If it Ain’t Broke, Fix it Till it is!


Opinion by George McClellan:Apparently that’s the Obama administrations latent motto.Thanks Niki! It’s like tinkering with a broken GM automobile. For example, if the Unaffordable, No Care Act, aka: Obamacare, isn’t working at its very worst, then just tweak it til it does. He’s even got some Republicans agreeing with him to fix it. Just listen to some of those loonies up there, on our side, wanting to correct the uncorrectable. They say we can “tweak this”, “drop the other thing, but let’s keep that, and the engine should start”. No, No, No! That engine is already broke, irrevocably! It was made that way and no amount of spit and wire or tweaking is going to fix it. Even if it clanks along coughing and sputtering and blowing smoke… it’s still broken! Dump it in the trash or sell it to the Chinese (they have lots of money) and let’s move on.

How about America’s foreign policy? Foreign policy reflects a country’s goals and interests and ours wasn’t broke! America was once “the shining city on the hill” that all people strived to emulate. Obama fixed it! Our foreign policy is now a collection of unachieved goals, humiliating defeats, unnecessary military deaths, and a predictable loss of trust by our allies, leaving them gasping in uncertainty over their own future prospects doubting America’s commitment to back their play. Obama couldn’t wait to cease our anti-terrorist war operations in Iraq, the “bad war”, but he cranked up the Arab Spring fiasco. Libya wasn’t leaderless and in chaos. It is now, and hundreds of wanna-be leaders are killing for the top job. Afghanistan, he said, was the “good war” that we needed to see through to the end. He tweaked that, didn’t he? The end of the war is in site. We know the exact date, and while Obama believes he can unilaterally call the war to an end, the Taliban and al Qaida didn’t get the memo. They’re still at war and now we can expect that war to come here, not stay there. America’s first line of defense, its wonderful military machine, is now a hollow shell of itself, because Obama fixed it.

The Bill of Rights are an annoyance to him because it doesn’t comport to his socialist ideas of utopia. So, he’s trying to fix the Bill of Rights. But our Bill of Rights has long been our established belief system, the ideals that made America exceptional above all others. He particularly wants to fix the second amendment. But it ain’t broke, yet! He say’s ‘The people don’t need it. Why should they? They have the government to protect them’. The nice thing about the 2nd amendment is that it won’t be needed it until the government tries to take it away. Remember Fast and Furious? That was an exercise in tinkering with the 2nd amendment that killed many people in Mexico. I don’t wonder that one day Mexico might not have Obama and Holder arrested for trial in the World Court for the many murders committed from their scheme.

Our American history ain’t broke so let’s fix it too. At a political fundraiser in Chicago last week, he stopped blaming George W. Bush for his problems. He now blames the Founding Fathers. Obama believes he is hindered in moving his socialist agenda forward because the Constitution requires that each State be represented by two Senators. “Obviously, the nature of the Senate means that California has the same number of seats as Wyoming. That puts us at a disadvantage.” Whoa! Did you hear that? That can only be called “hutzpah”. To whom was he speaking? The low information voters because they have been dumbed down by Liberalism.

Where do we begin? How do we even envision repairing the damage that Obama and the Progressives have done to our America? How do we start? Us kids from the 50’s and 60’s knew how to repair cars that were not running well. We knew that parts with oil or grease on them had to be kept out of the sand. Obama has thrown tons of sand in our mechanism and it needs flushing, desperately. It all needs to be replaced with the original. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (7 June 2014).


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