The Colonels Defeat Rebels

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On 11/27 the Rebels made their way to Cartersville in hopes to get their third win of the season as they took on the Colonels at Cass High School. Fannin had just come from a close 49-48 victory over Hiwassee Dam and looked to continue their streak.

Cass started with the ball where they struggled to put it into the basket at the beginning of the game. The Rebels were able to hold the Colonels on defense for the first few minutes of the game, until Cass made a three point shot to take the early lead. With such heavy defensive pressure on them, the Rebels struggled to make it to the basket. Chase Culpepper was the first one to put points on the board for Fannin with his outside shot of two points. Culpepper and Brady Martin had luck with their outside shots for the night where they both contributed five points to the Rebel’s score. Cass closed out the first quarter with a 16-8 lead over Fannin.

Although it was difficult to make it up the court, Cohutta Hyde persevered and earned four points for the Rebels by driving the lane. Just as Fannin was starting to get a rhythm going, the Colonels came out of nowhere with their shooting game. While Fannin had two made three point shots for the night, Cass earned ten. The Colonels extended their lead over Fannin at the end of the second with a score of 34-14.

The Myers brothers worked well together on offense where they kept putting the other in good scoring position. Dahla drew the defense out as he chased a loose ball that he recovered then passed to Gavin, who scored a basket. Dahla put five points on the board for Fannin while Gavin was right behind him with four. Jaylen Ingram took initiative on the block where he earned a lot of rebounds and scored two points for the Rebels. As Fannin kept fighting, Cass ended the third with a score of 55-24.

As the clock started to wind down, both teams started to foul. Rebel seniors, Nathaniel Garrison and Joel Kinser, got aggressive down low where they both drew fouls and each scored three points for the night. The teams were almost even throughout the game in made free throws where Fannin went 5 for 10 and Cass went 5 for 9. Despite the Rebels hustle, they were unable to catch up to the Colonels who ended the game with a 63-31 victory.


Cass Defeats Fannin

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On the last Tuesday of November, the Lady Rebels traveled to Cartersville to take on the Lady Colonels at Cass High School. Fannin had just come from a 54-37 victory over Hiwassee Dam and looked to continue the trend.

The Lady Rebels started off with the ball on offense where they had to break through the heavy defensive pressure that the Lady Colonels provided. Lady Rebel, Maleah Stepp, was on fire  above the key with three point shots where she led her team in scoring with fifteen points for the night. Stepp and Olivia Sisson were a dynamic duo on the court. As Cass pressed Fannin, Stepp kept driving through the defense then passed to Sisson who was wide open on the block and scored seven points overall. The Lady Rebels put up a great defense where they took charges and had steals. The teams closed out an intense first quarter with a tied score of 15-15.

At the start of the second quarter, Cass drove the lane to get an early 17-15 lead over Fannin. As the Rebels got scrappy on defense, they began to foul. The Colonels extended their lead with made foul shots. Lady Rebel, Sadie Collins, was 100% on her free throws for the night where out of her overall four points, she was 2 for 2 for her foul shots. Reagan Henderson had a great night on the block where she contributed nine points to Fannin’s score. After a made basket on the block, Cass closed out the second quarter with a three point lead of 29-26.

Morgan Holt and Abby Ledford worked well together on offense to score the Rebels some points. As Holt took the ball to the opposite side where the defense followed, she passed to Ledford who was wide open and drove the lane for a basket. Holt was the second highest scorer for Fannin with the twelve points she earned by driving the ball inside, then pulling it back for outside shots. As Cass extended their lead, they stopped pressing the Rebels. Fannin started to let their score get farther from the Colonels as they were ahead 44-37 to end the third quarter.

With Cass’ lead becoming greater and greater, the Rebel’s intensity started to fade. Cass started to make three point shots and add on to their score while Fannin attempted to make a comeback. As the clock started to wind down, the Colonels held the ball until the buzzer ended the game with Cass ahead of the Rebels 62-49.


Rebels are Runner Up in Tip Off Tournament

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On the Saturday before the week of Thanksgiving, The Fannin County Rebels made their way to Gilmer County to take part in the 2018 Tip Off Tournament. Fannin battled for three days, playing one game each day, and went 2-1.

Fannin started off the tournament with a 59-54 win over Pickens County Dragons. The next day, Fannin was matched up to play the Gilmer County Bobcats to finish the night. Joel Kinser got the ball for Fannin from tip off. It was a fast paced, yet slow scoring quarter for both teams. Excellent defense was being played on each side of the court which resulted in the score to be tied 2-2 with 2:30 remaining in the first quarter. Rebel sophomore, Kaeden Twiggs, made a three point shot to take the lead over Gilmer with a score of 6-5. Twiggs and senior, Dahla Myers, led Fannin in scoring for the night with eleven points each due to their great shooting above the key.  Kinser had rebounds on the block for the Rebels where he contributed three points to their score. The teams played the second quarter with the same intensity they had for the first. Andre Bivens made a three point shot to put Fannin one point ahead of Gilmer until Nathaniel Garrison followed the trend by banking a three and extending Fannin’s lead to end the quarter with a score of 14-10. Garrison had a great night from the block and above the key where he put six points on the board for his team. To start the third quarter Fannin started to full court press. Cohutta Hyde had a great defensive game with tons of steals and blocks. Gilmer began to break the press and add more points to their score. Brady Martin stepped up his game and contributed six points to Fannin’s score from two, three point shots.The Bobcats reversed roles with Fannin where they took the lead at the end of third with a score of 33-29. It was a back and forth game as both teams kept stealing the lead from each other. With eleven seconds left, Gilmer pulled ahead with a foul shot and put the score at 42-40 to end the game.

The next day, the Rebels were ready to take on Hiwassee Dam for their last game of the tournament. Fannin did a great job of coming together and working as a team to pull off a win. They started with the ball and wasted no time to put points on the board. Kaeden Twiggs led Fannin in scoring for the night with sixteen points overall. Jalen Ingram was the go to guy on the block where he trailed right behind Twiggs with ten points for the night. Fannin managed to get the lead over the Eagles with a 13-11 score to end the first quarter. As Hiwassee Dam put a full court press into action, Fannin did a great job of breaking it with great passes up the court. Rebel senior, Dahla Myers, pushed the ball through the heavy defense and was able to put four points on the board. Myers also found Nathaniel Garrison at the end of the court where he put four points on the board. With 1:13 seconds left in the second quarter, Chase Culpepper made one of his two three point shots for the night and tied the game 36-36 just for the Eagles to pull ahead at the end of the quarter with a score of 39-38. Everyone was on the edge of their seats for the last quarter of the game. When one team would pull ahead, the other would turn around and claim the lead back. The Eagles started to foul which resulted in Andre Bivens to score one point for the Rebels. Gavin Myers and Joel Kinser were on the block for the Rebels where they each added four points to Fannin’s score. After Fannin’s game of playing hard and fast, they closed out the tournament with a 49-48 victory over Hiwassee Dam! By only losing one of their games, Fannin finished the tournament in second place. Cohutta Hyde, Kaeden Twiggs, and Joel Kinser were all recognized as Fannin’s All Tournament selection for their outstanding performance in the tournament overall!         


Lady Rebels Take on Tip Off Tournament

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On November 17th, the Lady Rebels traveled to Gilmer County High School to compete in the annual Tip Off Tournament. The Rebels played three games over three days where they went 1-2.

To kick off the tournament, Fannin took on Pickens County where they lost 50-47. On that next Monday, the Rebels took the court to play their rival game against Gilmer County. The Lady Bobcats started off with the ball and put heavy defensive pressure on Fannin by putting a full court press into action. The Lady Rebels had great looks up the court where they eventually found senior, Reagan Henderson, who put up nine points for the night. Sadie Collins followed right behind Henderson with seven points thanks to her grit on the block. As Gilmer went right through the middle, junior Morgan Holt had great fakes and and drove the lane where she contributed six points to Fannin’s score. Fannin kept their lead as Gilmer trailed behind them for the first two quarters. The Rebels began to drive in then pull back for quick shots to score their points. Mackenzie Johnson showed off this skill and added three points to Fannin’s score. Johnson was right behind Abby Ledford who put five points on the board. Senior, Maleah Stepp, led the Rebels in points for the night by contributing thirteen points to their score. By the end of the third however, the Lady Bobcats tied up the game 37-37. Fannin got scrappy on defense in the fourth quarter as they started to foul Gilmer. As a result of the Rebels fouls, the Bobcats shot twenty-one foul shots just in the fourth quarter while Fannin only got to shoot nine. Despite Fannin’s fight to take the lead, Gilmer’s foul shots put them ahead 52-45 in the end.

The day after Fannin’s loss to Gilmer, the Lady Rebels took on Hiwassee Dam for their last game of the tournament. The Rebels started off the game slow and let Hiwassee Dam take the lead with their three point shots in the first quarter while Fannin relied on shots down low. Senior Rebel, Reagan Henderson, received good passes on the block where she scored seven points followed by Olivia Sisson with three.The Lady Eagles closed out the first quarter just barely ahead of Fannin with a 12-9 lead. The Rebels started to pick up the pace in the second quarter and brought all of the aspects of the game together. Morgan Holt had great drives to the basket where she led Fannin in scoring with fourteen points. Prisila Bautista made her mark on the court with her two points for the night. The Lady Rebels pulled ahead at the end of the second quarter with a score of 19-14 and were able to keep advancing their lead over the Eagles. Abby Ledford and Mackenzie Johnson flew past the defense as they drove up the court to the basket. Ledford contributed ten points to Fannin’s score while Johnson added four. As time started to run out for the Lady Eagles to make a comeback, they started to foul. Freshman Becca Ledford made five out of her eight foul shots for the night, followed by Emily Beavers five points, and Ashton Davis’ two points. Fannin kept their lead until the end and closed out the game with a 54-37 victory over the Hiwassee Dam Lady Eagles. After the game, seniors Maleah Stepp and Reagan Henderson were awarded with the titles of All Tournament Players for the series! Junior, Morgan Holt, also got recognized as a selection for the award!


Colts Stampede Rebels

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This past Thursday, the Rebels basketball team traveled to Coahulla Creek to take on the Colts in a scrimmage to start off their season. Just like the girls team, the boys had to spend the summer adjusting to their new head coach, Shan Culpepper.

The Colts snatched the ball from tip off and made the most of it. They were able to get the ball above the key where they passed it around well and started to do damage with their three point shots. Brady Martin followed the Colts by making two 3-points shots above the key. Martin was Fannin’s lead scorer for the night with his six points. Senior, Chase Culpepper, trailed right behind where he also added three points to the Rebels score from above the key. Coahulla Creek closed out the first quarter with a 17-9 lead over Fannin.

The Rebels started to have good looks inside to their posts when the Colts took it up a notch. Jalen Ingram contributed four points from down low to Fannin’s score while Gavin Myers made the same amount. As Fannin started to score from the block, Coahulla Creek drove the lane and made more baskets. To go into halftime, the Rebels were only able to score one more point while the Colts extended their lead and put the score at 33-10.

As the Colts drove the lane, Fannin drew fouls. Rebel senior, Joel Kinser, scored one point for his team off foul shots while Kaeden Twiggs contributed four points from free throws. As Fannin drew fouls, they also started to rebound keep the play alive. With a score of 45-15, the Colts still had the lead over Fannin going into the fourth quarter.

Although Coahulla Creek kept extending their lead, Fannin did not give up. Cohutta Hyde had a great defensive game for Fannin with his blocked shots and steals. Hyde also made an impression on offense where he contributed two points to the score. Both teams got aggressive on defense which led to two technical foul to be called on both teams with just twelve seconds remaining in the game. Despite Fannin’s fight, the Coahulla Creek Colts closed out the night with a 58-24 victory.


Lady Colts Defeat Rebels

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This past Thursday, the Lady Rebels basketball team kicked off their season with a scrimmage at Coahulla Creek. Fannin had been practicing all summer with their new coach, Ryan Chastain, and were ready to hit the court for their first game.

The Lady Rebels started off the game with great intensity. Junior, Morgan Holt, jumped for the ball and gained possession to start off the game. Holt was out for last season due to an injury, but she has recovered and is back in the game for Fannin. The Rebels started using the Colt’s weak outside shots as a weapon by playing in a zone defense. Rebel Senior, Maleah Stepp, was on fire above the key where she banked two 3-point shots. Stepp was the lead scorer in the game where she earned the Rebels six points. The Colts started to find their fire at the end of the first quarter as they started to fight back. Coahulla Creek pulled ahead of Fannin 10-11 with thirty seconds remaining when a Lady Colt banked a 3-pointer, and closed out the first quarter with a 14-10 lead over the Lady Rebels.

Freshman Abby Ledford and Junior Morgan Holt for the Lady Rebels got after it on offense where they drove the lane and each contributed five points to Fannin’s score. As Fannin did most of their work from the inside, Coahulla Creek did their damage from the top of the key. Throughout the entire game, the Lady Colts scored nine 3-point shots. The Colts extended their lead over Fannin and finished the second quarter with a score of 30-12.

The Colts started to come out of nowhere on defense with steals from their full court press. With the change in defensive pressure, Fannin had to adjust. The Rebels started to have luck with their break where Reagan Henderson was a popular target. Henderson got aggressive down low where she scored five points for her team. Sadie Collins followed the senior’s lead and drew fouls from the block where she also contributed five points to the Lady Rebels score. With a score of 45-21, Coahulla Creek keeps their lead over Fannin.

As the Colts extended their lead, the Rebels started to lose their fight. Coahulla creek kept scoring by driving the lane while Fannin were able to draw a few fouls. Senior, Emily Beavers, and Freshman, Kennedy Harper, took one for the team where they each made one of their foul shots.


Rebels Fight in Region Tournament

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On 9/29, the Lady Rebels softball team traveled to Dawson County to kick off the region tournament. The teams would be playing a double header that day to determine who would move on to the playoffs. The steaks were high and both teams came ready to play.

For the first game of the day, Fannin started off batting. Dawson came out and got an early lead over Fannin where they put one run on the board just for the Rebels to tie it up in the second. It was an even game until the sixth inning where Fannin started to put the ball into action and added four runs to their score. Fannin had a great offensive game where they earned ten hits while Dawson earned seven. Senior, Macy Galloway, led Fannin in hits for the night with three over seven innings. Galloway was followed by seniors, Maleah Stepp and Alicia Jones who each had two hits for the game. All three of the seniors had an RBI for the game. Senior pitcher, Amelia Sneed, earned two strikeouts throughout the game and claimed the 6-3 victory over the Lady Tigers.

After a short break, the teams were ready to take on their second game of the day. This go around, Fannin would take the place as the home team and hit the field first. Both teams put up a fight on defense for three innings until Dawson was able to score one run in the fourth. The Tigers continued to score and Fannin responded in the bottom of the fifth with two runs. Rebel junior, Emily Waldrep, was the big hitter for the game with her two hits. Senior, Maleah Stepp, earned two RBI’s for Fannin and contributed to the score. Although Fannin out hit Dawson 8 to 7, the Lady Tigers walked away with a 4-2 victory over the Lady Rebels. With both teams winning one and losing one, they were matched up to compete at Dawson again the next Monday.

On 10/01, Fannin traveled back to Dawson County for their final game. The winner would be moving on into playoffs while this would be the losers last game. The coin toss before the game determined that Fannin would once again take the spot as the home team and take the field first. Fannin was ready for a game like the last when Dawson’s hitting came alive. After so many games against the same pitching, both teams started to adjust at the plate and made things happen. The Lady Tigers were hitting the ball in all of the right places and putting runs on the board while Fannin was still trying to adjust to their offense. The Lady Rebels started to hit in the bottom of the third and managed to get one run on the board before Dawson closed out the inning. Senior, Macy Galloway, earned three RBI’s throughout the game and added to Fannin’s score. Both teams had a perfect defense by not allowing any errors in the field. Amelia Sneed, pitched a great game for Fannin by earning two strikeouts. It was a high hitting game where Dawson County out hit Fannin 15 to 12. Despite both teams hustle and heart, Dawson County walked away with a 7-5 victory over Fannin. The Lady Rebels had a great season where they kept improving from the beginning and finished with an overall record of 11-15.


Rebels Rally on Senior Night

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On 9/25, the Lady Rebels softball team prepared to take the field for their last home game as they took on Dawson County. Although the night came with many emotions, the Rebels were determined to play their last home game with everything they had.

Fannin took the field in their all black uniforms, ready to put up a fight for a win. The Lady Rebels wanted a win and you could tell by their performance on the field. The Rebels had a solid defense for two innings where they kept the Tigers from scoring any runs. All of the seniors played a huge role in Fannin’s defense for the night. Maleah Stepp in center and Reagan Young in right had a great night in the outfield full of great catches, Kyla Seabolt was aggressive at third base where she got big outs, Macy Galloway at short and Alicia Jones at second had some great snags in the infield that resulted in outs, and Amelia Sneed pitched a great game where she struck out five batters. As Fannin held Dawson on defense, the Rebels started to make things happen on offense. Stepp and Jones led the Rebels in hits for the night with two a piece. Over the first two innings, Fannin scored one run in each, resulting in a 2-0 lead.

The teams reversed roles for the next two innings where Dawson took the lead. The Tigers scored two runs in both the third and fourth inning as they held Fannin on defense. Dawson was ahead 4-2 going into the fifth inning when they managed to add another run to their score and held Fannin.

Both teams put up a fight in the sixth inning where they refused to let the other score. Fannin finally broke the trend at the bottom of the seventh inning where they scored two more runs. Although the Lady Rebels out hit the Lady Tigers 8 to 3, they were unable to put the runs on the board to catch up to Dawson. After an intense back and forth game, Fannin endured a heartbreaking loss of 5-4 to the Lady Tigers. Fannin’s loss put their overall record at 10-13 and their region record at 3-8.

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