Opinion by Bert Loftman, M.D.


Speaker David Ralston has a challenger in the upcoming State House District Seven primary race. This is important for Georgians who believe in local control of education, an end to ObamaCare, and an end to crony capitalism. The Speaker for the Georgia House of Representatives does not usually vote but Ralston is very influential on which legislations become laws. Many of these laws go against Tea Party principles.

HB 354 is titled: Early Care and Learning, Department of; provide certain information to owners of early care and education programs. This calls for Atlanta control of Georgia education. Coach Sam Snider is challenging Speaker Ralston. He writes, “HB 354 appears to be continued regulation of child care facilities. For the continued safety of our children, I would support required background checks for those who work there. I am concerned when regulations reach further into the private sector. I would think that private business could do a better job of certifying these facilities. Therefore I would not support this bill.”

HB 198 is titled: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; licensing of health insurance navigators. This accepts the federal government controlling our health care choices. Coach Sam Snider writes, “HB 198 is a bill I could not support. This appears to be a part of ObamaCare. I would rather see health care being accomplished by the free market.”

SB 97 is titled: Agricultural Commodity Commission for Beef; create; membership; powers. This is crony capitalism. The cattle farmers of Georgia do not need more control by Atlanta politicians. Coach Sam Snider says, “SB 97 is to create a separate commission for beef. No. We do not need this added bureaucracy. I have to report that I cannot support any of these bills at this time. We need less government rather than more.”

District 7 is in North West Georgia. This is a conservative district that includes Ellijay, Blue Ridge, and parts of Dawson County. The voters in the primary should not become enamored of Representative Ralston’s job of Speaker. Although he is an important leader, he has not been a leader who advocates conservative principles.

If the conservative Republicans in District Seven vote Ralston out of office, they will send a powerful message to the rest of the state. Georgia is starting to clean house. If Coach Snider wins, he will not likely be the next Speaker but he would have been instrumental in helping to replace Ralston with a conservative leader.

Bert Loftman, M.D. Resident of Big Canoe


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