I belonged to,” said Candidate Joshua McCall.


He continued, “I’m also running because parts of our government are dangerously close to fascism. Branches of it prey on racial fears and offer simple solutions through state violence. I am running not only to unseat Doug Collins, but in the process speak to the people of this district and unite them behind a Christian and humanist ethic.”


McCall joins Savannah based candidate Lisa Ring as the only currently endorsed congressional candidates in the state. The endorsement includes volunteer coordination and the possibility of national endorsement and fundraising.


Our Revolution Georgia State Committee Member, Vice President of the Young Democrats of Georgia, Hall County Board of Elections Member, and former candidate for State House Michelle Sanchez Jones said of the endorsement, “the Republican Party has purported to represent North Georgia for a generation now, and, outside of the Governor’s backyard, we deserve more from our government. Our hospitals need more money. Our classrooms need more teachers. We need the tools to help those struggling with opioid addiction. The burden of supporting our communities falls disproportionately on our churches and faith institutions. It’s time we got our money’s worth from Washington, and Joshua McCall is exactly the man to help make that happen.”



Background: Consideration of endorsement by the national organization requires prior endorsement from a local affiliate. Our Revolution has numerous affiliates throughout the state whose leadership jointly approve endorsements – with deference given to the chapter closest to the district in question. McCall’s endorsement represents the agreement of affiliates and leadership from Savannah to Atlanta, Athens to Henry County.


STEM Forum in Athens

West Fannin Elem

West Fannin educators attended the STEM Forum in Athens, GA on October 23rd and 24th. Ten members of our staff joined together with hundreds of other educators to share and learn how other schools and teachers implement STEM/STEAM.

We are very proud of Mrs. Karen Goode, Mrs. Kim Patterson, and Mrs. Mary Jean Pace for being chosen to present at the conference. Their presentation was specific to our fourth grade students at West Fannin. Teachers integrate science and math standards to create hands on, authentic learning. Our fourth grade students use these skills in STEM projects, such as the nature trail, Adopt A Stream, the greenhouse, and organic poultry. They did a phenomenal job presenting about West Fannin’s 4th grade STEM initiatives.

*STEM Forum Presentation: left to right: Mrs. Patterson (STEM Teacher), Mrs. Pace (4th grade science), and Mrs. Goode (4th grade math).

The Fannin County Technology Student Association (TSA) middle and high school teams traveled to Athens, GA

Rebel's Corner

The Fannin County Technology Student Association (TSA) middle and high school teams traveled to Athens, GA to compete at the 2017 State Conference.  Students competed in events ranging from electric go carts to robotics to extemporaneous speech to video production.  More information on TSA can be found at http://gatsa.org/


Some highlights include racing in the Georgia Electrathon competition which is an all electric vehicle race where students design, build, and drive their own cars.  Students are given one hour to complete as many laps as possible.  Vanya DeCesare and Hunter Alexander both made good showings with their electric cars completing over 70 laps each.


Ben Collins built a rubber band powered airplane that flew for 37 seconds which placed him in the top 10 finalists in the flight endurance competition.


Freshmen Isaiah Cargle and Joshua Truelove competed in VEX Robotics at the high school level, and Max Mathis, Patrick Conner, and Brayden Foster finished in the top 10 for middle school in VEX robotics.  The middle school students competed against high school teams.


The Lego Mindstorms middle school team of Jordan Ensley, Patrick Conner, Abby Vest, Ivie Chapman, Bryce Ware, Lucas Barnstead, Kiaya Jones, James Kyle, Kaelin Cornelius, and Luke Pelfrey finished in the top ten with their robot.


Patrick Conner, Jordan Ensley, and Kaelin Cornelius earned a top ten finish in the middle school Technology Bowl competition, and Patrick Conner scored a top ten overall finish for his Technology Bowl written score.


The middle school Chapter Team of Jordan Ensley, Abby Vest, Kiaya Jones, Bradyen Foster, Kaelin Cornelus, Patrick Conner, Ivie Chapman, and James Kyle finished in the top ten.


Brayden Foster and James Kyle competed in CO2 car design placing 9th and 12th overall and Brayden won best of show with his car.


Patrick Conner finished in the top 10 in the outstanding student competition.


Jordan Ensley finished in the top 10 in prepared speech.


In addition to competing, students also had the opportunity to attend a UGA baseball game and get their picture made with Hairy Dawg!  The overall experience of attending a State competition with over 2600 high school students is priceless.  Students get to compete against the best and brightest students in STEM related activities.  STEM careers offer students great opportunities to succeed in the future, and these students are well on their way to successful futures!  Students left the conference excited about TSA and looking forward to competing next year.


If you would like any additional information, please contact Bubba Gibbs at 706-258-7732.



Vanya DeCesare driving his electric car

Hunter Alexander driving his electric car

Brayden Foster, Joshua Truelove, Gavin Gibbs, Ramtin Doroodchi, and Max Mathis work on VEX Robotics

Isaiah Cargle and Joshua Truelove display their VEX robots

Lucas Barnstead is hard at work on his junior solar sprint car

Ben Collins shows off his top 10 finishing airplane

Luke Pelfrey, Max Mathis, Vanya DeCesare, Justin Wheat, Hunter Alexander, Nelson Soriero, Jordan Ensley, Hairy Dawg, Joshua Truelove, Eli Young, Grant Shepherd, Patrick Conner, Brayden Foster, and Taylor Gibbs attended a UGA baseball game and got their picture with Hairy Dawg!

Brayden Foster shows off his “Best in Show” and top ten placing CO2 dragster

FCHS TSA Members

Front – Joshua Truelove, Taylor Gibbs, Hunter Alexander (President), Justin Wheat (Vice-president)

Middle – Isaiah Cargle, Vanya DeCesare (Secretary), Will Garland, Ramtin Doroodchi, Nelson Soriero,

Back – Ben Collins, Gavin Gibbs, Eli Young, Tanner Carrier, Rowan Shewmake, Waylon Arrowood, Grant Shepherd

FCMS TSA Members

Front – James Kyle, Bryce Ware, Kaelin Cornelius, Abby Vest (Sergeant at Arms),Kaiya J ones (Reporter)

Middle – Luke Pelfrey, Lucas Barnstead, Ivie Chapman (Secretary), Brayden Foster (Treasurer)

Back – Jordan Ensley (Vice President), Max Mathis, Patrick Conner (President)



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