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Is there medication to help my dog when traveling? During trips, she becomes nervous and pants/slobbers. Would it be best to board her instead? Medication is available for both carsickness and travel anxiety in dogs. Consult your veterinarian so the proper medication can be prescribed for your pet.

Your dog’s situation sounds most like anxiety. There are a few things you need to think about before heading out on your next road trip. If your pet tends to be anxious and unhappy even after arriving at your destination, boarding her may be the better option. Hiring a pet sitter may be the best option if your dog is a homebody. Your vet should be able to provide a list of sitters (be sure to ask for and check references).

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Secondly, some dogs can be re-trained to enjoy car rides. Prior to your “long drive,” engage your dog with short trips around town to enjoyable locations like the park where she can receive positive reinforcement. This exercise will not guarantee a cure for the anxiety, but it will surely strengthen the bond with your pet. Lastly, medication for the anxiety generally amounts to giving your pet a sedative.

Sometimes a single dose prior to departure will last the entire ride. For lengthy trips with frequent stops, multiple doses are necessary.

As always, consult your veterinarian. He knows your pet’s medical history and can best decide the proper medication for your pet. If you would like to send a photo of your pet or to ask a question about your pet – send an email to Dr. Philip Arnall - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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