Ring The Bell


Opinion article submitted by George McClellan:The experiment in behavioral conditioning by Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov is in full flower as demonstrated by today’s Republican Party. You will recall that in his experiment, Pavlov rang a bell whenever he fed the dog. He demonstrated that through conditioning, by ringing the bell, the dog would salivate in anticipation of his meal whether the meal was served or not; and so goes our GOP moderates.

The Democrats throw a word, phrase or dumb idea into the public discourse and like ringing a bell, the GOP salivates at a new meal, not once considering the meal to be poisonous but they set about arguing over how to get the nasty taste out of the product. That’s what we have with the coming, smoking collapse of Obamacare. There are no Republican fingerprints on that evil product so why are Republicans offering ideas to save it? No, no, no, no!

Those in the GOP who were put there by America’s Tea Parties, and who are doing our work to save America, i.e.: Rand, Cruz, Lee, Broun, Graves, Collins, Issa, et. al., are called “extremists”, “terrorists”, anti-American and worse. Ring the bell and immediately up jumps that silly old geriatric fool, John (Pavlov) McCain followed by his shadow Lindsay Graham agreeing with America’s enemy. Democratic politicians like that idiot from Florida, Alan Grayson, even try to compare the Tea Party with the KKK, an original Democrat creation with no Republican fingerprints on it, ever.

Our own current existing US Senator, Johnny Isakson, and I say existing because Saxby has gratefully dropped out, while not as vocal as McCain, is still as much a Pavlov’s creature as the rest of them. On CNN, Johnny called the government shut down a “dumb idea” completely agreeing with the Democrats. With friends like that who needs enemies? Johnny is not really a RiNO, he’s a collaborator, a go along to get along Senator whose usefulness to Georgia and Georgia’s citizens, is about nil. I saw a suggestion yesterday that Melvyn Iverson, from Augusta, Ga. threw out the idea he might run for Senator. I hope he does but I would encourage him to wait two years to primary brother Isakson.

Not content with trying to halt the collapse of Obamacare, the Democrats once again ring the bell with “comprehensive immigration” and the Republicans are falling all over themselves trying to agree. America does not need millions of new peasants to supply the work force when millions of Americans, already here, are out of work. Follow the money on this one: new peasant labor is cheaper, will vote Democrat and will ruin any chance for black American’s to move up into the middle class while forcing more middle class Americans into peasantry. But, not to worry, we will all get free medical care, Obama said so!

And where is the continuing loud Republican voice calling for accountability for the administrations criminal acts that brought us Fast and Furious (Holder), the Black Panther precinct abusers (Holder), the Benghazi murders (H. Clinton), the IRS scandal (Lerner) and the NSA spying debacle (Obama)? Leave it to Issa! We all know what the problems are. We see them, we instinctively understand them, talk about them and write our congressmen about them, but we see no action and then those events are overshadowed by other events until we are buried in government sponsored crap.

There is a basic principle of human nature missing in the calculations here called “Character”. Obama’s administration is, prima facia, a criminal organization and character is not to be expected from that quarter. Our moderate Republicans politicians don’t have it. Johnny doesn’t have it, certainly John McCain, once a military hero, sold out and he doesn’t have it. When an elected politician spends longer that twelve years in congress and comes out a multi-millionaire, then the question of character must be raised. Politicians who vote for bills that ultimately enrich them, such as the Agricultural Bill, can be subject to charges of ethics and criminal violations. To enjoy the liberty that being an American has given us, politicians must realize their limitations in governing. Voting to move America into the socialist camp of central planning, already a fiasco, and one size fits all health care planning, is delusional and destructive to character and the human spirit. We’ve got to stop ringing the damn bell. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Go. get ’em! (25 Oct 2013)

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