Youth Art Month FCMS

Fannin Middle

From February 28 – March 28, the following Fannin County Middle School students had art work on display at Blue Ridge Arts Association for Youth Art Month 2019.

The theme was Your Art, Your Story!

Vanessa Medrano, Lexie Frabotta, Gracie Patton, Courtney Davis, Robert Washington, Kylee Linderman, Sydney Chancey, Jordyn Villa, Colin Bruce, Anna Beth Minear, Benjamin Bloch, Emma Pittman, Karis Hughes, Katherine Tamberino, Shaylee Jones, Reese Lindstrom, Jasmine Anderson, Emmaline Cochran, Mylee Clement, Daegan Moore, Silas Campbell, Chelsey Frye, Ethan Forbis, Kaitlyn Nelson, Blair Deal, Annabelle Noland, Sadie Thomas, Avery Henson, Caroline Young, Bailee Stiles, Kylie Davenport, Abby Ridings, Natalie Bottongino, Cheyanne Hasker, Reid Norton, Emma Buchanan, Isabel Espinoza, Callie Lewis.

Arts in the Park


BLUE RIDGE, Ga.—Oct. 13&14 Downtown Blue Ridge hosted their annual “Arts in the Park” on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm. Over 1500 people attended the festival by Saturday afternoon to support the local youth and adult art education programs, scholarships, and exhibitions.

Each exhibitor must apply to be permitted to attend and set up a booth at the festival. There were many booths supplying paintings, crafts, and jewelry.

This year’s three highlighted artists are: Marian Pyron, Harry & Patty Tallman, and Michele DeZayas.

Marian Pyron creates beautiful nature-driven art out of Tennessee. Marian loves making yard-art which can be used as decoration, watering fountains, or bird feeders. She also makes mugs, bowls, plates, jewelry, and jewelry cases using her three kilns.

When asked, Marian expressed her love of nature stating, “I love nature, so I like to make and create things with nature.” Marian referenced a shelf of mugs that had intricately detailed dragonflies on the handles.

You can find Marian’s work here:


Harry & Patty Tallman, located in McDonough, Georgia created and founded Wood Metal Creations. Harry & Patty make lamps from vintage and industrial parts.

Harry initially got the idea while he was working as an Assistance Living Facility Director and saw that the residents didn’t have a very creative crafting program. So, they started making lamps.

Harry explained, “I went to go get my group of guys some coffee and there was a 99-year-old man at the table, and when I returned with their coffee, he was already screwing in the light bulb.”

You can find the Tallman’s here:

Located north of Blue Ridge, artist Michele DeZayas, has a small bee farm. Initially, Michele made honey, balms, and other bee-based products for personal use and for friends and family, from there though, her bee-business bloomed and prospered.

When asked, Michele explained how her bees stay alive in the winter, “Well, the bees work together. They form and create this giant ball to keep warm and they circulate in and out of the circle, so they can eat and get warm. When it starts to warm up, the ball loosens until it’s warm enough for them to spread out.”

You can find Michele here:


For those that wish to attend, or have an exhibit, at next year’s festival, click here:

Spring Arts, Crafts & Music Festival 2017 Downtown Blairsville


Fall Arts Festival a Success

Community, Featured Stories

The Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association held its first annual fall Arts in the Park this year. The event is known for taking place during the spring each year but this year, they added a fall event, which was a success, especially considering it was the first year. (more…)


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