Fannin Voters Vote in Super Tuesday Election

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Several early morning voters showed up at the polls this morning at the Toccoa Senior Center to vote in today’s Georgia’s Republican Primary before making their way to work. FYN had the opportunity to take a survey of some of the voters in Fannin County asking them which candidate they decided to vote for and what they thought were some of the most important issues.
Out of 15 people we surveyed today at the downtown Blue Ridge precinct, nine of them said they would vote for Newt Gingrich, five of them for Mitt Romney, and one for Ron Paul. Gingrich represented Georgia’s 6th Congressional district from 1979 to 1999, and is the hometown favorite.

Since the United States has been in a recession since 2007 and Georgia has been above the national average for unemployment rates for the last year, finding jobs have been a major concern for many citizens. To find out what else was on the people’s list of concerns, FYN also asked the voters what they thought were the two most important issues in the election. Out of the fifteen people surveyed, seven people said they thought jobs were the most important, five people said national security was the most important, four people said the federal debt crisis, two people said taxes, two people said character, and one person said religion and faith. With this kind of consensus, it seems as though economic welfare is the main concern.

As the Republicans candidates continue to gain more delegates, one candidate will soon be named the GOP nominee. Georgia, being one of the main stops for the candidates on the campaign trail, carries a total of 76 delegates. A win of all 76 delegates in Georgia would definitely be beneficial to a candidate and perhaps be fatal to others. When asked if they would still support the candidate who wins the republican nomination even if the candidate they voted for doesn’t win, all 15 of those surveyed said yes.

GOP candidate Rick Santorum has recently been in the headlines with his stance on social issues leaving some people to believe this is taking away focus from the economic crisis. When asked if they thought the media should focus more on Social or Economic issues, eight of the people said they would rather see the media focus on more economic issues, four of the people said they thought the media should focus on both the issues, and one person said they thought the media should focus more on the Social issues.

Finally, FYN asked the voters who they would vote for in the next upcoming election for the 9th District Congressional seat. The 9th district was recently realigned. Clifton McDuffy, Doug Collins, Hunter Bicknell, Martha Zoller, and Robert Fitzpatrick are all trying to win the seat. Out of the 15 people we surveyed, 12 people were uncertain on the matter, two people said they would be voting for Robert Fitzpatrick, and one person said that would vote for Doug Collins.
FYN will continue to cover the 2012 Election and tonight’s election results.

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