“Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Hate?”


In another volley fired in the culture war in which Americans find themselves entangled, new allegations of hate have been applied to those who simply hold to a belief in the biblical principle of heterosexual marriage. The Chick Fil A company support of traditional family values has unleashed a new wave of vitriolic controversy, and that on the heels of a sitting U.S. President endorsing gay marriage, something that is clearly described in Scripture as an abomination to God and an aberration of nature. Chants of ‘haters gonna hate’ are being directed at persons whose only ‘hate’ crime is choosing a chicken sandwich and a peach shake for lunch. Vandals, perhaps thinking they were doing a favor to unsuspecting customers, celebrated ‘National Same-Sex Kiss Day’ by defacing a Chick Fil A restaurant in California with the message ‘Tastes like hate’. Our nation was founded on the scriptural concept that all men are created equal, but it appears there are those among us who simply believe they are ‘more equal’ than everyone else, that they should be free to express their views, while those who hold to other standards should not have such a right. Accusations of intolerance made from a position of intolerance is odd, to say the least; but then, logic and reason have never been key players in the battle for gay rights.

It is evident in this matter that those who choose to live in sexually sinful relationships are entrapped in a moral degenerative process, due to their own willful rejection of God’s model for sexuality. The Word of God is unmistakeably clear in stating that those who ‘dishonor their bodies between themselves’ in homosexual relationships are ‘given up by God unto uncleanness and vile affections, and are given over to a reprobate mind’ (Romans 1.24-28). Unbridled lust, a perverse mind and a cauterized conscience make for fertile soil in which sin and all its horrid manifestations and consequences will inevitably spring forth.

To those who worship the god of political correctness, such statements may be labeled as ‘hate speech’. It has nothing to do with hate; this is impartial truth, declared by a holy and a just God.

The Bible teaches that all mankind, and womankind, and whatever other category some may choose to believe they are in today, have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. God hates what sin has done to His creation. That those He made in His image have become separated from Him by sin is something that the Lord hates, so much so that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He so loved the world, a world of sinful men, that He gave His only Son to pay the penalty for our transgressions. Two thousand years ago, the ultimate hate crime was perpetrated against the One who knew no sin, yet God turned it into the greatest expression of love ever imagined. On the cross Jesus Christ was made sin for us, that, by grace through faith in His name, we might be made the righteousness of God in Him. He endured God’s wrath, that we might have eternal life.

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