Dixie Carter announces bid for Fannin County Post 2 Commission seat

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BLUE RIDGE, Ga. – Another name will appear on the May Primary Election ballot in a bid for the Fannin County Post 2 Commissioner seat that will be voted on in the General Election to be held on Nov. 6, 2018.

At the Feb. 5 Democratic Party meeting, current member Dixie Carter addressed the crowd, “I am Dixie Carter and I am announcing my candidacy for the Post 2 Commissioner seat.”

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Dixie Carter announced candidacy for Fannin County Post 2 Commissioner seat at the Feb. Democratic Party meeting.

“I have decided to run to be a voice and advocate for the people of Fannin County,” Carter explained. “I want to be a public servant for the people of Fannin County. One who listens to all people.”

Carter has a history of service work both professionally and personally. Holding undergraduate degrees in psychology and social work, and a master’s degree in social work, Carter’s career has covered many areas of social welfare.

Carter served as a case manager and therapist in mental health facilities across north Georgia, worked as a child protective service investigator with the Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services, and was a medical social worker in Home Healthcare and Hospice.

“I’ve volunteered a little here in the community,” Carter spoke of her charity work. “Feed Fannin, I’ve been involved with them over the years. Also, the Fannin CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) team. I’m a member of the National Association of Social Workers, also the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club.”

“I’ve always had that passion as a social worker,” Carter spoke of her desire to help people. “It’s really a natural progression to want to help the community.”

Carter brought up a couple of the key issues she would like to address if elected. One of these issues was increased public access areas on Lake Blue Ridge.

Carter sited Morganton Point as being the only public access point of that nature and stated that the summer months bring more visitors, leading to the area being overcrowded.

Another area where Carter would like to see change is in the Fannin County Public Library. Carter would like to see the library increased in size and moved out of the courthouse.

“Public libraries are a very important public space in the community,” Carter stated, explaining the need for this change, “and can be a key hub to community activity in many ways.”

Carter concluded her announcement to the Fannin County Democratic Party by saying, “I look forward to being a voice for the people of Fannin County, and I would consider it a privilege to represent the community.”

Carter currently runs unopposed for the Democratic seat in the May Primary Election.

Glenn Patterson announced his bid for the Republican seat for Fannin County Post 2 Commissioner at the January Fannin County Republican Party meeting. Incumbent Larry Joe Sosebee is expected to officially announce his intention to run for re-election later this month.

Qualification for the May Primary Election will begin March 5 at 9 a.m. and will close March 9 at noon. Those wishing to run in the May Primary Election for any open seats in the county must qualify during this time.


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A View From Behind – Look Beyond The Dust


Believe me, it’s better than “leading from behind.” Oh, sure, if you are the leader, the view’s the same despite the dust, but when you know what you’re looking for, the perspective changes and the dangers reveal themselves including all the obstacles, the road ruts, the promises broken and the many forks in the road ahead. It’s a dangerous path America is following and the dangers are perceptible if one knows where to look. Look beyond the dust.

On the surface, it is assumed that America has two political parties when in fact, it has five. The once premier American party, the Democrats, long ere since rotted from the inside, changed its stripes from Constitutional Americanism to a good facsimile of the Communist Party USA, intent on collectivizing America by creating two classes, the leadership class composed of the establishments elites (them) who think they know better how to make people happy, and the followers (us) who it is believed, know nothing and need to be led. It’s dusty out there.

The other party is the Republican party, a feckless bunch who desperately want to be in the top class, beloved and respected but clueless to new facts and changing times. They live in fear of being invalidated, of being dismissed as inconsequential which is exactly what is happening now. The tawdry assault against Judge Roy Moore of Alabama is evidence enough of that.

It must be a terrible thing to live in fear not knowing when some muslim will decide to use his automobile to mow you down with other pedestrians, or Christian worshippers fearful of a black clad antifascist, entering their sanctuary and gunning down men, women and children in their pews, or Republican Congressmen and Senators fearful of losing their chairmanships or worse, their jobs because they are afraid to do what is right and Constitutional and what is expected of an American politician instead of what the money lenders want. It’s a choking cloud of dust.

There are however, three other Party’s lurking in the wings, two intent on destroying America regardless of what the other parties do. First, the Marxists far left wing of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren that represents the modern version of the old Soviet Bolshevism variety, still playing by the old rules. On the Right, the Constitutional wing of the Republican party, (Tea Party) who will, very shortly I think, become the party of Trump trying to rescue America. 

Finally, the Fifth Columnists, “Organizing For America,” the Party of Obama, a collection of violent totalitarian fascists who go where they are led, destroy as they are told, and riot as it pleases them. This group is especially hateful and dishonest. They claim to be anti-fascists when they are the very epitome of fascism. Their propaganda is inflammatory, offensive and deadly. Their mission is to incite violence, always trolling for targets for their hateful wrath, and their goal is to seize America, destroy Trump and protect Obama’s legacy, by force if necessary. 

These reprehensible people include the Antifa and Black Lives Matter, et. al., who perform like Germany’s SA, SD, & SS all rolled up into one. Their “Fellow Travelers” include the main stream media who, in their delusional hysteria over Trumps Presidency, have thrown all pretense of objectivity aside and go all in with their lies, and made up stories against all Conservatives they see fit to destroy, while ignoring the offenses of their own (Clinton’s, Menendez, etc.). 

We’re organizing into group people states, unreconcilable to any point of view but their own. The Constitution, the guide laid down for us to follow, is out of date they say, because it interferes with the radicals and their desire to destroy the world’s only bastion of freedom, the USA. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (15Nov17)

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