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Opinion by George McClellan:Imagine that you open a den of rattlesnakes or copperheads while plowing your acreage or happily digging in your garden. Big ones, little ones, they’re everywhere, wiggling and writhing trying to find someplace to hide. Your first emotion is absolute gut searing fear. The second, is to get the hell out of there, right now. After you escape and your adrenaline subsides a bit, and a return of rational thinking settles in, that’s when you realize that that nest of varmints represents a serious danger to your family and pets and desperately needs some immediate attention so as not to threaten again next year.

How does one approach the problem? Does the snake den only need to be thinned out so as to make them manageable? If that’s the choice, how does one go about it, by shooting only the largest ones with a .22 and leaving the babies alone? I don’t think so! It is done by wiping out the entire nest, en masse, at once. Period! We do the same with wasp nests and we do not use 22’s. Poison and fire are used instead.

Basically, that’s the scenario we now face with the multiple Islamic jihadist’s groups swarming against us, with all their colorful group names, defiling, in the name of Allah, what was once the very centers of the worlds first great civilizations. Jihadist’s must be classified just like they were dens of deadly snakes and to manage them means they need to be wiped out, every one, to the last snake, for several generations back so as to eliminate the threat in the future of being bitten again. It’s what they are trying to do to us.

Pin prick nuisance airstrikes, like those being delivered by Predator rockets and Navy F-16 attacks here and there are like using .22 bullets on wasps nests. It will only annoy the wasps and will provide no assurance that all the reptiles will be eliminated. I can already hear the pulling of hair and rendering of garments crowd bemoaning the suffering of the poor innocent islamic women and children cowering under the rain of bombs designed to eliminate them. But, if they are eliminated then they can no longer suffer nor feed then future. They must be eliminated and like the snakes, not be allowed to breed and produce even more generations of little jihadist’s to fight us in the future.

I can no longer be empathetic to the plight of Islamic women and children living under the black banner of ISIS. Neither can I generate much empathy for the Hamas led Palestinian women and children who, like sheep, allow themselves to be herded into known Israeli target sites to die voluntarily for the cause of Allah. How are the little children, one wonders, rewarded after dying for Allah? It is very important to remember that there are no “peaceful” muslims, just quite ones.The Koran is what they say it is and muslim’s cannot pick and choose the passages they want to embrace. For them, it’s all or nothing!

Returning to the snake den metaphor, one does not wade into the writhing mess of poisonous reptiles wearing only flip flops and short pants to whack off snake heads with a machete because you will surely be bit and the snakes will still be there. But, poisonous snakes and swarming wasps are not guided by any rules of behavior written by a camel riding ‘Prophet’ and sketched into some book deemed so holy and undefilable that its writs cannot be challenged, for to do so requires death as a retribution?

Militarily, the boots on the ground formula is too expensive when contemplating the potential loss to our nation of our youths who would be unnecessarily sacrificed on the alter of good intentions. Close infantry combat, hampered by Obama’s dangerous “rules of engagement” that does not allow them to kill the enemy unless the enemy shoots fist is not a good formula for recruiting volunteers. It works for Islamic jihadist’s because they expect to die for Allah, to receive his gifted reward of seventy-two, and by this time, very well used, virgins. It is our job to readily assist them in fulfilling their noble endeavor. It’s also time to root out those varmints running our government into wreck and ruin.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (4 Sept 2014)

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