The Hobby Lobby Hysteria


Opinion by George McClellan:Well, how mistaken can one be? I foolishly thought I might write a soothing piece to help assuage the tormented conservatives out there by demonstrating that there are some in the Federal Court system who recognizes the primacy of the Constitution and religious freedom. I had an idea the two recent Supreme Court decisions, Hobby Lobby and Harris, might signal a commonsense return to Constitutional Law, but no, in an instant the left turned it into another loud, gratuitous assault in their war on women making Republicans look like the aggressors.

Well, duh? What was I thinking? The better question is why wasn’t our side ready to roll out the propaganda machine instantly on any decision which the Court came out with? Naw! Stupid thinking! It ain’t gonna happen. Once again we were caught flat footed and unprepared, like “Chicken Little”, with the leftist propaganda sky falling on our heads like hail in a thunderstorm. We can’t win for losing and when we do win we still lose.

Immediately, Hillary Clinton, in a prima facia case of stunning, simplistic stupidity, set the stage for all future discussion on the subject by framing the Leftist/Progressive argument in their terms when, announcing to a crowd at a conference in Colorado, that the SCOTUS decision was “deeply troubling” for a woman’s right of choice. Everybody applauded! Nothing is mentioned about the constitutional rule of law, or the negative social issues that come with wealth redistribution by Obamacare mandates or that no rights were actually lost, or that the decision effected a law Bill Clintons signed into law in one of his terms. Go figure.

Then come that complete moron, Harry Reid, from his bully bull pit as Senate majority leader, also attacking the decision. The commentariat is going right along with them. Harry said “If the Supreme Court will not protect women’s access to health care, then the Democrats will.”
Notice how Harry reframes the argument from ‘contraception’, that induces abortion, to a sweeping reduces “women’s access to health care.” Not to be outdone, Obama’s WH clique states: “The executive Branch will also consider whether the president can act on his own to mitigate the effect of the Supreme Court ruling.” Mitigate what?

Suddenly, any voice from our side will be lost in the screaming cacophony of the hysterical “Left”, especially NOW women, who have been taught that sex is a choice available without consequences but, if consequences should arise, then it is the duty of private enterprise (somebody else) to pay for it.

The good thing about all this is that the “Left” is still going hysterical, and stupid, in their pronouncements and, in proving Newton’s Law of Gravity, a object in motion tends to stay in motion, they will roll on until they either hit a wall or run out of steam due to friction. One hopes the truth of this law of physics applies as well to Obama’s presidency which, like Newton’s apple, appears to be in free fall. Oh, the humanity of it!

The SCOTUS ruling is really only a storm in a tea cup. What it presages however, is the inevitable collapse of Obamacare by outside forces, regardless of Obamacare’s apparent collapsing of its own infirmities. The problem for us is, will it actually collapse before or after Obama has forcibly changed America into the economic, socialistic, third world basket case he has always intended it to be? There is simply not enough money in the world to make universal health care work but Obama is going to try, the consequences for America be damned. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way Now, go get ‘em! Oh, and have a happy 4th of July. It may be one of our last! (3 July 2014)

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