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With last week marking the 236th birthday of our Country’s Independence, FYN decided to take a look back at two very special ceremonies remembering two of our Country’s finest men.
During the month of May, two Private Honors ceremonies were held on Kyle Rd in honor of two United States Veterans.

The first cememony was in honor of Clyde Windom, a US Army Veteran, who served in the Korean War, and the second was in honor of Earl H. Crosley, a US Army WWII veteran and Korean Combat Veteran.

Both cermonies were a Military Honors Flag presentation ceremony performed by the North Georgia Honor Guard.

At a Miliary Honors Flag Ceremony, a Honors Recognition is done by the North Georgia Honor Guard at the beginning of the ceremony which includes the Posting of the Colors for the American flag (which is always a little taller and little brighter), the POW flag (the black and white in rememberance of the comrades who are being held in prisoner of war and missing in action flag) and the Honor Guard flag.

While the POW flag is posted a chaplain will read:

“The black and white flag is in rememberance of the comrades who are being held in prisoner of war and missing in action; we must not forget the sacrifices these comrades are still making and the suffering they are still enduring for us in our way of life.”

As the Honor Guard Flag is posted the chaplain will read,

“They must remain alive in our minds and hearts until we know they have returned home to their loved ones or dwelled in the house of our Lord forever. We must continue to give moral support to their families who continue to suffer along with them.”

This symbolizes the respect for each man and woman that has chosen to be a soldier and fight for our Country. As of today, their are over 83 thousand POWs and MIAs still unaccounted for since WWII to the current conflicts in Afghanistan.

Next, the Branch service Flags are recognized in the order displayed as established by Congress, starting with the US Army flag, the US Navy flag, the Marines flag, the Coast Guard flag, and then the Air Force flag.

The Army Branch flag is then posted and positioned near the immediate ceremony location, and also the Rifle and the Helmet is positioned in the same location. This signifies the respect and honors for the veteran as a Combat Veteran.

The Honor Guard will then honor the veteran with a presentation of a 21-Gun Salute, followed by a performance of TAPS.

At this time, the US Flag is folded 13 times with each fold being narrated the a chaplain.  First, two of the Honor Guard members will display the full flag, and the chaplain will say how the flag is

“a banner of love and devotion that will be folded in the living memorial to the courageous thoughts of (the comrade being remembered), a veteran of US army, the one we came hear to honor.”

As the flag is being folded, the chaplain will explain how

“the blue represents the sky that overlooks our land and denotes the watchfullness of God the eternal, the red stripes tell us of the blood sweat and tears that has been offered and conquered by our comrade’s devotion to the responsible freedom of his country, and the white stripes boldy preclaim the peace that (the comrade being remembered) helped to bring to our future generations.”

The chaplain will then say that

“this is (the comrade being remembered) flag”


“this is our spiritual heritage.”

Afterwards, the Honor Guard is called to attention and the flag is presented to the nearest relative of the family.  

Both the Clyde Windom and Earl H. Crosley recieved Military Honors Flag Ceremonies on May 26th.

At the Clyde Windom family ceremony, the flag was presented to his neighbor, a close friend of Windom. The ceremony for the Earl H. Crosley family, which followed the Windom ceremony, included a 50 year old flag of Crosley’s having only 48 stars (the flag was made before Hawaii and Alaska became states).The historic flag was passed down with dignity and respect by the North Georgia Georgia Honor Guard to the son of Crosley, Larry Crosley. The flag was first given his wife, Jo Anne Crosley at a Military Honors Ceremony in 1963, who passed away on March 10th 2010.

FYN is proud to recognize these two men.

To read a special thank you letter from Richard Crosley and Family to the North Georgia Honor Guard, please click on the highlighted link below.

Richard Crosley Salutes Honor Guard

Also, to view pictures from both ceremonies, please view the slideshow below.

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