Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp stops in Blue Ridge

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Blue Ridge, Ga. – Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp continues his campaign trail as the General Election Runoff date of July 24 looms ever closer. The current Georgia Secretary of State, Kemp, made a stop in Blue Ridge, Ga. on Monday to address his supporters and those still undecided between him and current Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle for the Republican nomination.

Introducing Kemp to the crowd were two political endorsers from the Georgia House of Representatives. The first to speak was District 2 Representative Steve Tarvin.

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Kemp speaks to the crowd gathered in downtown Blue Ridge.

“Integrity means the most to me in anybody’s character,” Tarvin said enthusiastically speaking of Kemp.

Tarvin went on to say that Kemp is a family man, a man of honesty and a man of faith: “I’ve known Brian for ten years. In those ten years, I’ve never seen him waiver.”

Jason Ridley, Georgia District 6 Representative, concurred with Tarvin’s introduction and speaking of Kemp said, “This is a man of integrity and a family man and is one of us.”

Ridley spoke of Kemp’s humbleness and his beginnings and being able to relate with all Georgians because of this: “That’s the most important thing.”

After brief introductions, Kemp addressed his supporters thanking them for their hard work in making his campaign a success, “It’s been a long 15 months, but the last two polls that have come out… this race is a dead heat.”

Kemp readdressed his four point plan to put “Georgians first.” The first two key issues for Kemp is to make Georgia number 1 for small businesses and to reform state government by implementing a spending cap.

“We can have broad based tax reform and lower the state income tax,” Kemp said expanding on the idea of applying a spending cap on Georgia state government.

Kemp also wishes to focus on strengthening rural Georgia: “We’ve got to have a governor that is going to focus on our whole state, and that includes the North Georgia area that we’re in right now.”

Fannin County, Blue Ridge, Georgia, Secretary of State, Lt. Governor, Governor, Gubernatorial, Election, 2018, Runoff, Republican Nomination, Campaign, Georgia House of Representatives, District 2, District 6, Steve Tarvin, Jason Ridley, Brian Kemp, Casey Cagle, Stacey Abrams, Democratic, Four Point Plan, George Soros, Eric Holder, Thomas Perez, Common Cause Georgia, New Georgia Project, July 24

Kemp and family take a quick break to have some fun on the campaign trail, and hold up the number four to symbolize Kemp’s four-point plan.

“The most important thing is, we need a governor who is going to put you first, ahead of the special interests, the status quo, the politically correct, and those that are here illegally,” Kemp spoke of his final point in his plan and the need for Georgia to have public safety reform.

Kemp also had a message about his opponent Cagle: “We need a governor who will do the right thing when no one is watching. Clearly I’ve done that over my whole career. The same can’t be said for my opponent. With the tapes that came out he will say or do anything to hold on to political power.”

Kemp spoke of the recent tapes released in which Cagle can be heard speaking to former gubernatorial candidate Clay Tippins about a recent piece of legislation that had been passed. Cagle who previously opposed the “poor policy” told Tippins about his change of stance, “It ain’t about public policy. It’s about s*** politics.”

When asked specifically why he should receive the Republican nomination over his opponent, Kemp responded that beyond his clear plan for the state, he also has a record as Secretary of State of defeating the Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams.

“All of these liberal groups that are going to be in play in Georgia supporting her (Abrams), I’ve fought,” Kemp said about his past experiences with Abrams. Citing that he has already faced George Soros, Eric Holder, Thomas Perez, Common Cause Georgia and New Georgia Project, Kemp is confident that he can beat them again.

Kemp explained where some of these groups came into conflict with the Secretary of State office, “They sued us and several counties saying that we weren’t registering voters, 10 different counts. Then they wanted us to settle. I wouldn’t do it. I made them go to court and we won all 10 cases.”

“I know what’s coming,” Kemp said about his preparation if he were to receive the Republican nomination. “I know how to fight. We’re going to have to have somebody that’s going to be not only a good fighter, but right on the issues.”

Kemp will continue his statewide campaign in the upcoming weeks in hopes of achieving his goal of becoming Georgia’s next governor.




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Natalie Kissel

If Jon Ossoff Loses the Election, You Can’t Say the Media Didn’t Try to Help


A runoff seems to be certain in the GA 6th Congressionaldistrict special election to replace HHS Secretary Tom Price, taking place today. Democrat Jon Ossoff looks msnbcto be guaranteed one of the runoff spots; the second spot will be left open to Republican Dan Moody, Karen Handel, or Bob Gray. If you are tired of all of the commercials and think they will end tonight… Think again. There will be just as many commercials but now it will be narrowed down to just two candidates. So get ready ready for another two months of political campaign ads, because election day is June 20th.


If Ossoff wins at least 40 % of the vote tonight there is a good chance that he will be able to win the election in June to become the new Congressman of the GA 6th. A runoff election is generally won by the opponent that can get their voters back to the polls. Just like most sports; the team that has the momentum wins. It is going to be questionable as to whether the Republicans can coalesce and change the momentum of the game.Jason McCarter- 6th district Republican that voted for Jon Ossoff


If Democrats just take the voter role from tonight, with the amount of money they have coming in nation wide; they will be able to do anything necessary to get the voters back to the polls on June 20th. If the top Republican is only in the area of 20% of the vote tonight they have the challenge of getting that 20% back to the polls in addition to the margin needed to win from the Republicans they ran against. If Karen Handel is the front runner can you really see Bob Gray, Judson Hill, Dan Moody and the rest of the Republicans out begging their voters to return to the polls. BKP sees them half heartedly endorsing her, but not aggressively working for her campaign.


Ossoff has many media outlets to thank for their media coveratrump pollsge, not to mention this morning’s MSNBC’s 15 minute Ossoff infomercial. Morning Joe and Mika Brzezinski spent about 15 minutes talking about President Donald Trump’s poor polling numbers. BKP strongly believes the poor polling report was to lead the voters of the 6th district to believe the country is turning on President Donald Trump. They continued by telling their audience that in less than 100 days of his presidency the American people have tuned him out. That gave Mika a perfect segway into, “Up next: A special election that could spell trouble for the GOP.”


MSNBC’s Political Correspondent, Casey Hunt, proceeded with what we consider a Jon Ossoff infomercial. Hunt dedicated only about 15 seconds of her report to Republicans Bob Gray and Karen Handel. Hunt was even able to find, in her non-biased reporting, a Republican in the district that voted for Jon Ossoff. Republicans go into every election already behind one strike knowing the media is against them.


In today’s segment BKP reminds people of the late Andrew Breitbart’sOssoff, Lewis, and Johnson comments concerning Congressman John Lewis – “The orchestrated lie.” President Donald Trump had the nerve to call John Lewis a liar. Republicans never want to offend anybody, want to play the middle of the road, and know how to lose an election. BKP is concerned that Republicans attacking Ossoff’s youth and fondness for Star Wars, may have been non-beneficial. Did Republicans miss how Star Wars is to all age groups? Maybe Republicans don’t remember a college keg party? REALLY… Democrats are organized. If they win the 6th district, the next stop is winning The House, and the grand finale will be redistricting in 2021. A must watch segment. Republicans beware… This may be offensive… Because it’s the truth!

Republicans Never Learn – (D) Jon Ossoff Almost Flipped the GA 6th District


Will (R) Karen Handel embrace or distance herself from President Donald Trump? Will Trump voters come out and vote for Karen Handel? How hard will Dan Moody, Judson Hill, and Bob Gray work to convince their voters to vote for Karen Handel? If Fulton County is the Republican stronghold of the district then why did Ossoff get 41,269 votes? Ossoff received almost as many votes in Fulton County as Gray, Handel and Moody combined. Donald Trump is President of the United States because he did not used the “Republican Playbook.” By using the playbook the Republicans almost lost the 6th district. When will Republicans learn to throw the playbook out the window – Trump style?

(D) Jon Ossoff Has Republicans Worried in the GA 6th Congressional District Special Election

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In Jon Ossoff’s newest commercial, while wearing a purple tie, seems like the guy who is ready to reach across the aisle to get things done in Washington D.C. Ossoff claims that both parties are wasting your tax money. There is 16 billion dollars in duplicated programs and he will work with anyone for the best interest for the people. Ossoff has plenty of money to work with; he is raking it in from The DNC,, The Daily Kos, and many other left leaning groups. Republicans on the other hand are working to collect endorsements and raise money on their own. The RNC and The RCCC are pouring money into advertising against Ossoff but are not able to show support for any of the 11 Republican candidates. With 18 total candidates in the race, Ossoff is currently poling 40%. This puts Ossoff in the position to run a campaign attempting to win the 50% + 1 on April 18th to prevent a runoff. The best any Republican candidate can hope for is to keep Ossoff under 50% and be in the runoff. In this segment #BKP explains why he thinks Jon Ossoff’s commercials are effective and the Republican counter attack may not be working. - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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