We’re at War! When Do We Start?


Opinion by George McClellan:It has been nearly a week since ISIS formerly declared war on America. It did so by publicly beheading American reporter and non-combatant James Foley and showing their evil deed to the world on YouTube, live and in exciting color. And yet, so far, we do not see the expected roils of intense, black, oily smoke issuing from white hot burning sand, melting war machines and the mud hovels of Islam’s newest fledgling state now writhing in the bloody midst of its birthing pains.

Neither do we hear the anguished screams of the political whiz-kids of CNN or MSNBC wailing over unfair attacks on our alleged presidents brethren. There is no rendering of garments or tearing of hair, because the great satan, America, is attacking the acolytes of the religion of peace. Why? Because we aren’t going to do so. Our alleged president is in contemplation. He must contemplate because he has no strategy! Well, yes, he does have a strategy, but it’s not one good for America!

Yes, we read of ‘pinprick’ air strikes here and there, but ISIS rolls on, slaughtering its way across the Levant murdering members of other sects, Jews, Christians, non-believer’s and even little children. And, they are coming here to our American shores. Indeed they are here already, invited in by our alleged president as a show of decent humanity (do Somali’s ring a bell?), and prepared to bring their religion of hate and destruction upon American citizens who will not bend the knee of fealty to Islam.

Where is the demand for retribution from an outraged American public? Are we so weary of war as to ignore this direct challenge to our sovereignty? Where is the demand to rain tons of bombs down upon the heads of the rag-heads who declared themselves our enemy? It’s because our alleged president doesn’t have a strategy yet! He said so on TV. The fool doesn’t know what to do! Do events move faster than his genius brain can assimilate the data, analyze the threat, make a decision and then order a punishing reaction, in this case, total destruction upon the enemy? No, he hasn’t got time for that. He’s already preparing for his next fund raiser, near a golf course.

The time has finally arrived to push back against the religion on peace. There are no “peaceful” muslims, just quite ones. Remember that! The Koran is what it is and muslim’s cannot pick and choose the passages they want to embrace. For them, it’s all or nothing! Andrea Tanteros on Fox New’s “The Five”, was absolutely correct in saying what she said. Our country, apart from the socialist programs of progressive liberalism, is also being undermined by Islam, encouraged by a government that endorses it. Christians can no longer sit idly by and await the coming confrontation with these two ideological enemies of America’s freedom unprepared. First, arm yourselves with the knowledge that can save you, then arm yourselves! If you want to see what’s coming? visit here:


Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. No, go get ‘em! (29 Aug 2014)


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