Player of the Week: 88 Jalen Ingram

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TeamFetchYourNews Sports Reporter’s Player of the Week goes out to 88 Jalen Ingram. Jalen Ingram is a Sophomore at Fannin County High School. Ingram plays Tight End and Defensive Line for the Fannin Rebels. Ingram played a good game Friday night, scoring a 24-yard touchdown for the Rebels. Ingram gained a combined total of 75+ yards in kickoff returns for the Rebels. In the third quarter of the game on Friday, Holloway made a 30-yard connection with Ingram getting the Rebels closer to Trojans red zone.

Fannin Rebels Lose to the North Hall Trojans 62-13

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The Fannin County High School Rebels took on the North Hall High School Trojans Friday night for their third game in the regional conference. The Trojans came out of the locker room ready to rumble and executed offensive plays to gain the win over the Rebels, 62-13.

In the first quarter, the Rebels received the kickoff and started on their own 20-yard line. The Rebels attempted to find holes in Trojan’s defense but was limited. 12 Luke Holloway made a 24-yard connection to 88 Jalen Ingram for the first touchdown of the game. Shortly after, Holloway gained a 10-yard touchdown rush, 86 Sarah Sosebee with the extra point put 13 on the scoreboard for the last time of the night. The Rebels had a combined total of 137-yards compared to Trojans 248-yards, and a score of 27-13 Trojans.

The second quarter was even more difficult for the Rebels as they tried to get down field but between incomplete passes, flags for ‘false starts’ and ‘offsides’, the Rebels just didn’t have luck on their side. The Rebels gained 15-yards compared to Trojans’ 144-yards, 41-13 Trojans.

Coming out of halftime, the Rebels pulled together more yards than the previous quarter, a combined total of 85-yards, but the glimmer of hope the Rebels felt when the Trojan’s end zone was in sight, was snuffed out by an interception. The Trojans gained 142-yards adding to their lead, 55-13.

The Fannin Rebels suffered a great loss during the third quarter when 15 Chandler Kendall, a senior at FCHS, was seriously injured after colliding with a Trojan. Kendall played his very first season of high school football this year and since has had some great plays on the field. Kendall was also featured as last week’s Player of the Week for TeamFYNSports.

Kendall’s father shared, “Update on Chandler… Broken collarbone but not displaced 4 to 6 weeks. He said he was thankful for the life long memories made over the last 8 weeks. He would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Had a blast AWESOME EXPERIENCE.”

In the fourth quarter, the Trojans opted to run the clock out after their 80-yard touchdown, with the extra point, the Trojans had a decimating lead of 62-13. While in possession, the Rebels broke even on yards after a tackle for a loss of 5-yards kept them behind the 40-yard line before the turnover. The Trojans were in possession once more before the final buzzer.

With a game total of 660+ yards, the Trojans brought home the W. It was their back-to-back touchdowns in the first half that set them apart from the Rebels. The Trojans came out onto the field seeing scoring opportunities and answering efficiently with 4 touchdowns in the first quarter and 2 more in the second quarter.

The Rebels play their 4th regional game at home against Dawson County High School at 7:30pm. Dawson Tigers are coming off a bye week after losing to Greater Atlanta Christian, 23-20. The Tigers are 6-1 overall, and 2-1 in the Region. Come out to support the Rebels this Friday as they take on the Tigers.


Rebels Defeat Eagles

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On 9/19, the Lady Eagles softball team traveled from Chestatee to take on the Lady Rebels at home. Fannin lost their first match up to the Eagles 5-2 earlier in the season and was looking to redeem themselves.

Chestatee hit first where they got an early one point lead over Fannin in the first inning. After the Eagles scored their first run, Fannin started to clean up their defense and held Chestatee on offense. The Lady Rebels started to adjust to the pitching in the bottom of the third inning where they were able to put three runs on the board. Emily Waldrep, Kyla Seabolt, and Reagan Young each got two hits throughout the night and led Fannin in hits. Out of Young’s two hits, one was an inside the park home run where she also hit Seabolt in, adding onto Fannin’s score.

Fannin was on fire for the rest of the game where they held Chestatee at one for the rest of the game and added three more runs to their score. The Lady Rebels earned eight hits for the night while Chestatee had four. Both teams were even on defense where they each had two errors on the field. Amelia Sneed was on the mound for the Rebels where she struck out six batters over 6.2 innings.

Fannin’s 6-3 win over Chestatee put their overall record at 9-11 while their region record stayed the same at 3-6.


Rebels Battle Trojans

FCHS Sports, Sports

On 9/18, the Lady Rebels softball team traveled to North Hall to take on the Lady Trojans. Fannin had just come from a win over Towns County the day before and was looking to continue the trend. The first time Fannin took on North Hall, they endured a 13-4 loss that ended in the sixth inning. This time, the Lady Rebels were determined to put up a fight until the end.

The Lady Trojans got an early lead over Fannin in the first inning where the Rebels put one run on the board while North Hall scored four. After the first inning, it became a game of back and forth. North Hall went on to score one run in the second inning, Fannin scored two in the third, and North Hall scored one in the fourth. Emily Waldrep led Fannin in hits for the night with two over seven innings. Maleah Stepp and Kayleigh Russell contributed to Fannin’s score by each getting one RBI for the night. As a team, North Hall outhit Fannin six to four throughout the night.

The trend stopped in the fifth inning when both teams started to fight on defense and didn’t let the other score for the next two innings. With the score 6-3 in the last inning, Fannin had two runners on base with two outs. Despite Fannin’s fire, North Hall got their third out before the Rebels could put another run across the plate.  Amelia Sneed was on the mound for the Rebels for the night where she struck out four batters over seven innings.

Although Fannin fought until the end, the Lady Trojans walked away with a 6-3 victory over the Rebels. Fannin’s loss put their overall record at 8-11 and their region record at 3-6.


Fannin Wins Pink Out Over Towns

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On 9/17, the Lady Indians softball team traveled from Towns County to take on the Lady Rebels for their pink out game. The Rebels looked to continue their winning streak that they started over the weekend with two wins in one day. The Indians came ready to redeem themselves from the first time they played Fannin and lost 13-7.

Towns County came out ready to play as they got an early lead in the first inning where they put one run on the board and kept Fannin from scoring any runs. The Indians managed to keep their lead until the bottom of the third inning where the Rebels tied it up.

Fannin was able to hold Towns in the top of the fourth which gave them the perfect opportunity to come alive on offense. The Lady Rebels adjusted to the pitching and started making things happen. Kayleigh Russell and Cassidy Nichols started to heat things up by each getting two RBI’s. Macy Galloway had a good eye at the plate where she got walked three times, followed by Emily Waldrep who got walked twice. Fannin had a great offensive inning where they put seven runs on the board, giving them an 8-1 lead over Towns.

Despite both teams having six hits throughout the game, it came down to defensive errors. While Towns had four errors, Fannin only had one. Amelia Sneed had four strikeouts from the mound throughout the night where fifteen of her first pitches to a new batter were strikes. Fannin continued to hold Towns on defense while they scored another run on offense. The Lady Rebels closed out the game early with a 9-1 victory over five innings.

Fannin’s win put their overall record at 8-10 while their region record remained the same at 3-5.


Fannin Rebels 2018 Homecoming King and Queen

Community, Fannin County High

Fannin County High School students rallied together to elect this year’s Homecoming Court:

Freshman Class Kinsley Sullivan and Austin Garland. Sophomore Class Parker Peugh and Mason Rice, Chanley Watson and Micah O’Neal. Junior Class Hannah Cruse and Jade White, Amber York and Grant Sullivan, Hannah Dickey and Andy Lim, Reagan Henderson and Tate Henderson, Cassandra Stepp and Steven Stacy, Kelsey Walton and Reid Honeycutt, Angelina Young and Jade Underwood.

The final candidates for Homecoming King and Queen are Hannah Dickey and Andy Lim, Reagan Henderson and Tate Henderson, Cassandra Stepp and Steven Stacy, Kelsey Walton and Reid Honeycutt, Angelina Young and Jade Underwood.

Fannin County High School’s elected Homecoming King and Queen are Andy Lim and Kelsey Walton. 

Homecoming King Andy Lim is the son of Tech and Hoa Lee Lim. He participates in Special Olympics, received the Green Hand Award in Future Farmers of America (FFA), as well as the FFA Chapter Degree Award as he was voted “Most Likely to Brighten Your Day” senior superlative. Andy’s post-graduation plans include becoming a Hibachi chef. Andy enjoys fishing, playing on his iPad and listening to music.

Homecoming Queen Kelsey Walton is the daughter of Ryan and Tonya Walton. Kelsey received awards for Spanish one, two, and three. Kelsey’s post-graduation plans include traveling as much as possible, attending Georgia Southern to pursue a degree in business, obtaining certifications in languages and become a Medical Interpreter or an International Business Interpreter. She enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her close friends.

Last years reigning Homecoming Queen, Cassidy Graham, attended to pass the crown down unto Kelsey Watson. A big congratulations to this year’s contestants and winners Andy Lim and Kelsey Walton.

Rebels Go 2 for 2

FCHS Sports, Sports

On 9/15, the Lady Rebels softball team traveled to Pace Academy for a double header. To start off the day, Holy Innocents and Pace Academy played a game at 9am. After a long game, Holy Innocents walked away with a 4-2 victory over Pace. Right after their victory, Holy Innocents turned around and took on Fannin County.

The Lady Rebels started off batting where they were able to adjust quickly in the box. Fannin got one run across the plate before Holy Innocents got their third out. Fannin brought their A game on defense where they did not let the Bears score a single run until the last inning. Over seven innings, Fannin continued to extend their lead. Fannin only had one error on defense while Holy Innocents had three. Amelia Sneed pitched a great game from the mound by striking out three batters over seven innings. Fannin was up 3-0 at the top of the seventh inning when their bats started to get hot. The Lady Rebels managed to get their hits down and score four runs with their last at bat. Seniors, Macy Galloway and Reagan Young, led Fannin in hits for the game with two a piece. The Bears started to fight back at the bottom of the seventh inning. With their last at bat, they started to hit the ball and were able to score three runs. Although they tried to make a comeback towards the end, they were unable to catch up to the Lady Rebels. For Fannin’s first game of the day, they pulled off a 7-3 victory.

After the Lady Rebels pulled off their first win of the day, they went into their next game against Pace Academy looking for another. For the third and final game of the day, Fannin took the field first with the same drive they had the first game. The Rebels fought hard on defense and did not let the Knights score until the sixth inning when they put one run on the board and no more after that. Just like the game prior, Fannin only had one defensive error while their opponent had three. Although Fannin was hot from the start on defense, it took them a while to adjust on offense. The Rebels finally started to put the ball into play at the bottom of the third inning by scoring one run. After the third, Fannin got out of their hitting slump and continued to hit the ball in all of the right places. Seniors, Maleah Stepp and Reagan Young, led Fannin in hitting for the second game with two hits a piece. With a runner on first base, Young stepped up to the plate and hit a ball deep right field which resulted in a inside the park home run, adding two runs to Fannin’s score. By the time the seventh inning rolled around, Fannin’s lead proved to be too much for Pace to catch up to. The Lady Rebels got their second win of the day with an 8-1 victory over the Lady Knights.

Fannin’s wins put their overall record at 7-10 while there region record stayed the same at 3-5.


Bears Defeat Rebels

FCHS Sports, Sports

On 9/13 the Lady Rebels softball team traveled to Flowery Branch to take on the Lady Bears. Earlier in the season, Cherokee Bluff traveled to Fannin County where the Rebels beat them 7-3. Fannin was looking to continue the trend while the Bears were looking for their first region win.

The Bears had a hot start in the first inning that took the Rebels by surprise. Fannin was not able to score any runs with their first at bat and could not stop Cherokee Bluff from putting five on the board when they went up to bat. With the Bears up 5-0, Fannin started to fight back on offense. In response to their opponents five runs, Fannin was able to score five of their own to tie up the game. Maleah Stepp, Alicia Jones, and Kyla Seabolt led Fannin in hitting for the night. Each of the seniors racked up two hits for their team. Cherokee Bluff fought to get their lead back in the bottom of the second inning. The Bears scored two more runs, putting them ahead of Fannin 7-5.

After Fannin almost made a comeback, the Bears started to put all the pieces of the game together. As they continued to add one run to their score in every inning but one, they held Fannin with their defense by not letting them add anymore runs to their score for the entire game.

On defense, neither team had any errors. Amelia Sneed pitched a great game from the mound where she struck out four batters over six innings. Out of her many pitches over the course of the night, twenty of her first pitches to a new batter were strikes. Although Fannin kept up with Cherokee Bluff defensive wise, they unfortunately fell short to them on offense. The Bears earned twelve hits for the night while the Rebels had eight.

Cherokee Bluff walked away with a 10-5 victory over Fannin, giving them their first region win. The Lady Rebels loss put their overall record at 5-10 and their region record at 3-5.

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