Take the money and run


Screen Gems presents a film directed by John Lussenhop. Screenplay by Lussenhop,
Peter Allen, Gabriel Casseus, and Avery Duff. Running time: 107 minutes. Rated PG-
13 (For intense sequences of violence and action, a sexual situation/partial nudity and
some language.)Cast & Credits
Jesse Attica …… Chris Brown
A.J ……………….. Hayden Christensen
Jack Welles …… Matt Dillon
John Rahway …. Paul Walker
Tip T.I. Harris …. Ghost

That’s the premise for this modern Ocean’s-esque heist drama—one last big job before
all the players (Brown, Christensen, Ealy, Elba, Harris, Walker) take their cut and skip
town. But, will it be one last job too many with hard-boiled detective (Dillon) and partner
(Hernandez) hot on their trail?

With Takers, sloppy, is the best word to describe the filmmaking here. There are so
many opportunities to make a good movie—even if it is a straight up copy of
other, better-made heist movies.

There’s a lot of potential acting talent, a few clever reversals in the script, and strong
pacing. But, it’s the misdirection, off sound, cheesy music, unnecessary unstylish
cinematography, and the poorly written and even more terribly executed dialogue that
makes this movie impossible to recommend.

Somehow, in all the badness, my interest was somewhat kept. So, maybe it’s not a
movie for critics. Maybe there’s some intrinsic aspect—maybe the pacing—where this
tacit interest is created.

Nah. Who’s Taking Who?—the tagline for Takers—clearly the filmmakers are taking the
audience because it’s been hovering around the top three box office spots for the last
three consecutive weeks.

My advice? At that last moment before the cashier at the ticket window confirms your
movie for the evening—Takers? Make out like the bandits in the Steve Miller Band’s
1976 hit single. Take your money and run far far away from this movie.

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