Briana Mathews Furthers Cheer Career

Fannin County High, Team FYN Sports

This past Tuesday, Briana Mathews signed a letter of intent to competitively cheer at Young Harris in the fall. Briana is a senior who will be graduating from Fannin County High School in two weeks.

The senior has been cheering since she was four years old and has been at the sport ever since. Although Mathews does not cheer for the high school, she competes on level five at World of Cheer. Their fifth and highest level is currently ranked top ten in the nation and have won countless competitions. The team is even traveling to Disney World over the weekend to compete in one of their biggest competitions yet!

Cheer has always taken up a large portion of Briana’s time. When she was just in the seventh grade, she was invited to the very first Champions League and ended up winning. Before attending Fannin, the cheerleader was enrolled at Copper Basin High School before becoming a Rebel her junior year. During her time at Basin, Mathews was a member of numerous clubs including drama, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and Future Health Professionals (HOSA). On top of all of her clubs, she also played varsity volleyball and cheered for the varsity squad.  

Briana did not let her transition of schools slow her down. With her short time at Fannin, Mathews has completed the Teaching as a Profession program (TAP) and also signed to Young Harris to be a Future Georgia Educator (FGE). Not only did she finish the teaching pathway, she has also completed some of Fannin’s healthcare pathways which include Sports Medicine and Certified Nursing Assistant. The senior has been awarded for her academic successes by receiving an honor cord for her membership in the National Honors Society and National Technical Honors Society.

Through all of her involvement and accomplishments, there is no doubt that Briana will do great in this next step of life. Congratulations to Briana for committing and to Young Harris for gaining such a hard working athlete and student!


Chandler Kendall Furthers Baseball Career

Fannin County High, FCHS Baseball, Team FYN Sports

Fannin County High School senior, Chandler Kendall, made a decision to further his baseball career yesterday as he signed a letter of intent to play for Tennessee Wesleyan University who is currently second in the nation in NAIA. It was an eventful day as Kendall not only signed a letter of intent, but he also earned a spot in the Fannin County Hall of Fame as its members awarded him with a plaque. The honor is given to an athlete whose performance and productivity is above the norm. Instead of the Hall of Fame giving this honor every year, they wait for an athlete who is very deserving of the award. His classmates had to have thought the same as they voted him “most athletic” in the senior class.

Kendall is a triathlete at the school who excels at anything he attempts. This being the first year Chandler ever played high school football, he earned the position at starting wide receiver, was picked as player of the week twice, and was picked for offensive player of the week twice as well. Basketball and baseball on the other hand are sports that Kendall has competed and succeeded in for years now. Chandler was a three year varsity player for the Rebels basketball team where he was picked for numerous awards. Kendall’s sophomore year, he was awarded with Defensive Player of the Year and Best 3 Point Percentage. The trend continued his junior year as he received an All Region Honorable Mention, GA Tip Off Club’s Player of the month for January, led his team in charges, assists, and steals, and once again earned Defensive Player of the year and Best 3 Point Percentage. To wrap up his basketball career, his senior year he was awarded with Team FYN’s Player of the Week, 7AAA All Region Team, Player of the Year for Northwest Georgia Tip Off Club, Defensive Player of the Year, and the Most Valuable Player for the Rebel’s basketball team.

While Chandler competed hard and had many successes in his other sports, baseball is where his true passion lies. Kendall has been a varsity starter for Fannin County baseball for four years now. His sophomore year he was picked as offensive player of the year, was chosen by Georgia Dugout Club as one of the top fifty players in the state, earned a spot as first team all region infielder, and Perfect Game All American. Kendall continued to receive awards his junior year with the Offensive Player of the Year Award, first team all region infielder, all state honorable mention, Perfect Game All American, and led the Rebels in home runs with nine overall. Now as his senior year comes to an end, Chandler’s team is advancing to the Sweet Sixteen and he has now committed to playing college baseball.  


Goodluck to Chandler in all of his future endeavors as he continues his baseball career and to the Fannin County Rebels baseball team as they advance into the Sweet Sixteen!


Lady Rebel becomes Lady Eagle

Team FYN Sports

Lady Rebel, Maddie Johnson, furthered her basketball career yesterday by signing a letter of intent to play at Reinhardt University in Waleska, Georgia. Johnson was a graduate of the 2018 class at Fannin County High School who was voted by her class to receive the senior superlative of “most athletic.” Maddie played basketball all four years of highschool, ran track for three, and played softball for one.

Head coach of the Lady Rebels basketball team, Ryan Chastain, helped organize the signing and made it to where all of Johnson’s friends and family could come celebrate the next step in her basketball career. “First of all we want to thank everyone that has come out. Our superintendent, our administration, Maddie, and her family. Especially the teammates that have played with her over the years. It is a big deal for them to come out and celebrate her accomplishment. We talk about that a lot with the younger ones that are here about building a family environment and celebrating their teammates accomplishments. I want to thank coach Huffman who is the head coach at Reinhardt for coming up here today to be a part of this. There are few people in the business that I think more highly of than her. She is a super coach and a super person. Her being here today shows you just how much she cares about her kids and the program. Even though I didn’t get the opportunity to coach Maddie myself, we’re so glad she’s getting the opportunity to play at Reinhardt and we want to celebrate her accomplishment as she represents our community,” shared coach Chastain at the signing.

Previous head coach of the Lady Rebel basketball program and Johnson’s coach for all four years, Suzianne Pass, wanted to show how proud she is of Johnson by telling the FYN sports team; “I am happy to see Maddie play at my alma mater. I know she has wanted to attend there since she was accepted early in her senior year. It is a great college to begin your career at. I wish her the best.

From everyone on the FYN sports team, goodluck to Maddie as she takes this exciting step into her basketball career!


Lady Rebel Becomes Lady Lion

Team FYN Sports

High school athlete, Hope Franklin, signed a letter of intent yesterday to play basketball at Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia. Franklin has been an athlete at Fannin County High School for four years where she has played basketball for all four years and volleyball for three. For basketball, she was on varsity all four years while she made varsity for volleyball two years out of her three of playing.

“We are all very proud of Hope as a coaching staff. She is the third Lady Rebel in eleven years to decide to become a Lady Lion. I am very proud of Hope because she is going to play at the same place that I did and the coaches she is going to be playing for were actually some of my teammates. It’s very special to know that she is going to be there. We are very proud of Hope and we know that she is going to represent us very well,” Lady Rebel basketball head coach, Suzianne Pass shared at the signing.

Franklin has proved to be an asset to the Lady Rebels basketball team the past four years with her hard work and determination. The past two years she has received the All Region Player award, proving that she makes an impact in the game. Good luck to Hope as she moves on to this new exciting chapter in her life!


Rebels Further Golfing Career

Team FYN Sports

Today, three Fannin County High School athletes signed a letter of intent to play golf at the same college. Seniors, Austin Panter, Bailey Whitener, and Peyton Holt, all committed to Truett McConnell University in Cleveland, Georgia.

“In all of the years I have been coaching, I have never had this happen. I have never signed three kids from the same high school. I am not signing them collectively, I am signing them each as an individual because each one of them has something to bring to the program. First and foremost, I look for someone with high character, and all three of these young people have it,” head Truett golf coach, Steve Patton shared.

Bailey Whitener has been a part of FCHS’ golfing program for all four years, as well as the Lady Rebels basketball team. Peyton Holt had the same interests by being part of the program for two years, and playing basketball for the high school for four. Austin Panter was the opposite from Holt where he was part of the basketball program for two years, and part of golf for all four. All three athletes prove to have academic excellence and the golfing skills to take them to the next level.

“It is exciting for us today to be able to recognize these three athletes and this achievement. We wish them well and we know all three of them will represent Fannin County High School well at Truett McConnell,” head Rebel golf coach, David Dyer stated about the athletes.

“I am very proud of all three of them. I have been around Bailey and Austin for four years. They were here as freshmen and they put a lot of time in. Peyton picked up the game a little late, but he has really picked it up and done a good job. In most sports I have coached, I have never seen athletes put as much time into a sport that these three did on the course. They are always out there hitting balls and working at their game. They have bright futures ahead of them and we are very proud of them,” assistant Rebel golf coach, Scott Eggleston shared at the signing.

“Last year our men’s team came within one stroke of going to the National Championship. My girls team last year finished fourth in the conference out of twelve teams. That is the highest finish we have ever had. We are building something very, very special over at Cleveland and to be able to add some quality people makes it even more special. We are a christian school and my goal is to disciple them and help them grow in their relationship with the lord, help them to be successful in the classroom, and serve others in the community. I can tell that all three of them have the desire to improve their golf game, so we are going to see and hear a lot of great things from Bailey, Peyton, and Austin. I am just very excited to be their coach,” coach Patton shared, closing out the evening.

Congratulations to all three of these athletes for this big achievement and we wish them the best of luck in this exciting chapter of their lives!


Senator David Perdue On The Signing Of Major Defense Bill Into Law

State & National

Senator David Perdue On The Signing Of Major Defense Bill Into Law

“President Trump is strengthening our military by ensuring our troops have the resources they need”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, commented on President Trump’s signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law today, which includes 30 of Senator Perdue’s priorities:

“One of six reasons why 13 colonies came together in the first place was to provide for the national defense. President Trump has shown he is committed to carrying out this responsibility as our country’s commander in chief. By signing this defense bill into law today, President Trump is strengthening our military by approving a well-deserved pay raise for our troops and ensuring they have the resources they need. I am proud to have worked on the negotiating team that finalized this bill, which includes many priorities important to our national security and Georgia’s military community.”

Rebels Further Football Careers

Team FYN Sports

This past Wednesday, a Fannin County High School football player decided to take a step to further his future by signing a letter of intent to play college football. Rebel Senior, Cole Earls, signed to Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio to be their next tight end.

Wednesday was not only to congratulate Cole, but also Luke Cowart. Cowart had signed to Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee a week prior to be their next wide receiver. All of Earl’s and Cowart’s friends and family came to support and congratulate them as they took this exciting step into their future.

“Cole played for us all four years and he was a big part of our team. Luke played with us for three years although I wish he would have played all four. I was excited when he came out to play sophomore year and he did a great job at receiver for us. I am excited for both of them to go on to college and to be able to play football. It is a great opportunity for them and one of the goals we have as a coaching staff is to expose them to opportunities like this. We didn’t have the record we wanted this year but we really saw the effort that these two put in for us. We tried to win all of the games we could and these guys put all the effort they could into these games but unfortunately we could not pull some of theses games off. The ultimate goal is to help them further their future. Football drew me to college and it forced me to do good and I know both of them would have probably gone to college without football, but the sport has opened doors to more colleges and opportunities like these and I know they will be successful. These are two very strong academic schools and they are going to get a great education. I am excited for them because I think this will really open up their future. There will be some hard days but they will battle through it, play all four years, and graduate from that school. They will have a wide open future and I’m really excited for them,” head football coach for the Rebels, James Pavao, shared about the two Rebels.

“We also have Keenan Putnam who signed with the military and we are excited to see what happens for him. I want to give him recognition because what he is doing is very important. He is putting God and our country above himself and that shows what great character he has and we couldn’t be more proud of him,” Pavao shared with the FYN sports team.

Congratulations to all three of these seniors and good luck in your future endeavors!


Rebels Sign Letter of Intent

Team FYN Sports

This past Wednesday, Fannin County High School seniors Austin Brown and Cody Jacobs signed letters of intent to play college football.

Austin Brown signed to Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, to fill their spot for wide receiver. Cody Jacobs signed to Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio, to fill their void for a tight end

When asking head coach for the Rebels, James Pavao, about Brown, he responded, “Austin has done a great job for us as defensive back and a little bit of wide receiver, but he is going to get the opportunity to play full time wide receiver there at Cornell College. He is excited about that and so are we. It’s a high academic school which is great. Anytime we send a guy to college is great but when it is a really high academic school, it makes you really proud. He is going to get to play football and get a top notch education which is the main idea.”

“Cody has really grown as an individual and we are really proud of him. He is the third athlete we have had sign to Mount St. Joseph because we have really developed a good relationship with them and he is helping it to grow. Last year, it was Cooper Earls, then it was his brother Cole Earls who signed about a month ago, and now it’s Cody. We are really excited for him and very proud,” Pavao added about athlete, Cody Jacobs.


”We are proud of both guys as well as all of our seniors. These two are exceptional young men who have the opportunity to go play football in college and they will make the most of this moment,” Pavao added about his seniors.





When asking the head coach to describe his time at Fannin County High School since this was his last week, he stated, “I’ve enjoyed all four years here. It was a good challenge but now the next challenge is ahead. I am excited and looking forward to that. I want to thank Mr.Cioffi and coach Ramsey for hiring me and putting up with me. I want to thank Ms. Dillard for keeping me straight and helping me out any time I needed it as far as my teaching responsibilities go and Mr. Danner for all the things he has done for us and the administration. I will miss those guys and I am very grateful for the opportunity that I have had here.”

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