Fannin County Animal Control hosts open house

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Blue Ridge, Ga. – Volunteers and staff welcomed visitors to the Fannin County Animal Control (FCAC) facility on Saturday Oct. 27 to showcase the positive improvements being done and of course, the wonderful dogs being housed there.

Fannin County, Blue Ridge, Georgia, Fannin County Animal Control, Open House, Volunteer, Humane Society of Blue Ridge, John Drullinger, Patrice Noble Epps, Stan Helton, Community, Dog Walking, Board of Commissioners

Present to discuss future plans for FCAC are left to right: Animal Control Officer Junior Cornett, Fannin County Chairman Stan Helton, FCAC Department Head John Drullinger, volunteer Diane Head, and volunteer Patrice Noble Epps.

It was a crowded house as residents and visitors got to peek inside the FCAC facility and speak with the staff and volunteers about ways they can contribute to this community service.

This year the facility has seen upgrades in the likes of outdoor runs attached to the indoor kennel areas. The Fannin County Board of Commissioners approved funding for this project after speaking with FCAC Department Head John Drullinger on the impact this addition would have not only on staff safety but also for the quality of life of the animals.

“It makes such a difference for the dog’s quality of life,” Drullinger said explaining the changes he has witnessed since the outdoor runs were added. “They get more fresh air and it gives us a better ability for cleaning and sterilizing the inside part.”

Beyond improvements to the building itself, the recent movement of community volunteers taking action to help out in anyway that they can has had major impacts.

Volunteers come on a daily basis to walk dogs, clean kennels, and offer services in their areas of expertise. Some choose to take photos to help spread the word via social media about the adoptable animals at FCAC and others have even proposed using their artistic skills by offering to create a mural at the facility.

“It’s a great help. It’s huge,” Drullinger spoke of the volunteers,”We’re getting a lot of volunteers. Our group keeps growing.”

Patrice Noble Epps is one of the volunteers that loves spending her time working with the animals and crew of FCAC.

“If the animals didn’t have this place, they would be out on the streets,” Noble Epps said speaking of what motivates her to volunteer, “and ultimately they would die.”

A self-professed cleaning fanatic, Noble Epps says that while she enjoys working one on one with the dogs, she also loves to help with cleaning at the facility: “If you want something done, do it yourself and maybe people will follow.”

Noble Epps spoke of the ease in which she has been able to work with Fannin County staff to bring about changes and to focus on more improvements in the future: “I think you always have to have a good relationship with the people that you are going into their house.”

Fannin County, Blue Ridge, Georgia, Fannin County Animal Control, Open House, Volunteer, Humane Society of Blue Ridge, John Drullinger, Patrice Noble Epps, Stan Helton, Community, Dog Walking, Board of Commissioners

Debbie Harbin, Co-owner of Treo Blue Ridge and regular volunteer, stopped by to introduce FCAC dogs to visitors at the open house.

The volunteers and staff have been working together to create more changes, both Drullinger and Noble Epps spoke of the recent addition of a sponsorship program.

This program accepts monetary donations from the public and these donations are being used to vet the dogs at the shelter. Vetting includes spay/neuter, heartworm testing, rabies vaccination, and microchipping.

During the open house several residents stepped up to donate to this program and sponsor the dogs.

Noble Epps would also like to see donations provide training for the shelter dogs being adopted.

“You could adopt the dog and then you go and you have a training class where you learn how to handle a shelter dog,” Noble Epps explained how the option of a training class would work and stressed that the dogs that have been there the longest would benefit the most.

Another improvement that seems to be on the horizon for the FCAC facility is the addition of an onsite outdoor play area for the shelter dogs. This area will be modeled similar to the dog park that is currently offered by the Humane Society of Blue Ridge, but be used by FCAC dogs only.

“It’s not guaranteed, but it’s in the works,” Drullinger spoke of the possible addition, “it’s on the drawing table and that’s the first step.”

Noble Epps summed up her feelings about volunteering with FCAC: “It’s what we have. Work with it. If you want to make it better, make it better.”
And making it better she has, as well as all the other volunteers who have donated their time and talents.

There is no denying the excitement and enthusiasm that is being brought to FCAC through the volunteers and the building upgrades. It is the hopes of all involved that this positive momentum will continue to increase well into the future.




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Atlanta Gas Extends Lease with Development Authority

Community, News

Blue Ridge, Ga.—Fannin County Development Authority extends their two-year contract with Atlanta Gas for an additional six months for $3,000.00. Atlanta Gas is set up on Industrial Park Road behind the Development Authority building on Development Authority property. Atlanta Gas needed to extend their lease to continue providing gas for Blue Ridge residents.

Atlanta Gas Carl Pearson explains, “Natural gas doesn’t have a smell to it. We add odorant to the pipeline and we’ve had issues where the odorant fades and so we want to go back and clean the pipes to fix the smell. The flare [behind the Development Authority building] generates flow for our customers in Blue Ridge.”

Development Authority Christie Arp asks, “Are there expected to be any loud noises?”

Pearson responded, “Yes, it will make the same noise as it’s been making [since the contract initially began].”

Atlanta Gas will have someone on-site throughout the last six months of this contract. Atlanta Gas will be running the flare during the weekdays only compared to the last two years of the lease where Atlanta Gas was running the flare non-stop. There are safety measures in places like valves to shut off the gas and flow if an emergency were to occur.

Development Authority approved of the lease extension for six more months so Atlanta Gas can fix these odorant issues and allow them to continue providing service to the residents of Blue Ridge, Ga.

Fannin County High School Hosts Meeting Concerning Vaping

Announcements, Community

Fannin County High School is hosting a meeting concerning teen vaping on Thursday, October 4th at 6:00pm at the Performing Arts Center.

Residents Ask Fannin County Water Authority to Intervene

Community, Featured

Three different couples approached the Fannin County Water Authority (FCWA) to request that the FCWA intervene with their water service provider Appalachian Water. Deer Crest Overlook and Weaver Creek Mountain Property are connected to two congested wells in the area.

The issue here, is that these wells are only supposed to supply between 10-15 houses and now both wells are connected to over 60 homes—some full-time residents, some rentals, and some seasonal homes. Due to an influx of people residing in the area, around the beginning of July every year the full-time residents lose access to water for five or six days due to the failing of these water sources.

Water is being charged between thirty and forty dollars a month. It’s been said that once someone charges for water, the water must be tested regularly for contaminants and to ensure that the water is drinkable.

Fannin County Attorney Lynn Doss asked, “Okay, what we have to know before you guys can do anything is who owns the well, if the people that own the well are the same as the people who own the system, what kind of right-aways you have or don’t have. Do y’all pay somebody monthly?”

All three couples answered, “Yes. We pay Appalachian Water.”

Doss then replied, “Well the question is are you paying for water? Are you paying for water and service? Are you paying for water, service, and maintenance? Because until you have those questions answered we wouldn’t even know if we could start to help you.”

Local resident Bob Flanders responded, “We pay for water. There is no maintenance fee.”

FCWA Vice Chairman Larry Chapman replied, “My question, too, is that if they have Deer Crest on there now and it’s across the street then, I mean, have they done this legally? Because if they hadn’t contacted Environmental Protection Division (EPD) about this—when you add customers on a small system like this usually the biggest thing is storage. You’ll have a well that’s 20-30 gallons per minute and you have to adjust the storage, it’ll put out the water to treat ‘em but you got to have the storage, so it does it 24 hours a day 7 days a week.”

In the end, the FCWA instructed the residents to contact the health department and EPD so that they can follow the proper channels to getting their water issues fixed. FCWA explained that they cannot get involved unless they are instructed to do so.

Fannin offers memorial jersey to honor Larry Walker

Bobcat's Corner, News

BLUE RIDGE, Ga. – It may seem like a small gesture to some, but for those in Gilmer County, Georgia, a simple jersey is relating a lot more than meets the eye as they receive a memorial jersey to honor Gilmer’s middle school principal, the late Larry Walker.

With a special moment before the middle school football games between these two schools on September 19, Fannin County School Superintendent Dr. Michael Gwatney took to the field with Gilmer County School Superintendent Dr. Shanna Downs and Appalachian Judicial Circuit District Attorney Alison Sosebee for a special ceremony in order to present the jersey hosting the emblems of both Gilmer and Fannin.

After a few words about Walker’s life and a moment of silence honoring him, Gwatney and Downs shared their own moment holding the jersey together. The announcers explained the meaning of the ceremony saying,

“The jersey being presented to the Gilmer Middle School football team bears the name of Walker with the #1. Also on the jersey is the Fannin County School insignia and the Gilmer County School insignia. The jersey being presented is in memory of Larry D. Walker, principal of Gilmer Middle School, and signifying Fannin County and Gilmer County are together as one, both in spirit and community.”

With the funeral today, many are still dealing with the loss as they prepare their final respects. Others are coping in their own ways. But as a community comes together and the true reach of one man comes into focus, they are responding to the show of support. Kayann Hayden West offered her thanks on social media saying, “Thankful for the support of our community and the Walker family up and down the 515 corridor. Rivals on the field but united in purpose and heart.”



The Blue Ridge Rodeo: It’s All About the Children

Community, Outdoors


The 22nd annual Rodeo was hosted by Blue Ridge Kiwanis Club in Blue Ridge, GA Friday and Saturday night at the Blue Ride Fairgrounds.

Friday and Saturday night brought in a swarm of locals and tourists alike totaling at 2400+ attendees.

The Rodeo brings out the family fun for everyone as they provide booths for people to walk around and visit, donkey rides for children, mechanical bull riding for those that wish to feel like a cowboy and great rodeo food.

Tammy McFarland, Kiwanis Club host explained, “This is really all for and all about the kids. All proceeds we make go back to our children. Each booth and table that is here during the rodeo is sponsored apart from children-centered organizations like the Boy and Girls Club, 4-H club, and Girl Scouts. A lot of funds come through sponsorships and we get to put that right back into our community.”

Between each rodeo event like bareback riding, cattle roping (men), cattle roping (wom en), barrel racing and bull riding there were community-centered activities like the calf scramble.

The children in the audience were invited to play in the calf scramble by two groups between the ages of 7-12. The goal of the game was to bring the tag from the tail of the calf to the rodeo entertainer for the night, Porkchop, also known as Garrett.

There was even a calf scrambling contest for the ladies in the audience but with a more interesting challenge. The winner of women’s calf-scrambling challenge would be the person who brought flag back to Porkchop, not the woman who caught the flag off the calf.

This made for an entertaining game as a ‘flag fight’ broke out in the middle of the arena and resulted in a woman-pile as they each fought for the flag. Eventually, after much laughter from the audience, Porkchop broke up the girl-fight and the ladies walked about to their seats in the audience.


In the end, fun was had by all, as teens walked the field with their friends laughing and eating, children pulled on their parents’ hands as they stared wide-eyed at the mechanical bull begging to ride.

All the while, the proceeds from this event go right back into the Fannin community through groups like Fannin County Literacy Action Group, the 4-H Club, Fannin County High School Marching Band, and many, many others.

Fannin United Community Bank Customer Appreciation event

Business, Community

United Community Bank (UCB) in Fannin County and their friendly staff are always looking for ways to give back and support their local community. If you’re wondering what’s happening at United Community Bank today, it’s customer appreciation day!! Giving back to the community or known to most “tomato plant day” with Better Boy tomato plants.


UCB started giving out tomato plants the first Friday in May in the late 1980’s. UCB in Fannin County alone will give out 15,000 tomato plants.


You know summer is around the corner when it’s tomato plant day at UCB.


Did you know they are also giving away hot dogs? They have the grill hot and will serve about 3,000 hot dogs today.

Check out more pictures from today’s event here!

News from Fannin County Chamber of Commerce

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Fannin County Chamber of Commerce  eNewsletter
May 2018
News for Members
Fannin Co. Chamber Logo

Leading the way to economic vitality and quality of life in Blue Ridge, McCaysville, Morganton and all of beautiful Fannin County, Georgia.

Two Great Business After Hours In May!


Member News and Events

Don’t Forget to Vote!
Early Voting has started. The primary election is May 22.
Welcome to the Georgia Rural Development Council
The Georgia Rural Development Council will come to Blue Ridge to meet regarding Equitable Use & Compensation of Right of Way Usage for
Emerging Communications Technologies on May 15 & 16. The meetings will be at Bear Claw Vineyards from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on May 15 and  8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on May 16.

Fannin Regional Hospital presents 
“Dinner with the Doctor” 

Dinner with the Doctor will feature Dr. Kevin Bunn, Orthopedic Surgeon. The dinner is this afternoon at Willow Creek Falls at 5:30. Learn more about the doctor and there will also be a question and answer opportunity. Reservations are required. Contact Susan Kiker at (706) 964-2730.
Fannin County Host to Georgia Outdoor Writers Association
We were pleased to have Fannin County chosen as the host community for the Georgia Outdoor Writers Association’s Annual Conference. We had approximately 30 writers in the area for 4 days.  Thank you to all of our wonderful partners who worked with us and made this a successful event. They had a great time, experienced many of the wonderful things that our community has to offer and they are looking forward to a return visit.

Thank You Golf Tournament Sponsors!
The Spring Golf Tournament is happening May 22 at Old Toccoa Farm. Good luck golfers and thank you to all those who sponsored this event!
Title Sponsor – ETC Communications
Lunch Sponsor – Mountain Valley Community Bank
Putting Contest Sponsor – Mountain Gateway Appraisal
Teams – Ace Hardware, Appalachian Insurance & Financial Services, Blue Ridge Pharmacy, Copper Basin Federal Credit Union, Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals, Keel Properties, Kevin Panter Insurance, Lifeforce, Mountain Valley Motors, NGYOA, North Georgia Sports Zone, Summit Inspections, Temple Baptist Church, Trane Rental Services, UNG, United Community Bank

Welcome New Members!

Allstar Photo Service

McCaysville, GA, 30555
(706) 455-0912
Jerry Daves
Allstar Photo Services specializes in special events, team sports, custom portraits and posters.
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Daffodil Hill Romantic Carriage House Suite
(706) 851-4430
Barbara Noyes
Daffodil Hill Romantic Carriage House Suite is a custom built suite perfect for those wanting to spend their honeymoon in Blue Ridge, GA. Enjoy a heated Whirlpool Jacuzzi in bedroom with king size bed, a separate large bathroom/dressing room, marble heart sinks and a double shower in this 2,200 square foot custom designed suite for two. The large gourmet kitchen is equipped with all the essentials and guests will have a supply of farm fresh eggs, homemade bread, bacon and waffle mix. The bottom floor houses their beautiful horses and three replica 1800’s carriages available for rides or learning to drive while enjoying your stay. Please call owners for rental availability.
Delivery Dudes
(706) 760-6857
Louis Brian
Delivery Dudes is a full delivery company delivering food, groceries, etc. Whether you are in-town or out in a cabin Delivery Dudes will deliver to you! Riding the train? Delivery Dudes will have your picnic lunch waiting for you to enjoy when you arrive in McCaysville. Enjoy your lunch by the beautiful Toccoa River!
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Ed’s Supply Company
Rodney Hayes
Ed’s Supply Company offers HVAC/R wholesale.
Flying Trout Restaurant
Blairsville, GA, 30512
(706) 745-8000
Michelle Evans
Flying Trout Restaurant offers seasonal “soul satisfying” southern favorites featuring only the finest ingredients. Setting out to be the best food in the South, their culinary team rocks a menu of classics. Always fresh, always new, always comfort food with attitude made just for you. 
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Marketplace Ministries
Mineral Bluff, GA, 30559
Steve Brown
Marketplace Ministries is a non-profit faith based Georgia corporation formed to share Jesus with business leaders.
Southern Comfort Cabin Downtown Blue Ridge Rentals
240 West Main St.
Blue Ridge, GA, 30513
(706) 258-3737
CJ Stam

Southern Comfort Cabin Downtown Blue Ridge Rentals features vacation rentals and lodging options in downtown Blue Ridge, GA. Convenient to all the shopping, dining, galleries and the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.
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The Martyn House

912 Flat Branch Rd.
Ellijay, GA, 30540
(706) 635-4759

JoAnn Antonelli

The Martyn House Farm is a circa 1930’s Homestead located in Gilmer County on 18 beautiful acres and is home to Glamping.Their unique lodging consists of 3 Luxury Sleeping Tents, The Studio, The Cottage and The Millhouse. Guests can embrace the peace and quiet of nature, while still enjoying all the comforts of home. The Martyn House offers seasonal Farm to Table dinners, Second Saturday Workshops, Retreats and is an Artist Residency. 
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Ribbon Cuttings, Congratulations!
April 24 was the ribbon cutting for Viking Outdoor. Viking Outdoor proudly provides custom lighting, sound systems and water features for the mountain community. With over 20 years in the industry, the Viking can create the right system for you – call today! 404-952-3542
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April 25 was the ribbon cutting for High Country Pest Control. High Country Pest Control offers structural pest control; termite, carpenter bees, etc.
(706) 455-8672
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Chamber Member Anniversaries!

El Rio Mexican Restaurant

Aska Lodge B&B, LLC
Huck’s General Store
Noontootla Creek Farms
Walhala Ridge Furnishings

Appalachian Beverage
Blue Ridge Fry Shop
Blue Ridge iClinic
Blue Ridge Medical Group – Dr. Clifford Thompson, F.A.C.S., Dr. Jonathan Bloch, F.A.C.S. and Dr. Nathan Kincaid General Surgery
Blue Ridge Medical Group – Dr. Emily Sue Burnham, Internal Medicine
Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides at Hells Hollow
Copper Basin Federal Credit Union
Eagles Rest
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Goodspeed Architects, Inc.
Grumpy Old Men Brewing, LLC
King Heating & Air
Papa’s Pizza To Go
Ray Gaines
Real Estate Around the Mountains
The Farnham Law Firm

May Community Events Calendar
April 27 – May 5 – The Art of Larry Smith, Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association
May 4 – Veterans Fishing Rodeo, Chattahoochee Fish Hatchery
May 4 – Stand-Up Comedy with the Geico Caveman John Lehr, Grumpy Old Men Brewing
May 5 – Meet the cast of the TV show “Quick Draw”, Firefly Music Private Cabin
May 5-6 – Georgia Apple Blossom Festival, Ellijay
May 5 – Awake the Grapes, Serenberry Vineyards
May 5– Kentucky Derby Party, Blue Ridge Lake Front Address
May 5 – Fred Johnson Jazz Musician, Blue Ridge Community Theater
May 10 –   SAAG Spring Art Show, Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association
May 12 – Georgia Mountain Classic Car Show, Downtown Blue Ridge
May 12 – Master Gardeners Plant Sale, United Community Bank Pavilion
May 17 – June 3 – Murder Room – Comedy, Blue Ridge Community Theater
May 17 – Jane the Move, The Swan Drive-In
May 18 – Endangered Species Scavenger Hunt, Downtown Blue Ridge
May 19-20 – Discovery Days, Project Chimps
May 25 – Georgia Mountain Classics Cruise In, Dairy Queen
May 26-27 – 43rd Annual Spring Arts in the Park, Downtown Blue Ridge
May 26 – All Star Monster Trucks, Blue Ridge Motorsports Park
Recurring Events
* Trivia Tuesdays, Fightingtown Tavern
*Visitor Time, 10:00 a.m. – Noon, Tri-State Model Railroaders, Mineral Bluff Historic Depot

Bingo, Kiwanis Fairgrounds
* Trivia Night! Fannin Brewing Company
* Brewery Tours & Tastings:
Thursday through Saturday’s at  Fannin Brewing Company and Grumpy Old Men.
* Swan Drive-in –Now Playing

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May 1 – Ribbon Cutting for Blue Ridge Bird Seed Co., 611 East Main St., Blue Ridge
11:00 a.m.
May 2 – Lunch N Leads, Blue Jeans Pizza and Pasta Factory
12:00 p.m.
May 3 – Candidate Forum, Blue Ridge Community Theater, 2591 East 1st St., Blue Ridge
5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
May 3 – Leadership Fannin, Economic Development, Fannin County Chamber
9:00 a.m.
May 4 – Ribbon Cutting for Blue Ridge Motorsports Park, 2252 Sugar Creek Rd., Blue Ridge
10:00 a.m.
May 4 – Ribbon Cutting for Blue Ridge Adventure Gear, 342 East Main St., Blue Ridge
4:00 p.m.
May 11 – Leadership Fannin, Tourism, Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association
9:00 a.m.
May 15 – Business After Hours, Fannin Regional Hospital at Riverstone Medical Campus, 101 Riverstone Vista, Blue Ridge
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
May 16 – Ribbon Cutting for Vacasa, 21 High Park Dr., Ste. 7, Blue Ridge
11:30 a.m.
May 16 – Golf Committee Meeting at the Chamber
12:00 p.m.
May 17 – Leadership Fannin Graduation
May 18 – Ribbon Cutting for State Farm Insurance/Charles Edmondson, 154 Orvin Lance Connector, Blue Ridge
2:00 p.m.
May 22 – 2nd Annual Spring Golf Tournament at Old Toccoa Farm
9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Tee Off
May 23 – Ribbon Cutting for Downtown Accommodations by Mountain Top Cabin Rentals, 224 West Main St., Blue Ridge
10:00 a.m.
May 23 – Board of Directors Meeting, Chamber Board Room, Executive Committee at 11:00 a.m, Board of Directors
12:00 p.m.
May 24 – Ambassador Lunch at Masseria, 67 Roberts Way, Blue Ridge
12:00 p.m.
May 29 – Business After Hours, Tri-State Model Railroad, 150 Railroad Ave., Mineral Bluff
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
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Blue Ridge Adventure Wear
Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company
Blue Ridge Fry Shop
Blue Ridge Heights, LLC
Blue Ridge Lodging Association
Blue Ridge Medical Group – Dr. Dillon Miller, Family Practice
Blue Ridge Medical Group – Dr. Emily Sue Burnham, Internal Medicine
Blue Ridge Mountain Canopy Adventure at Hells Hollow
Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides at Hells Hollow
Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company
Boat Dock Bar and Grill at Lake Blue Ridge Marina
Broken Bull
Brookstone Apartments
Complete Home Services
Coosa Creek Marketing Products
Cucina Rustica
Duplicating Products, Inc.
Eagles Perch Lodge
Eagles Rest
Edwin C. Pound, III, MD, PC
El Rio Mexican Restaurant
Faith Presbyterian Church, USA
Fannin County Board of Education
Gene Rutkowski, Mountain Place Realty
Georgia Mountains Hospice
Grandaddy Mimm’s Distillery
Green Leaf Lawn & Ornamental, LLC
Grumpy Old Men Brewing
Harry Norman, REALTORS
Heartwood Health, Art and Yoga
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Jan Kantor
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