• Fannin County Middle School hosts Sports and Clubs Night

    BLUE RIDGE, GA – Fannin County Middle School hosted Club and Sports Night on Tuesday, August 28, 2017. The evening allowed students and parents to meet with organizations within the school that offered extracurricular activities. Students were also able to sign up with these groups for participation in the 2017-18 school year. Parent Involvement Coordinator, […]

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  • Water Shortage in Blue Ridge

    BLUE RIDGE, GA – The Fannin County Emergency Management Agency released a series of notifications today, Saturday, August 5th relating to a water emergency facing the city.  The water treatment plant experienced a closure due to malfunctioning equipment in both water pumps. FCEMA sent out an announcement asking all customers to conserve water until further […]

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  • Teachers and Faculty Welcome a New School Year

    BLUE RIDGE, GA – Fannin County Board of Education held a General Session meeting for faculty and staff on Monday, July 31, 2017. The welcoming of a new school year was met with enthusiasm and determination as district administrators and principals introduced new members of the department and schools. Departments added seven new employees to […]

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  • Back To School Pool Party

    BLUE RIDGE, GA – On Saturday, August 3, Mayor Donna Whitener hosted a back to school pool party for the community at the Blue Ridge City Pool. Whitener invited families to an evening of fun, and the response was tremendous as an estimated 150 families attended. Having been a single mother of three, Whitener says […]

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  • Ratcliff Opts Out of Pay

    property jail

    BLUE RIDGE, GA – The Fannin County Water Authority convened on Thursday, August 3, 2017, at the Fannin County Courthouse. Following the call to order, Chairwoman of the Water Authority Anita Weaver took the opportunity to clarify last month’s vote on compensation for board members and chairpersons. She stated that they “talked to several different […]

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  • Business As Usual

    Business as usual was conducted at the August 17, 2017, special called meeting of the Blue Ridge City Council. Despite the turmoil and protesters present, many items on the agenda were discussed and voted upon. A key piece discussed was the leasing of the Pack property for possible extra parking to accommodate the downtown area. […]

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  • Fannin County Board of Commissioners Hold Final July Meeting

    Fannin Court House

    BLUE RIDGE, GA – Fannin County Board of Commissioners held their final meeting for this month on Tuesday, July 25, 2017. Among the items on the agenda, County Commissioners addressed the issue of the County Roads Moratorium. There was public commentary that addressed both sides of the issue the county faces when deciding to adopt […]

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  • A Special Meeting Did Not Stop Protesters

    A 10:30 A.M. meeting on a work day couldn’t stop the crowds of citizens that wanted their voices to be heard at City Hall. The Blue Ridge City Council called this special meeting after several of the council members were absent from this month’s regularly scheduled meeting. Tension was high as council members faced a […]

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  • Police Chase Ends with Suspect in Custody


    BLUE RIDGE, GA – Law Enforcement from three counties were involved in a chase today which ultimately ended with a suspect in custody. Shortly after 11:00 A.M., Towns County and Union County put out an APB (All Points Bulletin) for a stolen vehicle. A detainee from Colwell Detention Center had been assigned work duty in […]

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  • Don’t Get Burned

    We have all been warned. We have seen massive recalls from retail giants such as Amazon. Yet counterfeit solar eclipse glasses continue to flood the market and they are being sold right here in Fannin County. Feeling the crunch and desperately looking for that one last pair of protective eyewear, this reporter was relieved to […]

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  • A Call To Order at Blue Ridge City Council Meeting

    On July 26, 2017, City Council member Rhonda Thomas went live on Facebook to show one of the city’s roads that is badly in need of repair. The video quickly garnered a lot of attention and has had over 5,000 views. In this video Thomas directly asks fellow Council members Angie Arp, Rodney Kendall, and […]

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  • Is Three Hour Parking Still an Option in Blue Ridge

    BLUE RIDGE, GA – Involving several issues that the city has addressed in the past, some with no resolve, the Blue Ridge City Council called a special meeting on August 1, 2017. City Council members discussed and voted on the first reading of a Parking Ordinance Amendment.  This amendment will remove Chapter 72 from the […]

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