Now Is The Time


Opinion by George McClellan:History has dealt our alleged president a crappy hand but certainly not one that even closely equals what has been dealt to so many of our earlier presidents. But now, it is his hand and it is now time for this Bozo to ‘fish or cut bait.’ ISIS threw down their glove by publicly murdering two American journalists effectively declaring war on America. Remember Obama once said, and I paraphrase, that he would stand with the muslims if that was they way the wind blew. Well Mr. president, a gale is blowing and it’s blowing hard. You must now either set the sails of America’s Ship of State and press on into the teeth of that gale or furl the sails and permit the cold winds of ISIS to freely blow over us. Indecision is your decision! Show the world again how weak you really are.

Now is the time! Now you must answer one critical question, the answer to which will frame for Americans, who you really are. We want to know: Do you stand with us or with ISIS? There are more critical, fast approaching decisions you must make, but right now we need to know: will you stand with the muslims as you pledged in your campaign speeches or will you defend the Constitution as you publicly swore at your inaugurations? You can’t have it both ways.

Americans demand to know! Are you indeed an American or do you stand with Islam? There can be no grey area, no hesitation, no answer from a teleprompter. You chose this job and the people elected you to it, twice. You swore to protect and defend the Constitution, yet you haven’t! You have publicly ignored it, refused to obey its limitations yet expect the rest of us to obey, as law, your unconstitutional edicts.

Even worse, you have publicly trashed American’s and America’s history, and denigrated our country’s exceptionalism because you don’t understand where that exceptionalism comes from. You have shown that you would rather emulate African dictators by living like an Emperor (Bokassa comes to mind) on the taxpayers dime and, sadly, you have already revealed yourself to be anything but a true American.

Right now, your administration is unraveling before your very eyes, yet you seek succor on a gold course. American’s no longer trust you. You are a liar, over and over again and your administrations crimes, led by your criminal choice for Attorney General, Eric Holder, ignores the rule of law, if he can’t otherwise pervert it, all the while promoting the divisions of our society and allowing the grievance hate mongers a free platform from which they can spill their poison.

You give comfort to evil and the wicked and ignore the decent and the good. You publicly pay homage to entertainers who have either died from drug overdose or come out as perverts but you do not even attend the funeral of an American General murdered in a foreign country. You don’t even pretend to acknowledge America’s important moments in history by attending the Gettysburg anniversary program. You cancelled America’s Day of Prayer yet found happiness by hosting a muslim prayer breakfast with CAIR and other muslim hate groups.

You, Mr. alleged president, stand as a man without honor. Your incompetence has revealed you to be an impostor as much as your deceit has revealed you to be a charlatan and fraud. Now is the time Sir when, for the sake of your adopted country, you should resign and turn the reigns of decision making over to somebody who knows what the hell they are doing. You can tell a lot about American’s by looking at their hands. If they’re holding guns, they’re probably really angry.

Now is the time! Do something good. Resign! Your legacy is toast!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way! Now, go get ’em. (3 Sept 2014)

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