• Draining the Swamp

    It’s sad to know that my lost faith in the GOP congress to make America great again was not misplaced. Once again, having been knocked back into their familiar role as the losing boot lickers they have become, content to sup on what the Democrats feed them, the remaining House Republicans, as expected, have elevated […]

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    In a wartime situation, a general might create a diversion on one side of the battlefield in order to perform a flanking movement on the enemy and take advantage of the element of surprise. In Desert Storm, General Norman Schwarzkopf employed a series of deceptions in his battle plans. He used many tactics to fool […]

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  • America Reeling

    America is reeling under the continued onslaught and seemingly endless attacks on our culture, our traditions, our elections and our laws by the Marxists Democrat party. How is it one wonders, that each election where Democrat candidates fail to win, is deemed to be the fault of some Republican official or laid at the feet […]

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  • Sweet Potatoes or Yams for the Holidays? Both are Yummy!

    By: Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent As the holidays draw near, we begin planning what to serve at special dinners. For those of us who are middle-aged and raised in the South, some of our most precious holiday memories center on food and good smells coming from the kitchen. One question comes up every year, […]

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  • Firewood Tips from the Gilmer County UGA Extension Agent

    By: Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent To me there is nothing more calming than sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter’s night. Gas is efficient and convenient, but it’s hard to replace the feeling of a wood fire. If you have fire burning devices, here are a few tips to keep in […]

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  • The Criminal Party

    The Democrat party has made winning elections an art form. Their speculation knows no bounds, abides by no rules, except their own, and would not consider for a second, capitulating to the inevitable until all votes are counted including those from unknown precincts that suddenly were found in the trunk of a car or stacked […]

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  • Who Controls the Press Corps?

    Clearly, daily White House press corps gatherings are losing their allure and their effectiveness. Thrill seekers disguised as reporters or worse, journalists, primarily of the Liberal-Progressive bent, are intent on making themselves the news by challenging the press secretary’s every comment including her weight, size, candor and/or her intelligence, not to mention the President himself, […]

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  • 07, Nov 2018 – And Nothing Really Has Changed

    5:00 am, 07 Nov 2018 – By now, most people are acquainted with national voting outcomes and realize there was no wave, Red or Blue and American politics will remain a mishmash. Democrats regained the House by 34, meaning two more years of stalemate. Republicans kept the Senate by increasing their hold there by three. […]

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